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the Bellini's Menu


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A ppetizers
Zuppe Bellini... our unique blend of peach nect ar and champagne...
Salads regular Bellini 5.95 ... Grande Bellini 8.95
Steak & V eal
Fresh Seafood Jumbo Shrimp on Ice... Choose: 4 piece $8.95, 6 piece 12.95 or
Pasta 12 piece 19.95...
Pizza Ahi Torino... pan-seared and drizzled wit h balsamic vinaigret t e,
Desserts served wit h wasabi and ginger... 13.95

Shrimp Ceviche... shrimp marinat ed in cit rus juices, garlic and
herbs... 10.95

Tomato Caprese... sliced roma t omat oes and buffalo mozzarella
cheese on a bed of spinach and drizzled wit h balsamic vinaigret t e
and pest o, garnished wit h fresh basil... 9.95

Antipasto... an It alian classic feat uring a variet y of meat s and
cheeses, garnished wit h import ed olives... 12.95

Sea Scallops... pan-seared and served wit h brown-but t er sauce...

Steamed Mussels... served in a brot h of whit e wine wit h diced
t omat oes, green onions, lemon juice, fresh garlic and parmesan
bread... 11.95

Pesto Panna Formaggio... basil pest o and sun-dried t omat o
pest o rolled wit h cream cheese and served wit h t oast point s... 8.95

Bruschetta... It alian bread grilled wit h olive oil, t opped wit h basil
pest o, fresh chopped roma t omat oes and fresh basil... 8.95

Goat Cheese Ravioli... served on a bed of pest o cream and

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the Bellini's Menu

pomodoro sauce... 9.95

Toasted Sausage Ravioli... finely pureed sausage and cheese,
light ly breaded and fried t o a golden brown, served wit h pomodoro
sauce... 9.95

Shrimp Pancetta Formaggio... shrimp and cheddar cheese
wrapped in bacon, bat t ered and deep-fried and served wit h our
special plum must ard sauce... 9.95

Hot Artichoke Dip... served wit h t oast point s... 8.95

Fried Calamari... served wit h our pomodoro sauce and
Medit erranean-spiced aioli... 10.95

Crab Cakes... 2 fabulous cakes t opped wit h font ina cream sauce
on a bed of pomodoro sauce... 9.95

Smoked Salmon... Served wit h cream cheese, diced red onions,
capers and t oast point s... 12.95

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