Review I - July 23, 2011

Reporting Time: 9.30 am Requirements: 1) PowerPoint presentation 2) Up-to-date Documentation in detail (Hard Copy) SYSTEM ANALYSIS PART 1. Study on Proposed System 2. Defining the Problem (What exactly the problem is) 3. Developing solution strategies (Approach – way to solve the Problem – Module) 4. System Specification 5. PROCESS DESCRIPTION: The process of the whole software
system proposed, to be developed, should be mentioned in brief. This may be supported by DFDs / Flowcharts to explain the flow of the information.

6. Application Specification (Client/Server Architecture) 7. Network Specification (Network they are working) 8. Hardware Specification
(Hardware used, Justification & Minimum requirement)

9. Software Environment
(Software used, Justification & Minimum requirement)

10.Cost Estimation and Scheduling
(Approximate cost – with Man hour, Overall scheduling – till time of release using any Software Engineering Method)

11.Final Outline of the Proposed System (How the system will be?)

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