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Capacity for a Change

Capacity for a Change

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Published by Peter Clarke

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Published by: Peter Clarke on Jul 23, 2011
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From our review of case studies and evaluations of capacity development interventions,

and our subsequent discussions in the Capacity Collective workshop,we can gather a

number of insights.We recognise that these are based on rather limited empirical

evidence,which is itself a constraint.We have not identified,for example,any empirical

studies or evaluations that have looked specifically at how capacity development

interventions have addressed knowledge creation,sharing and use by individuals or

organisations or within wider society in a systemic fashion.Findings from studies of capacity

development interventions are generally based on qualitative studies and formulated in

terms of performance changes.Attempts to evaluate CD also tend to take an instrumental

view,looking at outcomes and impacts from a project/programme intervention view.

Training,organisational development and ‘technical assistance’are the types of capacity

development activities described most frequently in the studies reviewed,although there

are some examples of approaches which emphasise the criticality of learning processes

(see box 5 overleaf).


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