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September 12, 2008

To: Pathmark Parking Lot Commuters

I understand the Pathmark/A&P Corporation has made the determination to utilize their property for
a higher and better use. They provided notice they will no longer permit free commuter parking on
their property located at Route 18 and Race Track Road.

Based upon the notice which I have reviewed they plan to terminate the availability of commuter
parking as of October 1, 2008.

The Township of East Brunswick has constructed a new indoor park and ride facility which is located
at 551 Old Bridge Turnpike (Route 18 and Tices Lane). This facility will open as of October 1 to
public parking. On the reverse side of this letter you will see a map and instructions on how to enter
the facility.

The Township offers monthly parking permits to both residents and non residents. The prices are:

East Brunswick Resident $25 per month
• Non Resident - $55 per month

We also offer day parking which is available for $4 per day. The day parking is available on Levels
6 and 7 of the facility. Permit parking is available on Levels 1 through 5 and the up ramp going to
Level 5. All buses load from the lobby on the V floor.

If you wish to utilize the facility it is easy access. Those with a permit park in the desired stall as
available. Those wishing to park daily need to park on Levels 6 or 7. The stalls where one is to
park are numbered. Remember the numbered stall and as one goes to the elevator or stairs leading
down to the bus lobby. You can insert $4 in the pay station or utilize a pre-paid card issued by the
Parking Utility. Enter the $4 or pre-paid card and your parking stall number and the pay station will
automatically print a ticket and record you have paid for the day. There is no cost for a pre-paid
card but a $10 replacement fee for lost cards. Cards can be loaded (pre-paid) at pay stations.

Parking is available on a 24 hour basis. If you are going to stay overnight one would need to make
arrangements to make payment for the second day.

If you have questions about parking or availability call 732-390-6836 or email .

If you wish to obtain a parking application for a monthly permit one can access this on the
Township's website or by calling the above one can request one be sent by mail-

I trust this information is helpful.


L. Mason Neely
Chief Finance Officer