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Spontaneous and joyful, subversive or amusing,

 play can take many forms in daily life as well as
in art.

How do artists address contradiction, ambiguity, From politics to mass media, the theme of power
and truth? pervades daily life and is reflected in the ideas
and concerns of artists.
How does art address the idea of consumption? PROTEST
How do artists question commonly held How do artists engage politics, inequality, and
assumptions about commerce, mass media, and the many conflicts that besiege the world today?
consumer society? How do artists use their work to discuss or
oppose misery, turmoil, and injustice?
How is our understanding of the natural world ROMANCE
deeply cultural? What role do intuition, emotion, fantasy, and
escapism play in art?
How do artists use irony, goofiness, satire, and SPIRITUALITY
sarcasm in their work? Can an artwork be funny How does art address the idea of spirituality?
and critical at the same time? Do artists always How do artists working today reveal and
take themselves seriously? question commonly held assumptions about
faith, belief, meditation, and religious symbols?
How does art address the idea of identity? How STORIES
do artists working today reveal and question How do artists tell stories in their work? How
commonly held assumptions about stereotypes, does art reflect and reveal narrative traditions?
self-awareness, portaiture, and what it means to How does the art of today record and describe
be an artist? the world around us?

How do artworks embody emotion? How do How do we organize life? What are the ways in
artists express longing, love, and human which we capture knowledge and attempt greater
experience in their work? understanding?

How does memory function? What is history? How do artists evoke and transform time in their
How do artists frame the past in their work? work? Can a work of art be timeless? How does
contemporary art relate to art of the ancient past,
PLACE to nature, and to the rhythms of the life?
How does art address the idea of place? How do
artists working today reveal and question
commonly held assumptions about land, home,
and national identity?