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Genesys CRD 1.0.1

Genesys CRD 1.0.1

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Published by Jamie

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Published by: Jamie on Jul 23, 2011
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This is the first release version of the Genesys Core Rules Document.

The Genesys System is a universal role-playing game engine intended for use by a
game designer or experienced Game Master. Anyone can download a copy of these
rules and use them for their own projects, but this document only partially follows
the normal structure found in a typical, finished product.


The primary method of improving the system comes from the suggestions and
experiences of people who use it. The improvements could be in the form of
pointing out flaws in the rules or even creating entirely new features or new

You are invited to join the mailing list for Genesys, or send your ideas directly to the
maintainer. Anyone who contributes will be noted in the Acknowledgments section.


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States
License. To view a copy of this license, visit

The terms of this license allow you to use, distribute, modify and create derivative
works based on the Genesys System, for any purpose, including commercial uses.
You are free to use the Genesys System for your own projects, and create
compatible works, so long as you give proper credit, in the form of the quote below.

“This work is based on the Genesys System version 1.0.0, written by Jeff Clough
and found at http://www.chaosphere.com/genesys/.”

Explanation of Version Numbering System

The Genesys System and related plug-ins follow a version numbering system
borrowed from software development. Version numbers have the following scheme:

The Genesys Core Rules Document is numbered with three digits separated by
periods or “dots”, such as “1.4.2”.

The first number is the “Major Version Number”. All versions of this document with
the same Major Version Number should be compatible with each other. Changes in
the Major Version Number mean that significant alterations have been made to the
rules and should not be assumed to be compatible with other releases.


The next digit is the “Minor Version Number” which is changed to reflect relatively
minor updates of the mechanics to address issues of game balance, or additions to
the rules to handle new situations. While some things may work differently, the
rules should still be essentially compatible with other releases withing the same
Major Version.

The last digit is the “Release Number” which is changed when minor clarifications or
corrections to typographical errors are made. No actual rules changes are made
between such releases. Under no circumstances should a change in just the
Release Number break compatibility with previous versions.

Any works based on Genesys, including plug-ins, should indicate which version of
the core rules is being used. Not only does this help others determine if what you
have created is compatible with the rules they are using, but it is also required by
the license Genesys uses.

It is also highly advised that if you are creating products based on Genesys, or
designed to work with it, that you follow this version numbering scheme.


I wish to bring special attention to a few individuals that have done much to help
make this system a reality.

I would like to thank the folks on the internet that have taken the time to look at the
system and give me some exceptional feedback. As well as those people
subscribed to the official mailing list that you can find here:


I’d also like to thank Benjamin Grant for his invaluable experience with other game
systems, and his willingness to listen to mine. He has been a great sounding board
for ideas, and his ability to throttle a system and take advantage of every rule has
proven invaluable in balancing certain elements.

And finally, I’d like to thank every GM and player that I’ve ever gamed with. I have
been gaming for about twenty years and without the experience of those hundreds
of afternoons, I’d never have thought to put this system together.

Play-Testers For Version 1.0.0

Benjamin Grant, Shawn Adair, Josh Jarvis, and coelocanth (from the RPGnet

A number of other individuals have contributed in innumerable small ways. Thank


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