2 problem definition The design and implementation of an ors is designed to assist hr to change the current recruitment system into paperless process because with the current system they will still end up passing papers through offices during the entire process.

1.3 aims and objective The current system is used by the hr has certain drawbacks that have really frustrated its users mainly the staffs and job seekers alike. The main objective of this project is to increase the effectiveness and the efficiency of the electronic services offered to job seekers

1.4 scope of project The effectiveness and efficiency of any recruitment process largely depends on the service it offers to its user and how its service are being managed by its administrators In a company there is a dept responsible for recruiting staffs an it s called the hr dept a sub unit of the admin dept its main objective is to shortlist, test and recruit staffs into various depots. The modules od this system are login,

1.5 methodology The purpose of this research work is to enhance the effectiveness and robustness of the current system. This led me to use the method called software evolution.

This is otherwise called the evolutionary dev approach. I studied the existing system and designed a new system from the existing one. Most research was done on the

1.6 organization of work The design of a well structured and efficient system that can efficiently carryout recruitment process is organized as follows

2. Inform the job seekers for the vacancies in the company / interview session in the companies 4. .provide the information of job seekers to the companies. According to the requirement of the companies. To provide the information about the job seekers to the industries. To provide the information to the job seekers about the new trends in the industrial area. Company can get the information about the proper candidate according to its requirement.Review of existing tool Drafting design and validating sample architecture of the system Using a programming language and a database mgt system that will explicitly cater for the desired user interface The tools used are Html My sql java PROJECT SCOPE 1. 3.