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A Musical Experience of Enlighten Men First 3 Chapters Master With Video Links

A Musical Experience of Enlighten Men First 3 Chapters Master With Video Links

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Published by Michael Flatt
A Musical Guide To Enlightenment (a book that uses sound, tones, music and words, powerful Mantra’s….to sing and listen to Lyrics of a Spiritual nature within the realm of New Age (Thought) with which to focus and aid you on your path towards enlightenment).These 14 songs when listened to can uplift and help each individual listening to these tones, these rhythms, each beat, musical note, chord structure and finally down to the key of the song. These sounds create a resonance that when reached, can heal and transform matter. Thirteen songs, thirteen chapters designed, if you will allow it, to affect you in a positive fashion. Make you optimistic and happy and actually singing along with Michael Flatt (vocalist, musician and author of this lifestyle changing book).

This project is two-fold in nature. It is a paperback book which inside the front cover is a digital CD containing 13 songs. Each song represents a chapter of the book and in the book I tell a story about by following the suggestions in this self-help, Mind,
Body & Spirit. The songs on the CD when listened too have the capacity to change your life for the better. I need to know if the CD can be embedded with the book. If not, maybe you could offer some other suggestions I may hunt down.
A Musical Guide To Enlightenment (a book that uses sound, tones, music and words, powerful Mantra’s….to sing and listen to Lyrics of a Spiritual nature within the realm of New Age (Thought) with which to focus and aid you on your path towards enlightenment).These 14 songs when listened to can uplift and help each individual listening to these tones, these rhythms, each beat, musical note, chord structure and finally down to the key of the song. These sounds create a resonance that when reached, can heal and transform matter. Thirteen songs, thirteen chapters designed, if you will allow it, to affect you in a positive fashion. Make you optimistic and happy and actually singing along with Michael Flatt (vocalist, musician and author of this lifestyle changing book).

This project is two-fold in nature. It is a paperback book which inside the front cover is a digital CD containing 13 songs. Each song represents a chapter of the book and in the book I tell a story about by following the suggestions in this self-help, Mind,
Body & Spirit. The songs on the CD when listened too have the capacity to change your life for the better. I need to know if the CD can be embedded with the book. If not, maybe you could offer some other suggestions I may hunt down.

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Published by: Michael Flatt on Jul 23, 2011
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Table of Contents
Soul Awareness Chapter 1……………………………………………………..5 Mighty Conqueror, Chapter 2………………………………………………………………………….11 Turn to Love, Chapter 3………………………………………………………………………………..…13 Existence from the One Sun Chapter 4…………………………………………………..….17 Light is Information Chapter 5……………………………………………………………………..19

A Musical Experience of Enlightenment
A self help book designed to implement change in a manner conducive to the music listener’s innermost desires.
By simply playing the accompanying songs on CD or incorporating the music into your workforce for training purposes or singing them in choir for Church Service, these songs are the catalyst needed to project your Spiritual Journey towards “Enlightenment” By learning the songs and sing them yourself, you’ll notice a change for the better. The song lyric refers Spiritual principles, Astrology, free will, Karma, chakras, light, love, frequency and/or vibration, time, space, the oneness of God, aliens, Mayan Calendar, Apocalypse, Elemental or telluric realm and the list goes on forever.

along with “Light” helps to reorganize your DNA and move one upward to the 12 strands initially gifted to our species by GOD which I like to call “Prime Creator” There are 12 signs in the Zodiac. 12 eggs in a dozen 12 months in a year 12 Disciples of Jesus Christ 12 strands of DNA 12 Dimensions of Existence 12 Hours on the Clock 12 is a Mystical Number . These hormones. hypothalamus. pineal.2 These songs are designed to trigger a code which in turn place an effect on your genetic DNA structure and starts to reorganize the 12 strands. Coming from the 2nd Chakra energy is distributed from here to main corridors and on down to minor energy centers. These look like “black strings”. when activated secretes a magic potion that allows you to most wondrously absorb intensive light information. They vibrate as they float and trigger the release of hormones from the pituitary gland . These codes send out messages designed to open miniature Portals spiraling around your solar plexus. thyroid etc located at the base of the brain and the Crown Chakra resting within and without the Pineal gland.

Bringing our very Sun in perfect alignment with the Black Hole located in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. As the Crust slides every which way direction imaginable. The Earth is coming closer to a new paradigm based on prophecy through the stars and this cause will effect certain positions of the planets in our Solar System flowing as they do upon the Electromagnetic “waterbed” that is mostly our Solar System. rivers. clouds etc. an Apocalypse intended by God and part of this time will bring about Earthquakes. peoples. tornados. New mountains will be formed because the crust will shift its position around the globe. Volcanoes. We will be witness to an ice meltdown that floods all worldwide coastal towns. friction will force separate shelves to crush one another and mountains. extreme weather. clean air. Once the axis changes and let’s say. High ground will be somewhat protected except that the Earth’s crust will fold and bend and break. These songs speak of principles relating to Prime Creator (GOD) and how humans relate to their environment with the belief system that guides their life. plants. Alaska ends up at the equator! Now that would be wild! You might think one crazy but the great Ice caps and continental shelves will be shifted. living creatures. hurricanes and tropical storms. mountains. like right now! Volcanoes will cause fires and exude lava everywhere their eruption path maintains course dissipating water from oceans. glaciers will suddenly appear and disappear in a cosmic moment. .3 Forward The author of this book and musical CD is Michael Flatt. valleys. The book of Revelations in the Bible speak of an end times coming. Tsunamis’ will raise water levels to new heights never before created. floods. This divine conjunction will change frequencies affecting all countries. rivers and seas in giant gales of steam…. The electromagnetic field which our planet rests on is going to implement a turning of the axis upon which our Earth rests and slowly spins.

Creating what is best for all and playing it out in the game of LIFE. Light and Love energies are here as an ambassador to help fulfill our Destiny’s and how they play out when the end times are near. belief’s. These beings. We use them to create with. entities and all out aliens like the human curiosity factor. Love is the key to opening up a bright Destiny. evoking emotions through its chemical concoctions. We have a way about us that’s moves us up to the destiny our evolution plays upon. old addictive patterns. dependant upon circumstances previous to these “accelerating times”. incest and mostly WARS in our evolution . fairies.4 The question everyone wants to ask is this. light bodies. Astral bodies. although not perfect has too much murder. These emotions are used to spread Love and Light in greater number than they did in the past. How hard will these cosmic anomalies affect planet Earth? Our planet being a Living Library of diversity along with Mother Nature is designed for observation. They provide the perfect examples of how to “let go” As we drop old behaviors. Think of it like wearing our clothes. maim. Time is speeding up. This in turn raises our frequencies. We are moving on an emotional level that far succeeds the darkness of our past. which last I checked are the twelve dimensions linked to the 12 main Chakra centers on the replica of a living human male or female. ghosts. We are moving upward into the 4th dimension which is mostly our existence as emotion. entities. New Age thinkers and philosophers aren’t quite sure what to expect. Our species is well loved from entities existing on higher frequencies. Karma and ego reconciling us forward into the LIGHT it is destined for. Our time has come. creating a more positive and uplifting energy. Spiritual beings are what we are as we live our existence with an organic body. The Moon plays its drama’s. Let it guide your choices as they reflect the innermost creations developed by those who are so schooled with survival of the human species. one that will change the more we embrace LOVE and LIGHT. Things are happening much more quickly. Our species. The more “LOVE” we generate has an impact on the greater good of our mass Consciousness. Angels. Aliens from all dimensions. rape. study and awe for all to enjoy.

5 consciousness. Apollo. The more good we can do will go a long way into changing our futures. Guinevere. We are in essence killing ourselves when we hurt others. King Neptune etc have mistakenly manipulated and controlled and even coerced the leakage of this information. Achilles. They know they made a mistake and made our future even worse than ever. they are a changing” as Bob Dylan sings . which by the way our Creator Gods from Nibiru. archetypes like Zeus.. Thor. Now they are here to make amends and release the LOVE energy back into and onto the planet in the form of cosmic light. Hercules. love and just plain respect. “Times. They begin respect us now and seeing their wrongs that they manifested on Earth.

but why is it that we keep creating the same things over and over? Then we find that everything we really want in our life. When people die. and why should we be aware of it? You’ll find the lyrics to all the songs in the Appendix at the back of this book starting at page 57.” This 1st verse states that.6 Soul Awareness Chapter 1 Soul awareness is the first topic and song. In AA and NA this is the definition for insanity. God gifts you with the power. a living. they transcend the veil of living and become “more” than what they appear to be in their own right. another way to search for gold as your life is on a roll. Creating reoccurrences of the exactly same event creating the same result. Here’s the first verse: ‘There’s a way we all can contemplate. Only this is causing the same negative result again. The energy is more subtle to be distinguished. When I say more I mean that their actual experience creates things all the time. so let’s start. Each of us chooses differently because we are in essence an infinite being. vibrant powerful. I mean it. our physical body and also our mind. keeper of all our life experiences. knowledge and belief but that you seem to be expressing the same behaviors over and over. The soul gives our life guidance from a much higher level. a living soul. Partaking of the same behavior expecting different results to occur is the slow way to learn and grow. we’re not receiving. What is a soul. all the time. It resides on a much higher (it’s really quite different. A Higher Consciousness. Our dream state defines a journey of the Unconscious mind. you’re moving in the right direction as you’re headed for the power. say. yet more powerful with its effect upon the . not necessarily higher) frequency level than. Each one of us is a soul. yes you can create and achieve whatever you want in your life and yes. to achieve that shining goal. This is the mind of our Soul. A Soul is all these things and more. more like our altered awareness experience when sleeping.” “You’re experiencing feelings as emotions start to shower.

Act as if it has occurred on a level different than the one and wait for it to happen. Earthquakes are distinguished. You are quite simply intending with your Will. tidal waves. These are true. Don’t listen for it. Financial trouble. releasing lesson’s learned from this Biological life experience of the 3rd Dimension. Trying is a “bad” word. The choices we make determine the direction of every new experience and journey. and know that it is already done. The Best thing you can do is to quietly ignore it. you will know things that you never new before. When your light body is ready. As we as individuals evolve into higher realms. we leave behind remnants and our Soul shed’s itself and releases density. knowing fully aware that the future is involved into the inner core of the Soul. big number. Yeh! Get ready for this. this makes the Soul lighter. with all the plans. Can you believe that! It’s already in its entirety and is determined to finding out more about itself.” This relationship with your Higher Self can be life altering to the max. It means it never ends. It comes more often now. mostly just fear. Man has been given many breaks for whole wild world major screw ups! In Revelations it speaks of Earthquakes. codes and instructions revealing the life plan in each incarnation. more than you’ll ever know.7 result you are trying to achieve and did I say trying. but I am weathering them much better. we are our Soul and it is in us. It is determined to discover itself. As you become aware of your soul you can increase the level to which it teaches you. polar shift. Well how do you discover yourself? Well. The Verse says “Soul Awareness it’s remembering that you are a true creator spreading essences of you. You are trapped by a 4th dimensional frequency Net over the entire planet. more things will be revealed. Things like rotten relationships. Remember. because their presence is felt in other arenas of our lives. God made man (woman). Our Soul is infinite. The Soul is simply searching to discover itself in its entirety. By negative I mean that which is opposite. Awareness of one’s soul is the mission that your soul is actually on. You don’t have to experience things Over and . It’s the best time to make a commitment to the healing of our negative ways. Fear is everywhere! I kid you not. It’s all there to impulse us and keeps us in their control. now that’s a big. Remember in the Bible.

All you have to do is Remember. 20 years of my time will seem infinite to me. everything happens instantaneously and for the moment. A rebirth in consciousness is occurring everywhere. now. there is no passage of time. Mother . There’s nothing wrong with having things. in mortal consciousness. We a spiritual beings! Some of us just don’t know it yet. This slows your mind expansion too much. and nobody told us this. Just like Earth. maybe because we’ve experienced it before and we remember. It is our mother. It’s all up to you. In the other dimensions. “I prefer to denote the title right off the bat. It knows. Space and time are aspects of the 3rd dimension. Increasing your “Soul Awareness” will enrich and enhance your life and dreams immensely. is speeding up. It is simply a map of reference. yes. not in a place. Information carried by light is everywhere and you like a Radio receiver are ever tuning upward as we “remember” that we (our Soul) is immortal made in the image of Prime Creator. No time. So what do I mean by “out there”? Your soul exists. the planet earth is also a living consciousness. Some people are so gifted and “aware”. As we increase our awareness of the soul. We’re in tune. until ten years later you finally learn it. But time. but where there is no “Space”. Be ready to be shifted. That’s a lot of time. You will teach your mind to create better. So events happen in the future. Relationships are important in moving more upward. we just “know” things. It takes 20 years for a Pine tree to reach adulthood. The secret to all of this is that you live on the 3rd Dimension (Earth) and your soul is “way (use whatever expression you wish) “out there” on some people. Now hear me out big time. We evolve in concert with our wonderful planet. those being between 1 and 12. And. Remember the Divine Being that you are. On others levels everything is “right now” happening and as is each Spiritual Being. planets and even Galaxies. the Goddess.8 Over sometimes. Maybe create some monetary reward. things roll smoother. This is key. Your present state of either hopelessness or great love or joy comes from the future. We have all come to this special place and time when the Planet Earth is being bombarded with stellar light from stars. You might want to question this thought as it already even happened. just don’t get addicted to habit. Soul. our lives are coming into the greatest shift ever.

I know there is an evil force. The shadow defines the light. 2012. We create it and we grow from it. This may sound a little crazy. Human emotion. Balance is what we are working towards. it provided everything he needed to succeed in his many adventures and finally defeat the Evil. our Journey will gift us with many. Darth Vader. That’s a lot of Emotion. giving to someone in need. When Luke Skywalker was able to realize (be aware) and fully experience the mighty Force. something we deal with in our challenges to live happy productive lives. Full absorption into the Photon Band by our Solar System will be Dec 21. Remember. It’s called our experiences. but its part of the entire creation process. You’ll notice I don’t talk much about “evil” (live spelled backwards). So I don’t amplify that part of the equation. In our lives. this is the ultimate. but more subtle energies and frequencies. many joyful moments. We as individuals have “forces” working in our life to make better creations that uplift people and their encounter with Karma. Karma is the substance that causes a sort of friction. It’s going to be a Cosmic Party. those nasty little things that block us from reaching our destinations that we all have as infinite Souls that we are. I try not to empower it. Yes us simple little human beings will be making the shift into the 4th Dimension. you’re all invited. time is not instantaneous! Can you imagine experiencing multiple (lives actually) at the same time? This scene will manifest quickly as you are able to distinguish these higher. To so totally believe in a cause for good (GOD) and to lay their lives on the line to protect our values and ideas of comradely for all. or just . I’ve been known for being there a time or too. and yes. without either you have none. give it energy and creative thought. The “forces” at work in our lives and especially those of our fellow countrymen and women who lay their life on the line daily is beyond my total comprehension. It’s all coming into a theatre near you.9 Nature to some The planet will not only shift it’s access at the poles as ordered in the original plan but will help our planet to increase it’s vibratory level to such an extent that Souls will reconnect the DNA of all people. On a personal note. A lot is happening and a lot more is being planned this very instant. if we take the middle path.

We are not alone. as many will exit the planet during the cyclical event. It’s like everything is going off at once. It’s the way we are. each unique to our individuality but also common with every other living. Our Voice is our Nature. swimming creature (awareness) as part of each other. It’s exponential in the way it really moves and happens. We are the creation of One God. like one Nuclear explosion of light and cosmic energy flowing towards our planet in this small (and I mean really small) part of the Universe. nothing is outside of God. beating. elements. liberty and the pursuit of happiness guaranteed to us by our Forefathers in a country where much change is taking effect.10 the way we say “hello”. we are infinite. we are made in the likeness of God. We are in this together. Astrology has a lot to do with how everything comes together for a Divine reason. his one Verse. He/She experiences life and love and joy through us. sitting. for He/She is all encompassing and surrounds us with everything we need and want to create the life. light beings. Love is that force that binds us on our separate Journey’s. animals. One for each major Energy center or chakra. Multidimensional avenues are opening up like Portals to bring our Human bodies in sync with the genetic coding we were robbed from. The USA is a Divine creation and our Constitution is the framework and structure with well thought out guidelines to create a better world for everyone. We are beginning to experience more joy and acceptance of our decisions as we . when our Sun heads directly above the black hole which sits in the middle of our “Milky Way Galaxy”. God created the world with the sound of his Voice. When you are able to “feel” with your emotions and that this fact is truth. there are all kinds of beings. Spirits and the list goes on and on. That’s what Jesus came to teach us about. as the geneticists or Alchemist’s you might call them wanted us to be easily controlled so they mixed up our DNA so we have only two strands of DNA when we are equipped with 12 total. creatures. We can be empathetic to the circumstances happening in our friends and families lives at this time of increased Time acceleration. Coming together is the whole problem with those negative events we experience. Each dimension has its own special awareness factor which I cannot explain very well because it evolves from the fact that God is Infinite. not least of all to our beloved children. Even Death. plants.

We can have a paradise on Earth.com/watch?v=_XfeWX4UD4w . from our Galaxy our Nuclear from our Sun. DNA is currently transforming and transmuting and coming together. both Cosmic. which I choose to call God. spirits. One where Love and Light temper to actually raise up an entire species. aliens. With a fuller use of our psychic facilities we intuit answers to questions. with so many differing yet unique beings. Peace…… Watch and listen to the Soul Awareness Music Video from Michael “catflatt” of Midnight Light on U-Tube http://www. but it is in our love for God and our gratitude for all He/She provides that we connect with his “Oneness” and evolve as the infinite Souls that we in essence are. We don’t have to worship god with praise in order to receive something in return. ghosts. even insects were created by our Prime Creator. Our DNA is gaining in the process we get more euphoric or get that special tear to our eyes when we feel what true love feels like. It tingles and we are reminded that we are indeed all special and we are on the right path and as we gain in consciousness we create the entire human race to raise up. crystals.11 skip down the path of Enlightenment.youtube. We just know that with a distinct abundance of light and love. plants animals and yes. past its destruction and manipulation of others for selfish gain to a higher point of the spectrum. after all that’s why it was created. To be a Living Library for all life forms to see and experience. not to mention all the millions of creatures with us. that he should be hailed and praised. God is beyond being egotistical.

Not knowing where to turn. That’s right. you’d be a billionaire like Bill Gates. They encouraged the creation and were considered the “way showers”. no one talks about that. weapons. Sure they had their rituals. Deeply imbedded in the culture was the Mayan philosophy. So now you. the future became affected. I’m here to tell you that there is something better. Some of them ended up as slaves. These sailors had boats. sort of get the picture. mounting up against you. Yes.. The human curiosity makes one wonder at the excitement (that’s a form of Energy. Some were mercenaries. now remember. Well. Theirs was a Spiritual Path. These were people who lived off the land. It all backfires on the Conquerors. making an impact to try and change the future. Their entire means of existing is like the bars that surround you in prison. that these poor natives become decimated. you know what happened. They came there entirely for the gold. Things didn’t look too good for the frail. Theirs was a simple life. but every religion has some form of tradition and structure. The conquest by the Spaniards happened so quickly. They caused so much havoc. Of course.12 Mighty Conqueror Chapter 2 This song is based on history. The Conquerors found out if they hadn’t become so cynical and defeatist in their handling of their rule. they ruled these Spiritual Beings. Yes. If you could sell this kind of ecstatic bliss. They would see that if they had only treated the Native’s with dignity and respect in the first place the future would be in better “balance”. All those fear. They were armed to the hilt in metallic armor. chaos and manipulation. that’s the Key. but strong natives of Peru. I’ll say it again. don’t you. . Steeped in ancient mysticisms these people were light bearers. The Incan tribe was not used to facing firearms. Spirit Guides from the future are coming into Present Time. metal.

The song says. because they are highly evolved beings we should provide every assistance we can. for they are our ticket into the 4th Dimension. We will become more emotional. It is one of the grossest endeavors put up by a people who should be more civilized. these highly evolved Souls. Love has its hand in this as it will more often than not. As our planet and everything within it are going through changes on a Astrological vantage point. being disrespectful to their cause. We should do things to help lift people up! Not batter them to the ground. They are also known as “system busters”. Our Youth carry with them the exact qualifications. Aztec & Peruvian communities were devastated. Watch and listen to the Mighty Conqueror Music Video from Michael “catflatt” of Midnight Light on U-Tube http://www. Everything in your life has extra potential when you create “good” in your life. Having little tolerance to the Spanish and Portuguese influenza was soon to seal their fate. They should never be harmed in anyway detrimental to their upliftment and inspiration. God put us here in this time for a special reason.13 The “Fountain of Youth” was another thing that never did materialize. Mass numbers of the native’s left the planet. in order to survive the Earth changes we have heading out way. Every day I become more aware that the path we take is a Divine one. more loving world. One can prepare for the coming of 4th dimensional emotion. They are members of “The Family of Light”.com/watch?v=Q8QWt-fHVLk .youtube. are here to help create a better. These precious children should be put high on a pedestal. Explorers and adventurers were also involved with searching for Gold. dying in the greatest of numbers. I like to call it my Destiny. “The Youth are here to SAVE THIS LAND”. The total cost to the Incan. The young people of our great country are a prime example of how these young children. help us develop into the multidimensional selves we are learning to be.

Some are here physically but they are far outnumbered by the et’s professing LOVE. This kind of love that is offered has no power. Most of them come from higher dimensions.14 Turn To Love Chapter 3 Well what a better time to talk about LOVE.. The greys are the beings so commonly talked about especially their abductions of certain human people. don’t worry. this includes you! You’re here to celebrate the evolution of our planet and species. We’re all here. You love their entire person. Did you hear me? I said. There’s a love that wants to possess. whereby a spiritual love doesn’t have conditions. Now you’re getting closer to what I call Spiritual Love”. Unconditional love is the most sweet and powerful type of love. I know us as a nation and its people (Spiritual Beings) are smarter than that. like the Pleidians from the 5th Dimension. or parallel Universes. This is loving that special person. They’re form is more like that of LIGHT particles but relaying emotional issues. You can’t see them anyway. each in their unique way. For too long have we continued as a society to kill other people? How stupid is this. The higher dimensional et’s are mostly bodiless. These are the negative aspects of love. We find them in a form that is unfamiliar to 3rd dimensional eyesight. sometimes mystical frequency is the Healing Energy of This World. Now I must admit there are many different kinds of love. This always magical. Love will be the ingredient as humans invoke love’s principles into being cast as the hero of the story. This kind of . but an immortal one nevertheless. They all exist in people’s dramas in life. The Mind. there’s love relationships with conditions only. there’s jealous love. They aspire to witness the grand scheme of things as we evolve as a species. Body & Spirit. Its impact will be experienced by the magnitudes of extraterrestrial beings who come to observe Earth from other dimensions. They affect all of us anyway. If you definitely do not believe in them. knowing full well they are all special. It is limited.

or maybe even your Soul Mate. Our nation and world are monitored by 4th dimensional beings. it’s healing and can really change your life.. Love is caring. Jesus came to teach the world about love. It holds all the components blending together to create a relationship complete with all the bells and whistles. our planet. In the song “Turn to Love” the main theme is that we can not only turn our lives to love. a human soul. We all have the power. We are infinite beings. When a young couple engages the creation tool of lovemaking. dogs. Love is creation. So what do cats. Everything has awareness.15 love is very sensitive and can cause tears of joy for those blessed to have it. It knows what it is and knows what it knows. This kind of “LOVE” is the best in my view. the Sun. the elements. This emotion has lots of energy and human beings are very easily manipulated into creating this emotion. It creates Universes of experiences for you one and all. mountains. plants. The euphoria felt reminds us just how good we feel love and our connectedness to all that is. crystals and the list goes on forever have in common? These “things” are combined into what we call the elements. This rather limited number of elements makes it hard to believe that it makes up all that “is” on the planet. but also we can return our lives to love from the moments when we were “lost” or disoriented. Right On! Now “falling in love” is another matter totally. You find someone you can talk to like forever. No one can admit that love isn’t needed in our frequency controlled society of Spiritual Beings. Someone who attracts you on a physical as well as emotional and even ethereal level. There are like 105 or so elements and they combine with other elements to make up every thing that exists on the planet. As we get more . Chemistry class is what I remember best. For the longest time the leading factor in managing our emotions by beings with and were not so beneficial to our concerns has been Fear. Earth. (Non physical entities that quite literally feed on our emotions especially Fear. the emotion exerted during orgasm is the closest a person can get to God.

Creators (you and I) actually sing their Nature into the Collective Consciousness of all mankind. prophets angels and Shaman are here at this time to insure our continued survival on such a beautiful planet remains. Just chose a path that has your passion and go for it. our lives just seem to run better. Many of these beings are part human. We are changing. Remember. part Reptilian.. It’s your prerogative. This concept is difficult to understand because we’ve been used to the Present continuum it doesn’t seem to be the truth. The future creates the present. You need not believe everything you read. Love is what (EVOLVES) us up as a species The Creator Gods had an . sages. Our voice is indicative of our most inner nature and being. spirits and Time Jumpers are here from the future. These God’s existed in our past. From the planet Nibiru (planet X) came giants as big as 8 to ten feet tall. coming from the Cosmos and people of the planet. They are discovering that they must mend the future outcome by correcting mistakes made in the present time. the Soul remembers because it’s done it in your future. Olympus. Our DNA is being flooded with special sound/music generated vibratory waves including Light and LOVE today. They were quite literally Giants. Many extraterrestrials. Our God’s actually just screwed up and they are beginning to realize that the dimensions are opening up to transforming the future by mending the past emotional traumas. These are our Creator Gods.16 acquainted with the emotion “LOVE”. All the connective and sequentially loaded parts remain intact. just as the current Time Acceleration plays into the event. You might remember their storied past as the God’s Zeus. Love is the key here. Hercules’s. Check that out. Hector. We’re more in Sync and things come easier. This is why counseling and support really do work. Many helpers. It’s easy to do. or the Medicine Man’s feathers. It’s because we’re remembering it AS WE EVOLVE. Love acts a healing wand. They dismantled our current DNA coding system containing the imprint of as many as twelve strands. That’s the way it works. hey. These things along with increased intensity of Light frequencies are putting the magical combination of codes back into order. fire and smoke. making every desperate attempt to fix a giant mess caused by the Creator Gods. Be open for anything. this being from our influence directed with increased awareness of our immortal Soul. and not the other way around.

17 obsessive sexual interest with special interest in having orgasm’s with the human civilian women. Just how far they move them is the question. just new beginnings. rock and crust surrounding the planet. the geneticists attempt at controlling their slaves with subliminal messages. pentagon’s and spirals. Most people. East. plants and animals die a quick death. It takes a twist of immense change to move our electromagnetic poles. They would totally control civilization and make every effort to manipulate a people and compare them to who end up slaves to the so called Creator Gods. Don’t forget to center yourself (usually in the 4 directions of North. It will be a Savior. Believe what you want and leave the rest. Other dimensions can exist within the . We human’s have much in common actually with our reptilian friends as our skin patterns scatter and meet with each unique order. Energy is constantly changing and so is Love. Send the Energy visualization through the lava and directly into the center of the Earth where a giant “Iron” crystal resides. Holograms (3D picture that appears real to the observer) and electromagnetic frequencies designed to control and finally the limitations placed on our species by disorganizing our 12 strand DNA into only 2 strands. right here on Earth. Can we survive any disaster such as described with the Earth’s crust folding and shifting to produce mountainous areas and the Ice Shelf melting to completely bury the coastal areas of land? Have no fear for you will be reborn as there really is no death. squares.. What the Creator Gods did spoiled rich kids living in LA would do. This was the plan. circles. They look like little geometrical designs much like the crystalline structures found with similar patterns such as angles. South. I tell you that “light and love is the key”. through the soil. accompanied by Christ energy which has strong healing properties. These spines are essences of extreme energy focus. Once again. Use your imagination to create a vision of love and light Energy through the house floor. Some have said that remnants from ancient civilizations make the Earth’s Center their home. By limiting our destiny to live in paradise. Death is the means by which the Annunaki (our Creator Gods) caused each human great Fear. and West).” the Divine female energy through their spines. They are part reptilian as the Dinosaurs preceded us in dominating the entire planet evidenced by their enormous size which was created to focus “Kundalini.

Watch and listen to the Turn to Love Music Video from Michael “catflatt” of Midnight Light on U-Tube http://www.com/watch?v=ZTeLVHrGMDA . the “telluric” or elemental realms as this dimension assists all inhabitants by being the building blocks of all Organic matter.youtube.18 crystalline structure and our silicon being-ness coming from the 2nd Dimension.

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