i-dates-f-o-~-~ ayoral Election 2012

Candidates' Names Brian HALEY Lembit OPIK Brian PADDICK Mike TUFFREY

Please read the enclosed information before casting your vote Any questions about the ballot should be addressed in writing to the Returning Officer: Patrick Mitchell, 6 Palfrey Place, London SW8 1PA or email

My manifesto for London

About me: I am Brian Haley, and I carne to London with my parents from Guyana at the age of four and have always lived in London. I attended Stationers' School, Crouch End. My partner of 30 years and I have two daughters, 27 and 21, and a son aged 20, and we live in Haringey, north London. For 8 years I was chairman of London Waste Ltd, the largest heat-from-waste plant in London, as well as Polka Crest Ltd, one of the largest clinical waste companies in the country. I am an Honorary Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Waste Management. For 12 years I have been a Mental Health Act Manager for Camden and Islington Mental Health Trust. I also have 16 years' experience as a Haringey Labour councillor, much of it at cabinet level. I left the Labour Party because of basic policy disagreements. I successfully applied to join the Liberal Democrats. Since then I have been an adviser to Simon Hughes. As a member of the local party Executive and Chairperson of the Tottenham Constituency Liberal Democrat Party, I co-operate regularly with Lords and MPs on local issues. I am also a member of the DECCIDEFRA Parliamentary Committee on the Environment that meets with Chris Huhne, Caroline Spelman and Lord Henley. With this ethnic and political background, I am ideally placed to exten the L1 ral Demoers disaffected Labour voters and "Don't Knows" in a way that other candidates cannot.



Why am I offering myself as mayor?: I have a proven track record in strategy and policy development at board level in the public, private and voluntary sectors. I have developed a sound knowledge and understanding of corporate governance responsibilities. I am a commercially focussed, strategic thinker with proven leadership abilities, good organisational planning skills and a significant record of achievement in delivering objectives. I believe I can make a difference to London, and I would welcome the opportunity to use these skills to promote the Liberal Democrat policies. • My vision for London: • Jobs: overarching everything else that I want to change in London - Housing, Transport, Policing and the creation of a mayoral trust to introduce more apprenticeships for the young, as well as more opportunities for older workers. • Police: I will compensate for the 5% reduction in police budget across all boroughs by cutting unnecessary expenditure and put the savings towards front line policing, after a thorough review of the Met's London-wide brief, following the recent revelations about its compromised relationship with the Press. • Housing: I want to work with Boroughs in building more social housing - especially for all soldiers and people who put their lives on the line for Londoners. • Transport: I want to review all bus routes in London, reduce the number of large vehicles corning into the city, bring the canals back into use, and make it easier to walk and cycle in London. I also want to work out a no-strike deal for my mayoral term with the London Underground Unions.

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I was a Member of London Councils Transport & Environment Committee, contributing to the development of policies in a political environment and overseeing the strategic direction of London, engaging with both Ken and Boris and their advisors. I also liaised with GLA staff and elected members, LDA and Transport for London at board level, as well as regularly meeting with Government ministers to discuss issues affecting London's environment. I want to continue to use this extensive knowledge and experience b help deliver policies and initiatives for Londoners. More than ever I have the strength, drive. ability and enthusiasm needed to be the Mayor of London. Working with Liberal Democrat olleagues. Parliamentarians and local councillors as a team has further convinced me that we are the only parry rhi h take LO~TIO forward. If we are to enjoy any real succes in the Lo n e ec o s, we are going to have to persua e have not traditionally attracted to make a journey. e. myse -: made that very journey. persuade others to do the same. I am asking for the opportunity to continue promoting Liberal Dem poli . es, deliver a social, economic and environmental wellbeing and faimes of 0 pornmiry for The main reasons for voting Haley _, ....----1 beliexe.I .w:ilLc_ap_ture m~dia.attention andI bave_a gpQd~stQ.(y_!9_ I:(~~ want to maximise ol,!!" e_~sageand tell. m our Assembly Members' vote, I believe a vote for me will be a real alternative to the other candidates. But this vote is not solely about me: it is about you, the London members of the Liberal Democrats. This will be a real opportunity to change people's hearts, minds and perceptions about the Liberal Democrats. And remember, my name comes first on the aller paper. London is one of the world' major apital cities and, as far as I am concerned, the best. But it could still be be er, Pre ious mayors have tinkered with an initiative here and a policy there, but there has ne er been a great theme linking all the opportunities and potential that being the Mayor of London offers. To our shame, some of the worst unemployment hotspots in Europe are in London, in roughly the same places all the time London has had a Mayor. It is time to put LibDem policies directly into practice and tackle the curse of long term unemployment and poor job prospects. If you pick me to stand as the Liberal Democrat candidate I will promise to unleash the creative energy of Londoners ~energy that will help to build houses, create a safer city, a healthier city and a cleaner, greener city. London deserves better. -hom we - bo 0

High profile


In terms of profile, it's vital we're on a level playing field with Ken and Boris. Our 'message' won't be heard if nobody knows our 'messenger!' If we are to move forward from last time that message needs to reach out to the young and Central and Eastern Europeans. My personal connections with the student movement and minority communities represent a unique opportunity to show these voters that in London the Liberal Democrats is their natural home. We need a candidate who will be seen by voters as different to the Conservatives. I've got a left leaning libertarian outlook. I'll encourage small businesses rather than large corporates so free enterprise can flourish. I'll be encouraging 'working from home' to reduce congestion, liberate people from the slavery of commuting and, crucially, improve air quality. I'll take a positive approach to getting some tube trains running all night. I will also introduce wider use of shared ownership schemes to free people from inadequate accommodation. Other candidates even back the ideas I originally promoted as Shadow Secretary of State for Housing.

Lembit lost his seat in 2010
The failure of the party to retain both the Parliamentary and Welsh Assembly seat in 2010 and 2011 in Montgomeryshire is linked to the drunken altercation between Assembly Member Mick Bates and a paramedic which led to his prosecution and to him leaving the party. Many were aware of Lembit's celebrity profile and assumed that this was the cause of the loss. Regrettably the party did worse in 2011 even relative to other poor performances across Wales indicating a common factor for both poor results.

Lembit can be outspoken
That's correct, I'm strong willed. We can't afford to look grey against such colourful competitors. I've been consistent in my political beliefs, while the party has been viewed as drifting to the right and being more authoritarian. I'm concerned Lib Dems are seen as too close to the Conservatives.and want to re-establish our distinctive image within the coalition.'


left leaning

High profile


Build on GLA owned brownfield

Londoners need security of tenure and a first step on the housing ladder. The housing crisis must be resolved by the building more affordable homes. I'll encourage the construction of properties in shared ownership schemes with the GLA retaining the full value of the land. These properties should be available equally to all Londoners, not primarily for government employees.

Run some underground

services 24 hours

Some say that it is impossible to run the tube at night. I will explore all options to provide at least a minimal service on some lines at the weekend, negotiating flexibly with all unions. To say that no tubes can ever be run at night is defeatist and we can do better. The tube cannot run after midnight as it does in the day; however if passengers are prepared to pay for their journey a limited service at least is possible.

Promote home working
Home working can reduce congestion, pollution and improve quality of life. It provides greater freedom for workers. I'll seek to increase home working within the GLA and in the city for all these reasons.

_ T~_ke_jJ___I1)_Q_[_e il_cti\Le_mt_eLes__t_i n __ _olici_ng___ p




It is critical that the mayor actiely oversees a rebalance towards the rights of protestors to peaceful demonstration. The mayor should attend all meetings of the Metropolitan Police Authority to ensure that the views of Londoners are heard.

Support small businesses
Small businesses are at the heart of the city. The GLA must contract out to small businesses instead of overreliance on large public and private firms. I will seek to make it feasible for small businesses to bid for contracts to increase competition and get a better deal for the taxpayer

Creation of a ICommunity


I will create a group of representative citizens drawn from across the city, to represent the public. They will offer candid feedback from a generally non-political perspective. This will ensure that the public have a direct voice in City Hall.



A personal message from Brian Paddick
It would be a huge honour to be re-selected as your candidate for London Mayor. These elections are a real opportunity for our party. We need to reach out to Londoners who share our liberal values; demonstrate our clear differences with the Conservatives and Labour; and get ourselves fighting fit for the local elections. To seize this opportunity, and to get the best possible result for our impressive London Assembly candidates, I passionately believe we need to fight a vigorous and high profile campaign. Our Mayoral candidate has to be able to reach out beyond our party and cut through in the national media debate. I have spent my entire adult life serving Londoners. I speak my mind and am never afraid to challenge conventional wisdom: whether that's pioneering liberal policing methods or, more recently, taking on the Murdoch media empire and corruption in the Metropolitan police. Since the election four years ago, when your hard work helped us secure almost a quarter of a million first preference votes, I have continued campaigning all over London for our party. I have been involved in my local community in Lambeth. I am still not a professional politician, but I am a hardened campaigner up for the fight. Our party is delivering for Londoners both locally and in government. We need to shout about this. Londoners deserve a high profile and credible Liberal Democrat alternative to Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone ... Please join me and help take our liberal messageto even more people. Best wishes,

Brian Paddick PSPlease give me your first preference vote so that I can work to get the best possible result for our strong London Liberal Democrat team.

Brian has already run a major London organisation. He has the high profile and the credibility to take on Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone Brian will work to maximise our number of London Assembly members. We need a strong London team to get us in the best possible shape for the next local elections. Brian is a household name in London and can reach out e first figures to speak out and take action against the corruption in the Police and at the News of the World.


Brian's priori les

r Lon on
• Stay in touch with Brian

A strong voice for Londoners

Londoners deserve a strong voice defending the distinct interests of the capital: always speak out for London. Challenge the city to support community projects and London's vital voluntary sector. All Londoners should have access to their Mayor: rotate Mayor's Question Time across London's Town Halls.



A fairer, greener London
Tackle the housing crisis by handing over TfL and other public sector land for new affordable homes for Londoners. Scrap Boris Johnson's vanity projects and use the money to hold down fares. High bus fares penalise those on low incomes: maintain the subsidy that keeps bus fares low. Action on high polluting vehicles through a Clean Air Zone for Central London

Brian Paddick for London Mayor



A safer London
Safer Neighbourhood Police sergeants and PCSO's are under threat: protect local community policing. Too many young people are dying on our streets: prioritise working with local communities to tackle the causes of serious youth violence.








Dear Friend, What do we need in our Mayor of LOnd?~ca~~~~~? I ~~~~:J:ea~~ I~~ ~i~i~~~~~~ ::C~~~~Fu~ campaign ever.

• Born in Orpington in 1959, brought up in Bromley and moved to Brixton in 1981. • Won a GLC seat in 1985 • Won enough seats on Lambeth Council in 1994 to become Leader of the Council • Set up his own successfulbusiness advising big companies how to be responsible in the community • Won a seat on the London Assembly in 2002 - including five years leading London Lib Dems • Now living in Clapham, Mike is bringing up his family of three children with wife Irene.

• EXPERIENCE: I've been fighting for Londoners at City Hall for t~n ye~rs Member I'm already tackling Bons dally • KNOWLEDGE: As an Assembly • SUCCESS: I've 25 years of winning elections for the Lib Dems " here I live and bring up my family. But I care about London bec~use It ISW eded to solve London's problems. more than ever Lib Dem Ideas are ne , , 'II b rofessional organised and engagmg. I will ensure that ourkca,m palg~e~~ev:rPcampaign i~ London! t Together we can rna e lour
Mike Tuffrey AM - Serious about London! ,

d experience and campaIgns on my PS There's so much more about my reco~;11me on 020-8673 1684 website - - or


MIKE TUFFREY - 25 years
Mike Tuffrey says,

of yvinning

"We can't afford another disappointing London election. This time we must reach out to everyone who has voted Lib Dem in the past to build back our support base.


Mike 9_YJcampaigning with Dee Doocey and Caroline Pidgeon leading the campaign by example!

"I bring my experience of successful election campaigns, winning seats at local level and London-wide."

Mike will lead a campaign to bring London's trains under the London Mayor's power



MIKE TUFFREV - extensive
Mike Tuffrey says,

media coverage

Experienced and able ... effective ... Tuffrey's a good man

"Our London Mayor candidate needs my experience of London politics and the London media to challenge Boris and Ken. "We need a SERIOUS candidate to get the media to focus on our positive campaigns and my distinctive policies."

the guardian



Mike gets positive coverage for the Lib Dems throughout the media


MIKE TUFFREV - distinctive

Lib Dem platform

'We need a mayor working with the Assembly who is ambitious for London. using the full powers of the GLA to get more homes and people into work. going further to tackle skills and health too, "We need Londoners to have a much ~-"~bigger say over life in their neighbourhoods. especially on policing, "And we need big business to live up to its responsibilities. to fund London's growth. pay fair wages and buy locally. "Together we need to be making the big choices today. so London remains a great city - to live. work and raise a family in - for the decades ahead,"


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