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Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries

1.1: Introduction
The remarkable condition in most of the underdeveloped world including Bangladesh is the large availability of local on the one hand and comparatively small use 1

Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries of such capital in industry on the other hand. Some people are investing in productive way to develop the lifestyle usual the country like Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, there is a more scope to build up industries and develop our country by using efficient human resource. There are many industries build up in different aspect and their own position. But ACI is the largest and one of the leading conglomerates in Bangladesh, with a multinational heritage. The company has diversified into three major businesses. e g Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Brands & Commodity Products and Agribusinesses. That means everything which is need daily in our life is production in Advanced Chemical Industries (ACI). The popularity of ACI as an outstanding and the ability to fulfill the demand that is requirement of much people has inspired me to work on ACI.

1.2: Origin of the Report

The internship program of BBA students of the Department of BBA, Leading University, is an important part of the BBA program. The duration of this program is for 3 months. However, I was assigned to head office of ACI Ltd to complete the program. The period for this program was from 13 February, 2011 to 13 May, 2011. During this period I have worked closely with the employees of ACI Ltd. A student must submit a report on the assigned topic to the department and supervisor after the completion of the internship program period. Also theoretical knowledge is not enough for a student. It is a far difference between theoretical knowledge and practical field. So, these two should be synchronized. Our internship program is launched mainly for this purpose. Another purpose that may be is to know about the rules, regulations, and environment of an organization before getting a job. To gather some experience, which will help a student to get a good job, may be another purpose of the study. I do my internship program in ACI Livestock and fisheries. ACI Agribusiness is the largest integrator in Agriculture and Livestock and Fisheries. These businesses have subunits like Crop Protection, Seed, Fertilizer, Agri machineries, and Animal Health.

Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries These businesses have glorified presence in Bangladesh. ACI Agribusiness has a large, knowledgeable and highly skilled force that provides training and technical advices to its employees.

1.3: Objectives
1.3.1: The Primary Objective: The Primary objective is to preparing this report on
Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries and to have a clear conception about all of the essential parts of the internship program.

1.3.2: Secondary Objective: Furthermore, the secondary objectives of this report To know the L&F market clearly To know the marketing activities. To understand the demand of the product at different area. Indicating the time when the demand increases. Finding out the product list & prices of AH. Reasons of Popularity. The way how to give incentive. Process of import Promotional items taken by companies in different areas of Bangladesh. How to maintain the customer relationship

1.4: Methodology
This research work for this report is a descriptive one. This research involved both qualitative and initiative analysis. There are two ways by which I collect my necessary information to complete my research that are:

Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries I. Primary sources. II. Secondary sources.

1.4.1: Primary Sources:

For preparing this report, I need to do some field work. I am going to sylhet and Gazipur for visiting some doctors, retailer and customers. It makes me better understand the field of livestock and fisheries in Bangladesh.

1.4.2: Secondary Sources:

In order to collect the secondary data, I have collect data from the following things: Annual report and brochure of ACI. Website. Newsletter. Printing Material. Journals. Different books Monthly review of project

1.5: Scope and Limitation

In preparing this report I faced some limitations. During this Internship I worked all the departments of ACI Livestock & Fisheries, particularly in logistics and sales

Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries support for twelve weeks. But ACI is a large dependent corporation, three months study time is too short in an organization like ACI and this was the main limitation of my Internship Program. Other constraints that I faced during the course of my internship are as follows: The respondents have got late to response because of being in field or out of head office in which my duties are to be done. At the time of face to face discussion with officials, there were no sufficient time, chairs and tables.

Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries

2.1: Customer relationship

Customer relationship is a widely-implemented strategy for managing a companys interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. It involves using

Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processesprincipally sales activities, but also those for marketing, customer service, and technical support. The overall goals are to find, attract, and win new clients, nurture and retain those the company already has, entice former clients back into the fold, and reduce the costs of marketing and client service. Customer relationship management describes a companywide business strategy including customer-interface departments as well as other departments

According to one industry view, CRM consists of:

Helping an enterprise to enable its marketing departments to identify and target their best customers, manage marketing campaigns and generate quality leads for the sales team. Assisting the organization to improve account, and sales management by optimizing information shared by multiple employees, and reorganization existing processes (for example, taking orders using mobile devices) Providing employees with the information and processes necessary to know their customers understand and identify customer needs and effectively build relationships between the company, its customer base, and distribution partners.

2.2: Benefits of CRM

The use of a CRM system will confer several advantages to a company

Quality and efficiency Decrease in overall costs Decision support Enterprise agility Customer Attention

2.3: Challenges
Successful development, implementation, use and support of customer relationship management systems can provide a significant advantage to the user, but often, there are obstacles that obstruct the user from using the system to its full potential. Instances of a 7

Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries CRM attempting to contain a large, complex group of data can become cumbersome and difficult to understand for an ill-trained user. Additionally, an interface that is difficult to navigate or understand can hinder the CRMs effectiveness, causing users to pick and choose which areas of the system to be used, while others may be pushed aside. This fragmented implementation can cause inherent challenges, as only certain parts are used and the system is not fully functional. The increased use of customer relationship management software has also led to an industrywide shift in evaluating the role of the developer in designing and maintaining its software. Companies are urged to consider the overall impact of a viable CRM software suite and the potential for good or harm in its use.

2.3.1: Poor usability

One of the largest challenges that customer relationship management systems face is poor usability. With a difficult interface for a user to navigate, implementation can be fragmented or not entirely complete. The importance of usability in a system has developed over time. Customers are likely not as patient to work through malfunctions or gaps in user safety, and there is an expectation that the usability of systems should be somewhat intuitive: it helps make the machine an extension of the way I think not how it wants to me think. An intuitive design can prove most effective in developing the content and layout of a customer relationship management system. Two 2008 case studies show that the layout of a system provides a strong correlation to the ease of use for a system and that it proved more beneficial for the design to focus on presenting information in a way that reflected the most important goals and tasks of the user, rather than the structure of the organization This ease of service is paramount for developing a system that is usable.

2.3.2: Business reputation

Business reputation has become a growing challenge. The outcome of internal fragmentation that is observed and commented upon by customers is now visible to the rest of the world in the era of the social customer; in the past, only employees or partners were aware of it. Addressing the fragmentation requires a shift in philosophy and mindset in an organization so that everyone considers the impact to the customer of policy, decisions and actions. Human response at all levels of the organization can affect the customer experience for good or ill. Even one unhappy customer can deliver a body blow to a business. Some developments and shifts have made companies more conscious of the life-cycle of a customer relationship management system. Companies now consider the possibility of brand loyalty and persistence of its users to purchase updates, upgrades and future editions of software. 8

Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries

2.3.3: Security concerns

A large challenge faced by developers and users is found in striking a balance between ease of use in the CRM interface and suitable and acceptable security measures and features. Corporations investing in CRM software do so expecting a relative ease of use while also requiring that customer and other sensitive data remain secure. This balance can be difficult, as many believe that improvements in security come at the expense of system usability. Research and study show the importance of designing and developing technology that balances a positive user interface with security features that meet industry and corporate standards. A 2002 study shows, however, that security and usability can coexist harmoniously. In many ways, a secure CRM system can become more usable.

2.4: Types 2.4.1: Marketing

CRM systems for marketing help the enterprise identify and target potential clients and generate leads for the sales team. A key marketing capability is tracking and measuring multichannel campaigns, including email, search, social media, telephone and direct mail. Metrics monitored include clicks, responses, leads, deals, and revenue. Alternatively, Prospect Relationship Management (PRM) solutions offer to track customer behaviour and nurture them from first contact to sale, often cutting out the active sales process altogether. In a web-focused marketing CRM solution, organizations create and track specific web activities that help develop the client relationship. These activities may include such activities as free downloads, online video content, and online web presentations.

2.4.2: Customer service and support

Recognizing that service is an important factor in attracting and retaining customers, organizations are increasingly turning to technology to help them improve their clients experience while aiming to increase efficiency and minimize costs. Even so, a 2009 study

Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries revealed that only 39% of corporate executives believe their employees have the right tools and authority to solve client problems.

2.4.3: Appointment
Creating and scheduling appointments with customers is a central activity of most customer oriented businesses. Sales, customer support, and service personnel regularly spend a portion of their time getting in touch with customers and prospects through a variety of means to agree on a time and place for meeting for a sales conversation or to deliver customer service. Appointment CRM is a relatively new CRM platform category in which an automated system is used to offer a suite of suitable appointment times to a customer via e-mail or through a web site. An automated process is used to schedule and confirm the appointment, and place it on the appropriate person's calendar. Appointment CRM systems can be an origination point for a sales lead and are generally integrated with sales and marketing CRM systems to capture and store the interaction.

2.4.4: Analytics
Relevant analytics capabilities are often interwoven into applications for sales, marketing, and service. These features can be complemented and augmented with links to separate, purpose-built applications for analytics and business intelligence. Sales analytics let companies monitor and understand client actions and preferences, through sales forecasting and data quality. Marketing applications generally come with predictive analytics to improve segmentation and targeting, and features for measuring the effectiveness of online, offline, and search marketing campaigns. Web analytics have evolved significantly from their starting point of merely tracking mouse clicks on Web sites. By evaluating buy signals, marketers can see which prospects are most likely to transact and also identify those who are bogged down in a sales process and need assistance. Marketing and finance personnel also use analytics to assess the value of multi-faceted programs as a whole.

2.4.5: Social media

Social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are amplifying the voice of people in the marketplace and are having profound and far-reaching effects on the ways


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries in which people buy. Customers can now research companies online and then ask for recommendations through social media channels, making their buying decision without contacting the company. People also use social media to share opinions and experiences on companies, products and services. As social media is not as widely moderated or censored as mainstream media, individuals can say anything they want about a company or brand, positive or negative. Increasingly, companies are looking to gain access to these conversations and take part in the dialogue. More than a few systems are now integrating to social networking sites. Social media promoters cite a number of business advantages, such as using online communities as a source of high-quality leads and a vehicle for crowd sourcing solutions to client-support problems. Companies can also leverage client stated habits and preferences to "hyper-target" their sales and marketing communications.

2.5: Strategy
For larger-scale enterprises, a complete and detailed plan is required to obtain the funding, resources, and company-wide support that can make the initiative of choosing and implementing a system successfully. Benefits must be defined, risks assessed, and cost quantified in three general areas:

Processes: Though these systems have many technological components, business processes lie at its core. It can be seen as a more client-centric way of doing business, enabled by technology that consolidates and intelligently distributes pertinent information about clients, sales, marketing effectiveness, responsiveness, and market trends. Therefore, a company must analyze its business workflows and processes before choosing a technology platform; some will likely need re-engineering to better serve the overall goal of winning and satisfying clients. Moreover, planners need to determine the types of client information that are most relevant, and how best to employ them. People: For an initiative to be effective, an organization must convince its staff that the new technology and workflows will benefit employees as well as clients. Senior executives need to be strong and visible advocates who can clearly state and support the case for change. Collaboration, teamwork, and two-way communication should be encouraged across hierarchical boundaries, especially with respect to process improvement. Technology: In evaluating technology, key factors include alignment with the companys business process strategy and goals, including the ability to deliver the right data to the right employees and sufficient ease of adoption and use. Platform selection is best undertaken by a carefully chosen group of executives who understand the business processes to be automated as well as the software issues. 11

Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries Depending upon the size of the company and the breadth of data, choosing an application can take anywhere from a few weeks to a year or more.

2.6: Competitor
Definition: Any person or entity which is a rival against another. In business, a company in the same industry or a similar industry which offers a similar product or service. The presence of one or more competitors can reduce the prices of goods and services as the companies attempt to gain a larger market share. Competition also requires companies to become more efficient in order to reduce costs. A business that provides similar products or services. The presence of competitors in an industry drives down the price of goods and services because consumers have more alternatives from which to choose if the price of a particular good or service is too high.

2.7: Competitor profiling

The strategic rationale of competitor profiling is powerfully simple. Superior knowledge of rivals offers a legitimate source of competitive advantage. The raw material of competitive advantage consists of offering superior customer value in the firms chosen market. The definitive characteristic of customer value is the adjective, superior. Customer value is defined relative to rival offerings making competitor knowledge an intrinsic component of corporate strategy. Profiling facilitates this strategic objective in three important ways. First, profiling can reveal strategic weaknesses in rivals that the firm may exploit. Second, the proactive stance of competitor profiling will allow the firm to anticipate the strategic response of their rivals to the firms planned strategies, the strategies of other competing firms, and changes in the environment. Third, this proactive knowledge will give the firms strategic agility. Offensive strategy can be implemented more quickly in order to exploit opportunities and capitalize on strengths. Similarly, defensive strategy can be employed more deftly in order to counter the threat of rival firms from exploiting the firms own weaknesses.


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries


products offered, depth and breadth of product line, and product portfolio balance new products developed, new product success rate, and R&D strengths brands, strength of brand portfolio, brand loyalty and brand awareness patents and licenses quality control conformance reverse engineering


segments served, market shares, customer base, growth rate, and customer loyalty promotional mix, promotional budgets, advertising themes, ad agency used, sales force success rate, online promotional strategy distribution channels used (direct & indirect), exclusivity agreements, alliances, and geographical coverage pricing, discounts, and allowances


Competitor analysis in marketing and strategic management is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. This analysis provides both an offensive and defensive strategic context through which to identify opportunities and threats. Competitor profiling coalesces all of the relevant sources of competitor analysis into one framework in the support of efficient and effective strategy formulation, implementation, monitoring and adjustment. Competitor analysis is an essential part of corporate strategy. It is argued that most firms do not conduct this type of analysis systematically enough. Instead, many enterprises operate on what is called informal impressions, conjectures, and intuition gained through the tidbits of information about competitors every manager continually


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries receives. As a result, traditional environmental scanning places many firms at risk of dangerous competitive blindspots due to a lack of robust competitor analysis.

2.9: Customer Analysis

ACI provides the best quality product for end user. The quality of manufacturing, materials, and ergonomics found in their which in turn adds to the individual's status and perceptions of human being health They are using a strategic form of segment definition. This means ACI does not intend to try to satisfy every user of molecule. Instead, only those who are most demanding constitute their target market. The objective is to address the needs of the high-end buyer, who is willing to pay more for quality product.


SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat. This is a very important tool for a company to analyze its internal and external environment. Let us carry out a SWOT Analysis of ACI. 14

Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries

2.10.1: Strength
Motivated and well organized field force. Good distribution channel. Financially stronger company than others. New modern office. Quality product. Large industrial base. Develop new product. Corporate Brand Image Credit facilities

2.10.2: Weakness
Credit policy is not push based New Product. Staff training required. Distribution Commission is very high. Many old plants. New business for ACI. Low profit margin Flexible price offer by Competitors


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries

2.10.3: Opportunity
Increase trends of land. Increase the treatment. Increasing consumption rate of meat and egg. Increasing price of beef. High demand of local milk. High gap between actual need and supply of protein Withdrawal of export restriction for shrimp. Develop new product. Erosion of small companies by government new regulations.

2.10.4: Threat
Govt. Restriction. The ACME & Reneta are the main competitors. McDonalds is the brand leader and hold full market share. Institutional right customer selection. Storage capacity is not available. Completely Credit business Big customers are not interested to formal credit


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries

3.1: Historical Background


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries ACI was established as the subsidiary of Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) in the then East Pakistan in 1968. After independence the company has been incorporated in Bangladesh on the 24th of January 1973 as ICI Bangladesh Manufacturers Limited and also as Public Limited Company. This Company also obtained listing with Dhaka Stock Exchange on 28 December, 1976 and its first trading of shares took place on 9 March, 1994. Later on 5 May, 1992, ICI plc divested 70% of its shareholding to local management. Subsequently the company was registered in the name of Advanced Chemical Industries Limited. Listing with Chittagong Stock Exchange was made on 22 October 1995. Advanced Chemical Industries (ACI) Limited is one of the leading conglomerates in Bangladesh, with a multinational heritage. The company has diversified into three major businesses. Like Pharmaceuticals Consumer Brands & Commodity Products Agribusinesses

3.2: Company Mission

ACIs mission is to enrich the quality of life of people through responsible application of knowledge, skills and technology. ACI is committed to the pursuit of excellence through world-class products, innovative processes and empowered employees to provide the highest level of satisfaction to its customers.

3.3: Company Vision


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries To realize the mission ACI will: Endeavor to attain a position of leadership in each category of its businesses. Attain a high level of productivity in all its operations through effective and efficient use of resources, adoption of appropriate technology and alignment with our core competencies. Develop its employees by encouraging empowerment and rewarding innovation. Promote an environment for learning and personal growth of its employees. Provide products and services of high and consistent quality, ensuring value for money to its customers. Encourage and assist in the qualitative improvement of the services of its suppliers and distributors. Establish harmonious relationship with the community and promote greater environmental responsibility within its sphere of influence.

3.4: Company Value

Quality Customer Focus Fairness Transparency Continuous Improvement Innovation

3.5: Business Policy:


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries

3.5.1: Quality Policy

ACI's mission is to achieve business excellence through quality by understanding, accepting, meeting and exceeding customer expectations. ACI follows International Standards on Quality Management System to ensure consistent quality of products and services to achieve customer satisfaction. ACI also meets all national regulatory requirements relating to its current businesses and ensures that current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) as recommended by World Health Organization is followed for its pharmaceutical operations. The management of ACI commits itself to quality as the prime consideration in all its business decisions. All employees of ACI must follow documented procedures to ensure compliance with quality standards. The pool of human resources of the company will be developed to their full potential and harnessed through regular training and their participation in seeking continuous improvement of work methods

3.5.2: Environmental Policy

ACI is committed to maintain the harmonious balance of our eco-system and therefore constantly seeks ways to manufacture and produce products in an eco-friendly manner so that the balance of nature remains undisturbed and the environment remains sustainable. In pursuit of this goal, ACI will:

Comply fully with all local and national environmental regulations. Conserve natural resources like water and energy for sustainable development, and adopt environmentally safe processes. Ensure appropriate treatment of all effluents prior to discharge, to prevent pollution or degradation of environment. Ensure appropriate communication and cooperate with internal and external interested parties on environmental issues. Create awareness on environmental issues among our employees and suppliers. Adopt modern waste management technology.

3.6: Ten principles are:

3.6.1: Human Rights

Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries To support and respect International Human Rights within the company's sphere of influence. To make sure that their own corporations are not complicit with Human Rights Violation.

3.6.2: Labuor
To end discrimination in the workplace. Abolition of child labour. The right to collective bargaining and recognition of freedom of association. To eliminate the use of forced and compulsory labour.

3.6.3: Environment
To support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges. To undertake initiative to promote greater environmental responsibility. To encourage the diffusion of environmentally friendly technology.

3.6.4: Anti-Corruption
To work against all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery.

ACI pledges to keep all its employees, customers, shareholders and suppliers regularly informed about the compact and the companys initiatives to uphold the principles

3.7: Business Unites


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries Strategic Business Units: Pharmaceuticals Consumer Brands & Commodity Products Agribusinesses: Crop Care Public Health Livestock & Fisheries Fertilizer Cropex Seeds Motors

3.7.1: Pharmaceuticals
ACI carries the legacy of ICI- world renowned British Multinational in providing the people of Bangladesh with quality medicines and healthcare products. Its state-of-the art pharmaceutical plant represents Bangladesh's quest for a truly world class manufacturing facility. ACI's rich heritage leads to innovative and higher value added formulations. The comprehensive product range of ACI pharmaceuticals include products from all major therapeutic classes and in various dosage forms like tablet, capsule, dry powder, liquid, cream, gel, ointment, ophthalmic and injectable. ACI Pharma also has state of the art plant on Novel Drug Delivery System (NDDS). It produces world class Modified Release drug and medicine to cater the requirement of pharmaceutical manufacturer of domestic and international market. It exports high quality pharmaceuticals to a good number of countries of Asia, Africa & South America.

3.7.2: Consumer Brands & Commodity Products


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries The Consumer Brands Division boasts in having an unequivocal presence in consumers' heart with the market leading brands like ACI Aerosol, ACI Mosquito Coil, Savlon. These are the persistent performers in keeping the household clean and free from germs and harmful insects. The necessity of pure food in the minds of Bangladeshi consumers especially in the commodity food business has pushed ACI to fill up the market gap by producing commodity products such as Salt, Flour and Spices. Now the customers of Bangladesh are ensured with 100% pure Salt, Spices products and Wheat products under the brand name of "ACI Pure". ACI also represents the world renowned product range of Colgate, Nivea, Tetley, Godrej & Dabur in Bangladesh through distribution and forming joint ventures.

3.7.3: Agribusinesses
ACI Agribusiness is the largest integrator in Bangladesh in Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries and deals with Crop Protection, Seed, and Fertilizer, Agrimachineries, and Animal Health products. These businesses have glorified presence in Bangladesh. CC & PH supplies crop protection chemicals, Seed supplies Hybrid Rice, vegetable and Maize seeds, Fertilizer Supplies Micronutrient and Foiler fertilizer, Agrimachineries supplies Tractors, Power Tiller and Harvester and Animal Health supplies high quality Nutritional, Veterinary and Poultry medicines and vaccines. ACI Agribusiness is having strong partnership with national and international R & D companies, universities and research institutions. Before introducing any product, it is elaborately tested in the laboratory and farmers field. ACI provides solution to the farmers through a large team of scientists & skilled professionals.

3.8: ACI has the following subsidiaries: ACI Formulations Ltd. 23

Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries Apex Leather crafts Limited ACI Salt Limited ACI Pure Flour Limited ACI Foods Limited Premiaflex Plastics Limited Creative Communication Limited ACI Motors Limited ACI Logistics Limited

3.9: Joint Ventures: ACI Godrej Agrovet Private Limited Tetley ACI (Bangladesh) Limited Asian Consumer Care (Pvt) Limited

3.10: Department of ACI


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries 3.10.1: Administration department Administration department specially work to maintain friendly environment through proper monitoring with the company policy. 3.10.2: Finance and planning ACI Finance and Planning function is the nerve centre of the conglomerate. The major areas of its activities include: Corporate Finance Treasury Insurance and risk management Costing Credit Management Accounts payable management General accounting Taxation New business management

3.10.3: Commercial department Commercial department of ACI ensure all RM & PM to run smooth business. Also maintain a good liaison with the customer both national and international.


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries 3.10.4: MIS department MIS department of ACI ensures the overall IT related supports for Manages a smooth operation of software's, hardware trouble MIS provides customized report and data analysis to the

the company. shooting and business databases related to sales and inventory. management. 3.10.5: Distribution department The company maintains strategically located sales centers in nineteen Distribution system through its more than 300 skilled and trained Capable of maintaining a cold chain for vaccines and insulin.

different locations across the country. manpower and a large fleet over eighty vehicles. 3.10.6: Training department Training activity of ACI is to build up for all members of ACI family through the training, skill development, and workshop.

3.10.7: HR department HR Policies and procedures for Recruitment & Selection, Manpower Planning and succession planning. The combination of qualitative aspects and Balanced Score Card for performance appraisal. Policies regarding car loan, gratuity, provident fund and hospitalization. We offer performance bonus, leave fare assistance, festival bonus and workers profit participation fund during different times within a year. ACI is a place to learn, grow and contribute for improving the quality of life of people.


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries

3.10.8: Facilities: ACI believe that all members of ACI are assets so company tries to fulfill staff want and demand. Two special Eid bonuses for all members of ACI To provide handsome incentive program for field level. To provide tours national and international in every year. To provide advance money due to field tours and others occasions. ACI provide medical bill if any members are admitted in the hospital.

3.10.9: Financial Statement The maximum financial support comes from the bank due to consolidated long term and short term bank loans. The support banks are: Long term bank loans Standard Charterd Bank Citibank N.A. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited Eastern Bank Limited The City Bank LimitedShort term bank loans Standard Charterd Bank Citibank N.A. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited Eastern Bank Limited The City Bank Limited Commercial Bank of Ceylon Plc AB Bank Limited BRAC Bank Limited 27

Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries

3.11: Six Years Comparative Statistics 2004-2009

Particulars Taka in million Authorized capital Issued & paid capital; Current assets Tangible fixed assets (gross) Shareowners' equity Turnover (net) Gross profit Profit before tax Profit after tax Dividend Current ratio (times) Quick ratio (times) Return on equity (%) Inventory turnover (times) Debtors turnover (times) Fixed assets turnover (times) Net asset per share (Taka) Market price per share (Taka) Earnings per share (Taka) Dividend per share (Taka) Dividend rate ( %) Dividend payout ratio (%) Price earnings ratio (times) Dividend yield (%) 500 162 1,342 1,006 861 2,558 740 141 90 69 1.2 0.5 10.4 2.4 12 3.8 53.3 94.4 5.54 4.25 42.5 76.7 17.0 4.5 500 162 1,537 1,087 906 3,089 957 169 112 73 1.0 0.6 12.4 3.0 11 4.2 56.0 69.6 6.94 4.50 45.0 64.8 10.0 6.5 500 162 1,755 1,131 974 3,516 1,176 233 154 97 1.0 0.6 15.8 3.3 10 5.1 60.2 70.2 9.51 6.00 60.0 63.1 7.4 8.5 500 162 3,121 1,541 1,255 4,917 1,667 426 308 137 1.0 0.6 24.6 3.6 8 5.7 77.7 181.7 19.03 8.50 85.0 44.7 9.5 4.7 500 162 4,987 1,810 2,205 7,365 2,278 1,184 1,076 194 1.13 0.66 48.80 3.20 6.68 6.56 136.34 521.30 66.52 12.00 120.0 18.9 7.8 2.3 500 194 5,366 1,830 3,030 7,228 2,366 1,108 987 202 1.13 0.66 32.57 3.05 6.22 6.15 156.19 447.10 50.85 10.50 105.0 20.6 808 2.3 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries

Number of employees 1,931 2,000 2,476 3,050 3,339 3,552

4.1: About ACI Livestock & Fisheries


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries Since there is a short supply of protein in Bangladesh, the company expects substantial growth of the animal health industry in the near future. To prepare for this growth, it emphasis on local and value added products through specific action plan; investment has been made for machines to enhance capacity. It plans to launch the entire range of products for aquaculture, consisting of water sanitation, pond preparation, nutritional and medicinal products. For expanding the existing business, it introduces hatchery vaccination to make the poultry farming safer and more profitable.

4.2: Organogram of L&F


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries

Co-ordination officer To BD, AB

4.3: Role of Govt. Sector


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries The role of Fisheries and Livestock sectors in the development of agro-based economy of Bangladesh is very important and promising. They contribute around 8% to national income, which also is 32% of the total agricultural income. About 90% of animal protein in our diet comes from fish and livestock.

The main functions of the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock are to preserve fisheries resources, fulfill the requirement of animal protein through proper management and planned development, increase socio-economic conditions of fishermen, create employment opportunities for rural unemployed and landless people, expand foreign exchange earnings by exporting fish and fishery products and to innovate new technologies through research for fisheries development and preservation.

4.4: Geography of Bangladesh

Geography of Bangladesh: Quick look Location: Southern Asia, bordering the Bay of Bengal, between Burma and India. Geographic coordinates: 24 00 N, 90 00 E. Map references: Asia Area: total: 144,000 sq km. land: 133,910 sq km. water: 10,090 sq km. Area-comparative: Slightly smaller than Iowa. Land boundaries: total: 4,246 km border countries: Burma 193 km, India 4,053 km Coastline:


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries

580 km. Maritime claims: contiguous zone Continental shelf Exclusive economic zone Territorial sea Climate: Tropical; mild winter (October to March); hot, humid summer (March to June); humid, warm rainy monsoon (June to October) : 18 nm. : up to the outer limits of the continental margin. : 200 nm. : 12 nm.

4.5: Livestock & Fisheries Population of Bangladesh

Broiler Breeder Layer Breeder Commercial Broiler Commercial Layer Cattle population White fish hatchery White fish culture Shrimp hatchery Shrimp culture Buffalo population : 4.5 million : 0.75 million : 310 million : 20 million : 24 million : 12.1 million : 150 million : 26 million : 220 million : 0.95 million

4.6: Market Situation


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries Major poultry breeders and feed manufacturers in Bangladesh have opposite the government's move in fixing DOC prices, and imposing tax on corn imports and pellet feed. The government has fixed broiler and layer prices at BDT 30-32 respectively and require that advance income tax (AIT) on corn imports and pellet feed be imposed. The breeders said the decision would not help stabilize the price of DOC because the fixed price is lower than production cost and could cause a shortage of DOC. But DOC price reduce abruptly, especially layer DOC. Broiler DOC- Tk.18-20 & Layer DOC- Tk. 8.00 to 10.00 and also Increase feed price Tk.1.00-2.00/kg.

4.6.1: POULTRY:
Layer DOC crisis was around the year. Broiler DOC price varied from Tk. 18.00-20.00 Poultry Meat price was Tk. 90-130/kg Egg price was Tk. 5-7/per egg. Sporadic Bird Flu infection was in minimum scale. Poultry market grown by 20%. Key tool for managing through the cattle cycle is an annual set of long-run planning prices for managers to use when making decisions. These planning prices must be reassessed each year

4.6.2: CATTLE:
Meat price was good, Tk. 220/kg but milk price was lower. Massive FMD outbreak from March to September. A good number of cattle enter from India. Market grown by 8%

4.6.3: AQUA:


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries Shrimp culture dropped out significantly due to export restriction. Fish price was lower.

Telapia:Tk. 70-90/kg Pungas:Tk. 60-65/kg Ruhi, Katla: Tk.100-150/kg

4.6.4: vaccine
A) Live Vaccine- In Bangladesh three companies are taking maximum market share. From commercial and breeder market ACI Limited (Ceva) 28 %, Bengal Overseas Limited (Intervet) 25%, Advance Animal Science (Merial) 20%, Novartis Bangladesh Ltd. (Fortdodge) 14% and other companies are taking 11% market share. Our projection is to take 35% market share for the year 2009. B) Killed Vaccine- This type of vaccine is widely used in Poultry. Is imported from one of the world famous Company Ceva Sante Animale, France which ensure the purity and efficiency of the vaccine. This vaccine is produced by using embryonated chicken eggs. After using this vaccine there will be no side effect. In Bangladesh three companies are taking maximum market share. Among these ACI Animal Health (Ceva) taking 12%, Bengal Overseas Limited (Intervet)taking 36% , Advance Animal Science (Merial) 20 %, Fortdoge the year 2009. 12 %, Cedar (BD) Ltd.(Lohman) 6%, Jayson (IZO) 5% and other companies are taking 9% market share. Our projection is to take 25% market share for

Categories wise name of the products & vaccines in Livestock & Fisheries


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries


DAIRY Antiworm Calfostonic Histavet

POULTRY Acimox Cocci-K Chick tonic

AQUA Megazeo Plus Virex


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries


10000 8000 6000 4000 2000 0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
5850 4500 6100 7020



Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries

4.8: Major Contribution by product group in Livestock & Fisheries Industry

M edicine Feed A dditives

13% 4%


Nutrition B iologicals T oxinbinder Others

17% 20%


4.9: Segment wise Growth for ACI

Tk. 453 million

Tk. 625 million

Tk. 800 million Source: Annual Conference


ACI Animal Health Products are marketed since 1997 in Bangladesh to prevent from any kind of Animal Dieses and best supplying nutritional product for animal by manufacturing own and also import from different countries and marketing them very successfully. ACI Live stock & Fisheries main product are Categories wise segmented. This are VACCINE POULTRY DAIRY


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries AQUA

4.11: PRICE
The aim of ACI livestock and Fisheries is to reduce the gap between demand and supply of protein. The year 2009 was a successful one for livestock and fisheries as it achieved 110.7% split growth of sales. Products are determined there pricing according to the cost of product to manufacture. It is including the cost of raw materials, distribution and other cost is added to the actual product.

4.12: Product and price list of L&F:

4.12.1: Poultry product list:
SL # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 Code AHF4 AHG9 AHGA AH56 AH81 AHBN AH79 AH47 AH57 AH45 AH55 AHA4 AHEC AHI4 AHFJ AHFK AHHM AHHL AHE8 AHEI AHHY AH04 AHC4 AH41 AH42 AHB6 AHB4 AHB5 AH15 AH27 AHD5 AHB9 AHBA SMSCODE DY EV EW AX BC BA BB AY AS AU AV BE DM CX EN EM IS IT DI DT JG BD BG AK AL BI BJ BH KK BK BM BL BN Product Name Acilyte Powder Vet 1 Kg Acimec 1 % Oral Solution 100ml Acimec 1 % Oral Solution 1ltr Acimix Super B 25 Kg Acimix Super B+c 1 Kg Acimix Super B+c 100 Gm Acimix Super B+c 500 Gm Acimix Super Br 25 Kg Acimix Super Gs 25 Kg Acimix Super L 10 Kg Acimix Super L 25 Kg Acimox (vet) Powder Acimox Vet Powder 500gm Aciphryl Vet Powder 100gm Acitol B12 Injection 10 Ml Acitol B12 Injection 100 Ml Acivet C Powder Vet 1 Kg Acivet C Powder Vet 100 Gm Acivet Cipro Oral Sol 100 Ml Acivit B1b2b6 Powder (vet) 100 Acivit Ws 100gm Alquerzim 100 Gm Anti-dox Powder 100gm Ascarex (100 Gm) Ascarex (500 Gm) Ayucal D (1 Kg) Ayucal D (10 Kg) Ayucal D (500 Gm) Ayucal Primix 500gm Bactitab (5x4's) Bactitab Powder 1 Kg Bactitab Powder 100 Gm Bactivet Suspension 60 Ml Pack Size 1 KG MRP 135.00 107.40 999.76 3,360.00 335.00 42.00 180.00 4,050.00 3,000.00 1,200.00 3,000.00 267.25 1,300.75 240.00 50.19 376.42 1,520.00 170.00 233.00 86.86 270.00 215.00 160.00 73.15 275.28 270.00 2,500.00 145.00 165.00 59.20 662.49 82.00 68.26

25 KG 1 KG 100 GM 500 GM 25 KG 25 KG 10 KG 25 KG 100 GM 500 GM 100GM

1 KG 100 GM 100 ML 100 GM 100GM 100 GM 100 GM 100 GM 500 GM 1 KG 10 KG 500 GM 500 GM 20'S 1 KG 100 GM 60 ML


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries

34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 AH99 AHF1 AHF2 AH24 AHCM AH34 AHC6 AHC7 AHHB AH89 AHFD AHHZ AH29 AHFE AHIF AHHC AHCB AHEB AHFZ AHG7 AHGC AHGB AHC9 AHAU AHB1 AHB2 AH50 AHB3 AHGD AHGE AHE2 AHCE AHE1 AHCF AHHW AHHX AH96 AHIC AH70 J DR DS CI CH CG CK EI LX CM ED MD V EE FK MO CR DL NC NW FA EZ CY CU CW CV CZ DA OL OM DB DF DE OO OQ OR OS FI DD Bactrin (5 X 4's) Calvet-p Powder 1kg Calvet-p Powder 500gm Chicktonic 1 Ltr Chicktonic 100 Ml Choline Chloride 60% (25kg) Cocci - K Powder 100gm Cocci - K Powder 500gm Dcp 25 Kg Diaroak 15 Kg Eryvet Powder Vet 100 Gm Essenpro 25 Kg Fevasole (metamizole) 10x10ml Flumivet Powder Vet 100 Gm Gro Up 1 Kg Gro Up 20 Kg Hepavex -200 Hepavex 200 100 Ml Maduramicine 1% 25 Kg Paraform Prills 5kg Sel E Vet 1 Ltr Sel E Vet 100 Ml Stresroak 1 Ltr Superliv Conc.premix (20 Kg) Superliv Liquid (1 Ltr) Superliv Liquid (500 Ml) Toxiroak (10 Kg) Toxiroak (25 Kg) Tylo Doxi Powder 100 Gm Tylo Doxi Powder 500 Gm Tylotar (vet) Powder 100gm Virocid 1 Ltr. Virocid 100 Ml Virocid 20 Ltr. Virophor (poultry) 100ml Virophor (poultry) 1ltr Vitamina Ad3e 100 Ml Vitamina Ad3e 500 Ml Vitamina Ad3e 1 Ltr 20'S 1 KG 500 GM 1 LT 100ML 25KG 100 GM 500 GM 1 LTR 15 KG 25 KG 10X10ML 1kg 20kg 1 LTR 100 ML 25 KG 270.00 428.00 230.00 700.00 90.00 1,050.00 190.72 903.40 1,200.00 2,600.00 310.00 98,000.00 240.00 241.00 340.00 6,300.00 340.00 70.00 3,500.00 2,750.00 1,045.00 120.00 610.00 2,300.00 240.00 130.00 1,250.00 2,750.00 301.13 1,455.47 210.79 950.00 110.00 18,000.00 120.00 1,000.00 120.00 560.00 980.00

1 LTR. 20 KG 1 LTR 500 ML 10 KG 25 KG 500 GM 100 GM 1 LTR. 100 ML 20 LTR. 100ML 1 LTR 100 ML 500ml 1 LTR

4.12.2: Dairy Product list

SL # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Code AHA8 AHA9 AHCL AHFO AHFN AHD8 AH01 AHFJ AHFK AHF5 AHF6 SMSCODE A IK B EL EK I E EN EM DZ EA Product Name Acigent-10 (vet) Injection Acigent-10 (vet) Injection Acigent-10 Injection 100 Ml Acimec 1% Injection 25 Ml Acimec 1% Injection 5 Ml Acinex (vet) Bolus Acipilline 2 Gm Acitol B12 Injection 10 Ml Acitol B12 Injection 100 Ml Acivit Ade Vet Inj 10 Ml Acivit Ade Vet Inj 100 Ml Pack Size 10X10ML 1X50ML 100 ML MRP 451.70 190.72 301.12 215.81 60.23 300.00 50.00 50.19 376.42 79.30 592.23

4X5'S 2 GM


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries

12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 AHGW AHGU AHGV AHA7 AH51 AHI2 AHI1 AH36 AH12 AH10 AH11 AHHA AHH9 AHFL AHFM AHAA AHBC AH32 AH29 AH30 AHCI AHE7 AHE6 AH31 AH35 AHCJ AHD7 AHD6 AHAB IE IF JC F G OU OT K N L M IC ID EP EO Q R U V W X DH DG AC AD AE AG AF AH Acivit Db Powder 1 Kg Acivit Db Powder 100 Gm Acivit Db Powder 500 Gm Antiworm (vet) Bolus 20's Ayumin (1 Kg) Azinc (vet ) Syrup 1 Ltr Azinc (vet ) Syrup 500ml Calcivit Plus (100 Ml) Calfostonic 1 Kg Calfostonic 100 Gm Calfostonic 500 Gm Calvet-p Oral Suspension 1 Ltr Calvet-p Oral Suspension 500 M Catopan Vet Injection 10 Ml Catopan Vet Injection 100 Ml Diatrim (5x4's) Digimix Powder 10x20 Gm Endokill (8x5 Boli) Fevasole (metamizole) 10x10ml Hista-vet (pheniramine) 10x10 Hista-vet Injection 100 Ml Oxytet 100 Injection 100 Ml Oxytet 100 Injection 10x10 Ml Penbacllin (40lac) Salidone 25ml Salidone Injection 100 Ml Strepto P2.5 (vet) Inj Strepto-p 0.5(vet) Inj. Tmprin S (5x4's) 1 KG 100 GM 500 GM 5X4'S 1 KG 1ltr 500ml 100 ML 1 KG 100 GM 500 GM 1 LTR 500 ML 250.00 38.00 130.00 427.60 125.00 250.00 150.00 99.50 270.00 40.00 140.00 215.00 115.00 50.19 456.72 265.00 129.00 320.00 240.00 102.40 87.00 186.00 250.00 38.58 32.50 108.41 283.08 276.00 100.00

20'S 10X20GM 8X5BOLI 10X10ML 10X10ML 100 ML 100 ML 10X10 40 LAC 25ML 100 ML 6X1'S 25X1'S 20'S

4.12.3: Aqua Product list

SL # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Code AHBL AHHR AHHS AHHU AHHT AHFQ AHFV AHH5 AHH4 AHFU AHFR AHH3 AHHD AHGX AHGZ AHH0 AHGY AHH6 AHH7 SMSCODE AZ IJ JW JX JY EQ JZ KA KB KC ER KR ME MQ ND NE NF NT NU Product Name Acimix Super Fish 2.5 Kg Aqua C 100gm Pot -100gm Aqua C 1kg Pot Aqua Cal C 1kg Pot Aqua Cal C 100gm Pot -100gm Aqua Photo 1 Ltr Aquamin 1 Kg Plastic Pot Aquamycine 25% 1 Kg Pot Aquamycine 25% 100 Gm Pot Aqurote Gold 1 Kg Sachet Bio-ox 1 Kg Bio-ox Sachet 100 Gm Fish Pro Super 25 Kg Bag Indo Zeolite 50 Kg Mega Zeo Plus 10 Kg Mega Zeo Plus 25 Kg Mega Zeo Plus 5 Kg Oxy-dox-f 1 Kg Pot Oxy-dox-f 100 Gm Pot Pack Size 2.5 KG 100GM POT 1 KG POT 1 KG POT 100 GM POT 1 LTR 1 KG 100 GM 1 KG 100 GM 25 KG 50 KG 10 KG 25 KG 5 KG 1 KG 100 GM


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries

20 21 22 23 AHFI AHGK AHG6 AHGJ OA EY EU EX Pellet Bond 25 Kg Bag Virex 100 Gm Virex 5kg Virophor 2.8% 100 Ml 25 KG 100 GM 100 ML

4.12.4: Vaccine list

SL # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Code AHI5 AHI3 AHBZ AHCT AHHJ AHCX AHBV AHCR AHBT AHCS AHE3 AHCV AHCU AHBX AHCQ AHGO AHCZ AHGM AHCY AHGQ AHA3 AHI6 AHI7 AHI9 AHI8 SMSCODE FB OP BU BT LE BX BQ BP BS BR CD CC CA BW BV LL BZ LM BY CB CQ FC FD FF FE Product Name Bursimune 1000 Dose C.corymune 7k Cevac Bi L 1000 Ds Cevac Bi L 500 Dose Cevac Corymune 4k 1000 Dose Cevac Fp L 1000 Dose Cevac Gumbo L 1000 Ds Cevac Gumbo L 500 Dose Cevac Ibd L 1000 Ds Cevac Ibd L 500 Dose Cevac Nd Ib Eds K 1000 Dose Cevac Nd Ibd K 1000 Dose Cevac New K 1000 Dose Cevac New L 1000 Ds Cevac New L 500 Dose Cevac Transmune Ibd 5000 Dose Cevac Vitabron L 1000 Dose Cevac Vitabron L 2000 Dose Cevac Vitapest L 1000 Dose Diluent 18 Ml Diluent Oculo/nasal 1000d/35ml Poximune 1000 Dose Poximune Ae 1000 Dose Reomune-3 1000 Dose Repromune-4 1000 Dose Pack Size 1S 500ML 1000 DS 500 DOS 1000 1000 1000 DS 500 DOS 1000 DS 500 DOS 1000 DS 1000 1000 1000 DS 500 DOS 5000 1000 2000 1000 35 ML 1S 1S 1S 1S MRP 480.00 10,560.00 312.00 195.00 0.00 375.00 364.00 230.00 832.00 440.00 4,614.12 2,730.40 1,450.00 145.00 100.00 3,780.00 340.00 702.00 206.00 12.00 12.00 630.00 1,711.00 8,815.00 17,163.00

4.12.5: New product for L&F in 2011:

Cattle Products: Fevasol 100 ml Hozom (Vet) Tablet Betamint (100 ml) Neo-Doxy Vet Amcol Vet Cinrotin Vet Ampro-K Acivit B+C

Poultry product:


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries Aqua: Navio plus Gluco vet Acivit AD3E Oral Feed Enzyme

4.13: Compare and comparison of competitors product of ACI

Compared to other products ACI L&F products are not so high. Its pricing is applied to think about the people purchase behavior. Products price are not so high though ACI itself is a Brand. Because they want to fulfill there aim that was to meet demand of protein in our country. So ACI charges minimum prices in there product because of To Increase Completion in the Market Market is highly competitors so that other might grave the share Customer are switchable they are very price sensitive Some of the product is highly demandable customers are loyal to the product Customers get faith because of its service center They give credit facilities to the customers

4.14: Distribution Network

ACI Logistics Limited is a subsidiary of ACI Limited. The objective of this subsidiary is to engage in the business of buying, selling, import and export of agro produces FMCG products and other commodities directly to consumers. The company maintains strategically located sales centers in nineteen different locations across the country. It has developed an advanced distribution system through its more than 300 skilled and trained manpower and a large fleet over eighty vehicles. The distribution system is capable of handling continuing volume of diverse range of products From the various businesses The Companys distribution centers are highly streamlined, computerized and automated. We are capable of maintaining a cold chain for some specialized range of products such 44

Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries as vaccines and insulin. The combination of this advanced function and multidimensional capabilities made it possible to handle hundreds of products efficiently. ACI livestock & Fisheries Product marketing and distribution happens through this channel. ACI has two types of product Like some of there product is there own and some of the product that import from out side of the country for example Cevac is a big company in the field vaccine when ACI wants to buy Vaccine from Cevac then they first meet with the commercial department and commercial department has lot of responsibility including pricing, LC all those thing. Then product imported by Air or Ship. Then it goes to Factory then it goes to Depot there are 19 Depot in the Bangladesh. And depot distributed product according to there road.


ACI Livestock & Fisheries offer high quality products and technology for the customer. They also cover full range of products for poultry, dairy, fisheries and biological products with attractive pack size. ACI develop latest molecule for customer through product management team. It will time to time coordinate with the warehouse requirement.

4.16: Push & Pull Strategy

ACI L & F Follow Push & Pull Strategy to their Business A push-pull-system in business describes the movement of a product or information between two subjects. On markets the consumers usually "pulls" the goods or information they demand for their needs, while the officers or suppliers "pushes" them toward the consumers. In logistic chains or supply chains the stages are operating normally both in push- and pull-manner. Push production is based on forecast demand and pull production is based on actual or consumed demand. The interface between these stages is called the push-pull boundary or decoupling point.




Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries Field Force Delar Distribution Channel Wholesaler Retailar Customers Doctors Traders Farmers


Sales promotion is one of the four aspects of promotional mix. (The other three parts of the promotional mix are advertising, personal selling, and publicity or public relations.) Sales promotion includes several communications activities that attempt to provide added value or incentives to consumers, wholesalers, retailers, or other organizational customers to stimulate immediate sales. These efforts can attempt to stimulate product interest, trial, or purchase. Examples of devices used in sales promotion include coupons, samples, premiums, point-of-purchase (POP) displays, contests, rebates, and sweepstakes. Livestock & Fisheries works to increase their sales. They have a big budgets in there annual budgets. They spend a big amount of money in the sales promotion campaign.

4.18: ACI follow the different promotional activity


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries Group Meeting: ACI arrange no. of meeting in every month for customer (farmers, doctors, chemist even village doctors want and demand. Gift: ACI provide the different types of promotional gift to the customer, doctors, chemist to awareness for smooth business support. Leaflet & Literature: It is another effective promotional activity. It provide to the doctors, chemist for the better formal communication that is knowledge and technology. Special Price: Sometimes ACI provide the special price to the valuable and big customer. Bonus Program: ACI offered the bonus program to the customer depends on seasonal requirement and sales plan. Product Sample: Product sample is another promotional activity. It provide to the doctors and farmers for the knowing about the ACI new product. Yearly Program: Yearly closing are arrange to the customer for get-together with the higher management. Customer Category:

4.19: Communication Mix

Marketing Communication is an ever changing field. New theories, new techniques, Cultural changes an technological advances all combine to create a dynamic environment 47

Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries within which marketers try to ensure that their messages get through to there target audiences. Marketing promotional tools is four-way division into advertising, public relation, sales promotion and personal selling Customer Focus: Partnership Sales Growth: 40% when industry growth 15-20%. Local Production: Production facilities improvement. Sales: Emphasis on Local Product sales PBT%: Maintaining PBT%. RM and PM cost increase due to high foreign exchange rate. Huge limitation in production Support limitationCredit system Distribution ( more modernized support)

Market situation New entry with low price Scattered avian influenza occurrences

Advertising is one of the important parts of the company. It is important to know about the information of the product to the customer. ACI Live stock & Fisheries product are not advertised in TV because there are some rules and regulation from drugs so they show respect on the tulles. But they follow different strategies. They advertised in different channel like print media, poster, FGD, Tanning to the farmers, Doctors examine and visiting and giving free medical service to the animal. Sometimes they arrange fair for the animal.

4.21: Customer Incentive: Objective


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries To achieve the budget To ensure the segment wise achievement To increase the income of the field forces To get the maximum market share 2% invoice discount will continue 2% yearly incentive for the targeted customer will continue. For Cevac Vaccine: 8% for 3 lacs per month 7% for 2 lacs per month 6% for 1 lacs per month 4% for 50 thousand per month 3% for 25 thousand per month

The way how to give the incentive

Strengthen infrastructure through internal people development. Ensure appropriate training for the field forces. Attractive incentive package


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries



Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries

5.1.1: Objectives
Maintain position and reduce gap Expected growth by segment. Improve quality of business, stock debtor and profit.

1000 1000 800 600 400 200 0 770 436 620

Ach. 08 Ach 09 Ach. 10 Forecast 11

Achieved and Forecast

5.1.2: Expected Market situation

DOC supply will increase Large number of New Entry may come. Price of DOC & egg will be increase. Season start for Fisheries business. All L&F personnel will convince to achieve target considering vaccine shortage. Bird Flu may not be a problem

5.1.3: Opportunity
Increasing price of beef. High demand of local milk. High gap between actual need and supply of protein, around 75%. Withdrawal of export restriction for shrimp. Price of DOC & egg will be increase. Bird Flu may not be a problem. Season start for Fisheries business. All L&F personnel will convince to achieve target considering vaccine shortage.

5.1.4: Segment wise opportunity


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries Poultry: - Huge gap between available protein & total requirements - 10 % growth over industry growth Dairy : - Partially untouched potential prescribes all over the country - Morally we are agree to grow faster then earlier Aqua : - Development process of modern farming system - Farmers start to convert white fish farming instead of shrimp

5.1.5: Sub-Strategy by Segment

Poultry Products: o Improving Market Share from 6% to 8%. o Emphasis on local products. Vaccines: o Improvement of Market Share from 19% to 21%. o Emphasis on Killed vaccines especially institutional market. Cattle products: o 50% growth over last year and market share from 8.5% to 12%. o Emphasis on Acitol B12 & Catopan Inj. Aqua Products: o Improve Market share from 14% to 18%. o More emphasis on the products for pond preparation.

5.1.6: Specific plan for individual Segments

Poultry: Farmers services through Farms survey report. To emphasis on Local, value added & each part of poultry products Promotional program for contact customer Special monitoring & follow up to vital customer in each area. Promotion through e-communication for sharing updated information to the doctors and consultants.


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries Aqua: To organized pocket meeting with 10-15 farmers for instant technical service & solution. To Make Prepared demo Pond, show the another farm owners of our product quality and service. From our data bank of Customers, Doctors and Consultants we will send SMS for new technology. Dairy: Activities for Sales team: To increase prescription generation Product wise sales ensure by team leader Technical team emphasis on dairy segments Select 600 prescribe all over the country for proper monitoring & services.

Activities for Product mgt team: Each month provide at least 2 product related specific technical information for Sales team. Promotional campaign FF & Customer. Technical seminar organized for introduce new technology.

5.2: Action Plan for Bulk business

Individual warehouse for bulk products Direct delivery from warehouse to Customers Initially start with Institutional Business. Appointed experienced persons from trading house. Flexible price based on Customer Special incentive for Purchase responsible Persons.


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries

6.1: Findings & Recommendations

In Bangladesh the most popular way of developed on agribusiness, so company is launches its business on that. Many firms of Bangladesh are enjoying a large profit and size on there agribusiness but ACI Livestock & Fisheries is maintaining huge profit. 54

Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries ACI Livestock & Fisheries is the part of ACI Agribusiness. In the Livestock & Fisheries business, ACI give the complete range of cost effective products which can provide appropriate solutions for the farmers through insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides. ACI FL plan to increase their portfolio through the introduction of biotech products. Marketing Strategic plan of ACI is designed for the project of ACI Livestock & Fisheries. The plan includes a promotions opportunity analysis, corporate strategies, objectives, plus all relevant advertising, promotion, personal selling, sponsorship, and database programs. Although Marketing Strategy requires a lot of effort it delivers many benefits. It can create competitive advantage, boost sales and profits, while saving money, time and stress. IMC wraps communications around customers and helps them move through the various stages of the buying process. The organization like (ACI) simultaneously consolidates its image, develops a dialogue and nurtures its relationship with customers. ACI Livestock & Fisheries offer high quality products and technology for the customer. They also cover full range of products for poultry, dairy, fisheries and biological products with attractive pack size. ACI develop latest molecule for customer through product management team. It will time to time coordinate with the warehouse requirement. ACI follow the different promotional activity.

I think they need more equipment and human resource to gain more profit. Now I am showing some of important point. More land to build up warehouse. More new advanced machineries.


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries Efficient Customer Service Officer. Available Raw Material. Well decorate storehouse. New production house.

5.2: Conclusion
ACI Livestock & Fisheries plays a very vital role in the economic development of the agriculture as well as country. The popularity of products of ACI Livestock & Fisheries is increasing day by day which leads to increase competition as well. Their new


Competitor and Customer Relationship of ACI Livestock and Fisheries invention for tea garden which is Grow-up and Tydoxi for poultry as well as Calvit-P and Acivit DB for Dairy are easily useabe, accessible and has the efficiency. ACI Livestock & Fisheries is taking it as a challenge to become a leader of agribusiness through innovation and use the Marketing Strategy and Communication. The new product occupies a specific niche within the pesticide market. The competition does not provide comparable products information, because they lack the combination of technological integration and quality in materials that the ACI offer. Their strongest competition includes the ACME. Over their ACI have some challenge, because of new organization. They always provide low rate and attractive package. In contrast, ACI targets potential customers who are already searching for high-quality products. I think with the exhaustion of new technological products advancement ACI Livestock & Fisheries preserves the right be the leader of agribusiness industry in Bangladesh and would be in the near future.



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