Seductive Body Language System

By Steve Scott

Seductive Body Language •

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Seductive Body Language •

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Seductive Body Language •

At some point in your life you’ve probably come across an advertisement which makes large promises about increasing your success with women. In fact, the majority of the products in this niche make you think that their system is the only one that can help you improve your dating success: “Discover the ‘Seduction Inferno-Get Laid Now!’ system! Inside this top-secret course, you’ll learn everything there is to know about seducing and banging any girl you meet. For the low low LOW price of $19.99, we’ll reveal the real truth about women and what it takes to get into their pants! Even if you’re the ugliest guy around, you’ll have the type of women that’ll make you the envy of all your friends…etc, etc” The simple truth is the Internet is filled with companies that all make guarantees about their product. (I’ll even admit that I made a few promises in the salespage of my product). The truth is almost every “seduction” system you’ll encounter will give you the guarantee that their system will work for any guy- Even someone who wasn’t born with good looks or a naturally attractive personality. So why do companies make statements like this? Well the truth is they say it because it’s actually true! While goodlooking guys have an initial advantage when it comes to women, the any guy can have lots of success with women. Even if he has a major flaw that’s prevented him from doing well in the past!


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I personally know 3 or 4 men like this. The truth is 90% of what you say to women is done through your body language. they have extreme confidence in themselves which helps them project a powerful vibe. Next. there are numerous stories of “no so good looking” guys dating uber-attractive women.Seductive Body Language • www. In the next 40+ pages. let’s talk about body language and why it’s important… 6 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . It’s my hope that you take the information in this report and dramatically improve the subtle mannerisms that you’re displaying whenever you’re talking to a girl. What’s their secret? The first thing that separates these men is they understand the nature of attraction and how it works with women. Now with that being said.flirtmastery. we’re going to focus on what I call the “seductive body language” system. If you get it right. In fact. they understand how to use their body language in a way that makes them attractive to most women. And that’s what we’re going to cover in this report. you’ll subtly show that you’re a confident guy who has always had incredible success with women. you can easily attract them without saying a word. By making a few corrections to your posture and non-verbal communication.

you have to master your non-verbal communication. 7 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . So what exactly is body language? Well. you should understand why women are attracted to certain types of body language and how to use this information to your benefit. you have about 3-5 seconds to make a first impression. Over the last few years. Without speaking. body language is a term that describes all the communication that’s done through our mannerisms. these actions say a lot to the people you meet. The right kind of body language can display a powerful presence. your mannerisms tell a woman all she needs to know about the type of man you are. Without saying a What is Body Language? It’s been said that 90% of our communication is nonverbal. As a result. If you want incredible success with women. physical behavior and spatial interaction. the weak kind tells people you’re uncomfortable in social situations. Furthermore.Seductive Body Language • www. you need to eliminate all the behavior that delivers the wrong kind of message to women. I’ve come to the realization that body language is one of the most important ingredients to attracting and dating women. And the wrong kind can make you seem weak or needy. Furthermore.flirtmastery. Specifically. While strong body language can help you demonstrate the qualities of a sexually confident man. it’s important that your body language is sending the correct message to women.

com It can tell people you’re dominant guy. Your typical guy. A guy who is in total command of his nonverbal communication can easily attract any woman. doesn’t have a developed ability to pick up on subtle body language 8 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . Body language includes things like: λ λ λ λ λ λ λ λ λ Eye movement Social and intimate touching Hand gestures Speed.Seductive Body Language • www. it can also communicate the message that you’re a weak. He knows that a simple look can deliver a powerful message that’s simply not achievable with words alone.flirtmastery. So your average girl can look at a guy and have an intuitive ability to decipher his moods and general attitude. submissive person. pitch and modulation of your verbal communication Location and proximity of your hands/arms Posture Personal location in relations to others Facial expressions The way you walk Pretty much everything you physically do involves body language. However. Early on in their lives. they learn how to communicate on this level. on the other hand. What’s going to be challenging to you is women are 10x more in tune with detecting and deciphering body language cues.

MOST guys were never taught the subtle nuances of how to communicate without saying a word. YOU are at a disadvantage when talking to women. you’ll develop your non-verbal communication to the point where you can demonstrate the attitude of a Superior Alpha Male without saying much to a woman. In simple terms. most will know if you are OR aren’t attracted to them. In fact. 9 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing .com signals. One wrong signal and you’ll hurt your chances with a woman! The good news is body language is like any other skill. By understanding it. By practicing and implementing the techniques in this report. On a subconscious level.flirtmastery. So you must be constantly vigilant about the message that you’re sending. you can use it in your favor.Seductive Body Language • www.

Lions fight for supremacy. Body language was a way that an alpha male could impress the females. we’ve developed it as a way to send specific signals to other members of our species. hostility. we developed body language as part of an elaborate courtship ‘dance’. What’s interesting is we developed body language as a way to speak to one another when we could only use grunts and gestures. We use it to show things like happiness. Most importantly. Over the last few thousand years. Every animal has its own specific mating ritual. And the weaker males often had difficulty with finding partners willing to help them pass on their inferior genes. friendship.flirtmastery. Most of the time. and fear. they gravitated towards the alpha male of our species who represented the best chance for females to produce healthy. And humans use non-verbal communication to demonstrate their availability. What often happened was these dominant guys had a large number of sexual partners and were able to pass their genes to a lot more children. As I discussed in my Flirt Mastery course. the evolution of humans depended on females picking the right partner. Birds sing to attract mates. he would intimidate other potential partners by displaying a dominant posture and 10 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . active children. In a way. So most of our mating ritual involved the use of body language because that’s the only way we could make others understand our intentions.Seductive Body Language • How Body Language Developed There are biological reasons why body language became our primary form of speaking of communication. Deer develop large antlers.

flirtmastery. Any guy who lacked them would have a reduced chance of passing along his genes. much of the “dating game” is done on a non-verbal level. Now that you understand why body language is important. This form of communication was a not-so-subtle way to show a woman that her offspring would have the same genetic qualities that made him stand out from other guys.Seductive Body Language • www. females would subconsciously look for guys with these qualities. In fact. When a man and woman meet. The body language of early humans is still used today to communicate our social look. let’s move on to how you can make sure you’re demonstrating a confident appearance whenever you’re in a social setting… 11 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . they unknowingly engage in their own specific mating dance. By understanding the specific qualities of body language. And as we evolved. you can deliver the same message that helped your predecessors find a mating partner.

but you’re already convinced that the ladies are not knocking down his door to date him. For instance. Some can command a powerful presence. This is someone who you meet and intuitively know that he’s not very good with women. Women can instantly spot a guy with low self-esteem. It’s not what he says. it’s how he acts! On some level. let’s move on to the other guy… We’ve all met someone who displays weak body language. Then once you’ve identified these problem areas.Seductive Body Language • www. The important thing is to identify the parts of your body language that’s sending the wrong message.flirtmastery. He doesn’t have to say a word. I’ve identified 7 major body language habits which often annoy or repulse women: 12 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . To improve your non verbal communication. you’ve picked up on his body language and gotten an uncomfortable vibe from being around him. Others display the weak aura that’s naturally repulsive to a woman. He’s the guy who communicates the wrong message around women. you have to actively work on eliminating these self-defeating mannerisms. The Low Status Males of the world exhibit very specific body language. his non-verbal communication is telling you that he does NOT have the confidence to attract many women. you have to find out if you’re guilty of demonstrating any of these qualities. In Eliminating Weak Body Language Now that we’ve discussed the body language of the alpha male. We’re all different in how we display body language.

This is a subtle way to signify you’re comfortable with the encounter. you’re sending the message that this woman has a higher status than you. and you’re not very concerned with the outcome. 2 – Awkward Touching The way you touch a woman can make or break an interaction.” What you need to do is adapt a very relaxed posture. It’s similar to when a dog rolls on his back and shows you his stomach. It basically says: “You are the leader in this interaction and what you have to say is more important then anything that comes out of my mouth. By talking in a commanding voice. I recommend you lean away from the person you’re talking to. you have to approach with the mindset that you have an equal or superior social standing. By leaning 1 – Leaning In Leaning towards a person is one of the quickest ways to demonstrate a submissive attitude... In fact. When it comes to women.Seductive Body Language • www. When you lean into a person. (That’s why I thoroughly cover this topic in my Flirt Mastery course). simply speak louder. you’re surrendering your power and subconsciously giving an indicator that he or she has higher social status. creepy” 13 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . Now if you’re having trouble with hearing a woman.flirtmastery. you communicate that you’re a confident guy who is used to people listening to him. A guy with weak body language often touch women in a way that sends a “skeevy.

look for an opening. When you first meet message.Seductive Body Language • www. you’re going to create a lot of sexual tension. One of the best ways to touch a woman is to make it part of the conversation. If you’re establishing physical contact like you're asking for her permission. At first this will be light touching on the arm to make a point or a quick ‘high five’. Awkward touching should be avoided at all costs. then this is a clear indicator that you’re being given 14 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . When you touch a woman. you should do it in a way where it’s a natural part of a conversation. So never touch her in a way that’ll make her feel uneasy or uncomfortable. you should have high energy and talk about fun topics. While it’s important to touch women to build sexual tension.flirtmastery. and be deliberate. Instead of attracting a woman. it should be come from a natural extension of the conversation. then she’ll subconsciously pick up on this vibe. Act like you’re comfortable around women and you’ll deliver a powerful vibe. Now before we move on. his touch will actually make her feel uncomfortable. let me quickly mention something…When touching a woman. it should be in the right way and at the right time. If she seems uncomfortable. So assert yourself. With this mindset. This means never touching her unless in a nervous or hesitant manner. The important thing to remember about touching is that it should be done from a place of high social status. Later on. it’s important to closely observe her reaction. When you go to touch her. you’ll touch in a more dominant manner like hugging and throwing your arm around her.

he’s saying that he needs that validation of other people to feel good about himself. The exact opposite of this man is someone who shows approval seeking body language.Seductive Body Language • www. In a social setting. He moves through life without feedback that you are not doing enough to build her levels of interest. You demonstrate this behavior by doing the following: λ λ λ λ λ λ λ λ Leaning towards women Smiling too much Keeping your head down Make yourself physically smaller when in a crowded venue Raising eyebrows to comments Letting others control or dominate the conversation Using self-deprecating humor too much Agreeing with everything a person says The truth is approval seeking behavior does nothing to create attraction. Without saying a word. he does what HE wants rather than what others want. Not as a way to grope or make her feel uneasy. This is when a guy has such low self esteem that he feels the need to act a certain way in order to be “accepted” by the group. women can sense when a guy 15 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing .flirtmastery. 3 – Approval Seeking A Superior Alpha Male doesn’t seek the validation of others. Use your touch to calibrate her level of interest. In fact.

Seductive Body Language • www. Rather then demonstrating an approval seeking attitude. When a woman sees somebody with these mannerisms. They see it as a weak way to show submission to the dominant members of a social group. Be the guy who isn’t afraid to show a confident. Face women at an angle. This type of behavior immediately tells her that he’s uncomfortable around women and doesn’t know how to behave. you display body language that makes it seem like you don’t immediately care about the outcome of a conversation. yet aloof attitude when he first meets people. Instead. she thinks: “This guy is a wreck! Stay away!!!” 16 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing tries too hard to win the attention of others. and take up some space. get her to mirror your body language! Showing a high social status personality is one of the quickest ways to get a person to follow your lead and make them sync with your mannerisms. it’ll only make you seem weak when you first approach a woman. You don’t want to show too much interest early in an interaction. 4 – Nervous Tics and Fidgeting One of the biggest red flags for a woman is when a guy has too many nervous tics or fidgets. So forget what you've heard about mirroring or mimicking a person’s body language… While this might help you during the rapport stage. control the conversation.

while others can be really obvious. When you’re in a social setting. submissive or just plain creepy.Seductive Body Language • www. Unnatural or spastic body language gives the opposite impression that you’re trying to make. then you’ll seem weak. “uh” or “so” Clearing your throat or coughing too much Darting your eyes around the room Scratching anywhere Cracking your knuckles (this one really disgusts women) Smacking your gum or chewing loudly Remember. then you give the aura of confidence. “well”. If it’s firm. On the other hand. 5 – A Weak Handshake Your handshake is a tool that can communicate a powerful message about your personality and who you are as a man. you want to monitor your mannerisms and eliminate any of the tics that could be holding you back. Here are some of the more common nervous tics: λ λ λ λ λ λ λ λ λ Licking your lips Playing with any body piercings you have Nervously laughing after you speak Using a pregnant pause like: “umm. Some are pretty minor. if it’s limp or clammy. the Superior Alpha Male is relaxed and at ease during a conversation. you should make sure that you at can at least 17 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . While you don’t have to give someone a bone crushing Nervous body language can include a number of different actions.

you’ll demonstrating to women that you’re a submissive person. 6.Being a Follower You can learn a lot about a guy’s social standing by where he positions himself when he’s talking to others. use the same type of shake without the pressure. He’s the one everyone else looks to for validation and decision making. A leader is someone who is the focal point of the command attention when meeting a person for the first time. many guys have found themselves in a weak social position by not giving people the proper type of handshake. not just her fingers. Many guys demonstrate weak body language when they position themselves as follower. While this might seem like a minor thing. fearlessness. You can tell a guy is the leader among his peers by the way he stands. the rest of the group will listen to what he says. power. A woman will often look at a group of guys and subconsciously try to determine their social standing. not a leader. When he speaks. Strength. 18 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . The guy in charge will generally be in the center with the rest of the group facing (even slightly) towards him. confidence.flirtmastery. and authority are all communicated through this type of solid greeting. By hanging on the fringe and following another guy’s lead. single up and down shake says many positive things about you. A firm.Seductive Body Language • www. Simply greet people with a firm grip and give a little bit of pressure if you’re meeting a man. And take her whole hand. If it’s a woman.

And if you're ever in a situation where you MUST follow somebody. He’s the one who determines where to go and the path to follow. A leader is generally the person in front. you must establish yourself as the leader. you are a well-liked man who takes the time to visit with his many friends. follow her where she goes and hang on her every word. think about the way you move with your friends through a crowd. With your social group be the guy in charge. 7. Choose you own route and say hello to others on the way. don't automatically follow their path through the crowd. Make the decisions and show the subtle body language that you’re used to being in a dominant position. Now you aren’t a follower.Giving Up Your Power The final (and probably most important) behavior to eliminate is giving away your social power.Seductive Body Language • www.flirtmastery. A confident guy doesn’t supplicate himself to women! He speaks in commanding tones and shows almost dismissive body language to women at first. 19 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . Position your body in a way that everyone else has to direct their attention to you! If you have to. Furthermore. They hover around a girl. Followers don’t attract many women! At best they get the girls who aren’t wanted by the alpha males of a group. stand in the middle and lean back against an object. Guys often hurt their chances for success by being too needy around When in a group. This will force everyone else to face you during a conversation.

Remember body language is an expression of how we perceive ourselves and our core belief system. 20 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . if you eliminate the behaviors I discussed in this section.Seductive Body Language • If you feel like you are displaying the wrong kind of body language to attract women. I guarantee everyone else's body language gives these guys status (in other words. Instead. Look for the way they stand and how they're interacting with others. Conversely. then you'll probably project that kind of attitude.) You’ll discover these men do very little to give away their social power. If you think badly of yourself. (Trust me they’ll be very easy to spot! They’re the ones who are surrounded by attractive and interesting women. and watch the guys with high social status. they position themselves in a way that they become the center of attention.) Pay close attention to how they act. you’ll develop a powerful mindset which will help develop a confident attitude around women. they lean towards him. they look for approval and they're the Betas to his Alpha. here's what you should do: Go out to social venue.flirtmastery.

Without saying a word.flirtmastery. they are important enough to briefly review!) : I. These are the most important forms of non-verbal communication that send a powerful message to women. we’re going to discuss 13 of these body language traits. My advice is to always hold back on giving approval to a woman until she does something that warrants your attention. This is the essence of the “no need to please” attitude you should demonstrate in a social setting. (While some of them have already been discussed. He concentrates on what he wants and doesn’t really concern himself with the behaviors of others. Unlike most men. it’s often easier to concentrate on displaying a dominant social appearance with your body language. this guy tells women that he’s an interesting guy that they want to meet. So instead of being overly concerned with what you’re doing 13 Traits of High Status Body Language Gaining a confident look is not just about eliminating weak body language. Actually it’s more important to focus on developing traits that are attractive to women. As the 21 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . If you study the Superior Alpha Male. this guy has enough confidence to never display behaviors that indicate a low social standing. you’ll notice how he demonstrates a number of qualities that make him attractive. This shows the woman that you need to get to know her better. In this section.Seductive Body Language • www. No Need to Please The mark of a true Superior Alpha Male is the ability to avoid seeking the approval from others. and that you aren’t too eager.

22 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . I’ve found you can quickly show this attitude (and build some serious sexual tension) by doing a little push-pull with your behavior. You can demonstrate a no need to please attitude through your body language. not rude! You want to make her work a little for your attention. you don’t want to show that you’re overly interested in a girl. No movements. a subtle lack of interest. This behavior should say that you are secure in your abilities and don't have anything to prove. While you want to be fun and have high energy in an interaction. and a straight posture are enough to keep her interested in winning your attention. You're indifferent to the outcome of this conversation.flirtmastery. Then you’re serious when she says something that might “disqualify” her from your attention. Here are some subtle ways to show this behavior with your body language: λ λ λ λ λ Furrow your eyebrows Look around as you’re talking Give her a ‘not convinced’ expression Keep a straight face Lean away from her Remember you are trying to appear nonchalant. One minute you’re having fun and laughing.Seductive Body Language • www. it’s no big conversation progresses you can you start to open up and adapt a more interested posture. but not act in an insulting manner. You are a man with options. If this woman doesn't to be with you.

com II. it’s a way of standing that commands attention. Even when you're not talking to a woman. The Confident Look There is a certain pose that typifies the essence of a confident man. the confident guy is not afraid to take up a lot of space. Women are drawn to men who boldly assert themselves. Here’s a quick breakdown of a confident pose: λ λ λ λ λ λ λ λ λ Chest Out Shoulders back Head up Feet shoulder length apart Toes pointed straight ahead Weight evenly distributed on both legs Hands out of your pocket and at your side (or with a drink your hand) Eyes centered on the people in your group Smiling and having fun Furthermore. 23 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing .Seductive Body Language • www. In a social venue. you should display this look. Be like this guy by widening your stance.flirtmastery. Anchor yourself to the ground and command your space! You don’t have to be physically large to have a big presence. He spreads out and needs a lot of room to stand. The will not be attracted to men who withdraw and let others to intrude in his personal space.

With the wrong person.Seductive Body Language • www. This look lets her know that she is dealing with more than a sweet gentleman. Women find this very intriguing. the situation is resolved when the weaker make finally looks away. Another critical element of eye contact is how it’s specific to the social context of a situation. Let her be the first to look away. maintain your gaze. In fact.flirtmastery. You want to maintain the eye contact just a little bit longer than what is normally acceptable in a casual social situation. 24 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . Different scenarios have different comfort levels. When you lock eyes with a girl. In a way. and therefore call for different behaviors. What’s interesting is the eye contact that causes confrontations with other men can help you create attraction with women. avoiding a violent encounter. Eye contact is even important in body language with other guys. it’s a major part of the entire dating and courtship ritual. it’s a subtle way to size one another up and test for sexual chemistry. Holding a lengthy gaze with a man is often perceived as an aggressive action. When a man and a woman look at each other. your eye contact will be much shorter than if you're looking at a woman in a bar. Strong Eye Contact Eye contact is a crucial element to developing the Superior Alpha Male look. It’s the gaze of a guy who is a sexually confident male. if you're in an III. Typically. they deliver a powerful message about their levels of attraction. or in otherwise close proximity. it might start a verbal or physical confrontation. For instance.

You want to do it in a confident So always take your environment into account and make the appropriate adjustments! Establishing strong eye contact with a woman is a hard thing to do at first. practice maintaining eye contact with women. Because you’re pushing the limits of social norms. you may feel a bit awkward. Think of those movies where they film the main character in slow motion moving confidently towards his purpose. In fact.Seductive Body Language • www. graceful motion. His walk is slow and with purpose. but also avoid the “creep zone” that’ll scare her off! To avoid coming off as the “weird guy”. They can include: λ λ λ λ 25 A natural. Just lock eyes with women and hold it for a brief second or two.flirtmastery. You don't even have to engage them in conversation. you can often spot this guy simply from the way he moves. Make a game out of making connections to the people you encounter every day. Try moving this way! A confident walk has many crucial ingredients. Eyes and head looking forward. Walk with Purpose The Superior Alpha Male has a unique way of walking. fixated on a point in the distance Chin up and parallel to the ground Relaxed shoulders and posture © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . You’ll find that many will be lock eyes back on you and give signals that they’re interested in you approaching them! IV.

If you’re not displaying many of the traits that I describe. obliques. This can include mannerisms like slouching or drooping your shoulders. The Superior Alpha Male isn’t afraid to take his time to get places. You want to seem confident without too excited. then work on these problems areas. I recommend you analyze the way you walk. Making small adjustments to the way you walk can have a profound affect on how you’re perceived by women. you’ll adapt a type of movement that’s very powerful around women. but you’re not too concerned with getting λ λ Arms swinging from the back and shoulders. Extra crunches at the gym will strengthen your midsection and cause you to stand taller and move with more power.flirtmastery. It should be similar to the way you stand… Walk with purpose and confidence! A good walk tells people that you have a sense of purpose.Seductive Body Language • www. Furthermore. not from your elbows Butt tucked into to propel you forward The essence of a good walk is a relaxed. By studying and mimicking their behavior. Another thing is an attractive walk begins with a strong core. Politicians. A great way to improve your stride is to carefully study the body language of confident people as they walk. but confident attitude. lower back. One of the quickest ways to improve your stride is to work on your abs. This is a crucial attitude to portray when you are approaching a woman. 26 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . actors. and rock stars know how to move. he has a confident gait in his steps which give off a powerful sense of presence. You don’t want to do anything that’ll make you seem weak.

like the outcome of the conversation isn’t that important. While you might think you’re behaving in a casual manner. In other words. The successful men are the ones who understand the nuances of a social interaction and can maintain a casual look. Even when meeting a woman for the first V. You can’t fake this attitude. Always Be at Ease A Superior Alpha Male should be comfortable in all situations. you need to ensure that your body language gives off an aura of relaxation. lean back. here are some affirmations that you could successfully use: λ λ λ λ “I am relaxed in all situations” “I am not concerned with any drama” “I am confident no matter what happens” “I am calm even when others get upset.flirtmastery. A quick way to develop a relaxed state of mind is to use the affirmations that we discussed in the Superior Alpha Male report. widen your stance. Often he’s so obsessed with trying to ‘pick up’ a woman that he forgets to relax.Seductive Body Language • www. A relaxed attitude is hard thing for many guys to learn. and take up some space. To make this happen. worried or angry” 27 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . neediness makes your average guy too “outcome orientated”. a woman will easily spot your anxious attitude. it’s hard to demonstrate a relaxed look if you don’t feel that way. Unfortunately. you want to act in a casual manner. These daily reminders can do wonders for building a more relaxed appearance around women. As we’ve discussed. For instance.

On the other. they tell a woman that: λ λ λ λ You enjoy her company You like what she’s saying You’re a positive.Seductive Body Language • www. a dazzling smile can work wonders! By approaching with a friendly expression on your face. VI. upbeat person You like to have fun 28 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing .flirtmastery. In a way. she’ll generally return the gesture. Smile at People One of the first things a woman will notice is your facial A relaxed attitude is another crucial part of being a Superior Alpha Male. So if you give a smile to a woman. it’s a subtle technique for giving her a reason to like you. people will be more inclined to want to meet you. For instance. we usually return the gesture. Through a number of studies. she’ll make the assumption that you’re a pessimistic person and not much fun to be around. it’s been proven that a positive facial expression can affect a person’s mood. you’ll subtly demonstrate that you can handle any sort of problem that might arise. there are a number of messages that you send a woman when you smile. What else does a smile tell a woman? Well. When someone grins at us. When you display this attitude. When you start a conversation with a dour look.

Then use it whenever you adopt a playful attitude. a woman should know that you’re comfortable with sex and you can “handle your business”. In fact. While women love guys with a friendly demeanor. your touch should be something that provides the catalyst for a seduction. You want to be deliberate and open about touching.Seductive Body Language • www. Later on. When you’ve built attraction and rapport. they don’t want to be around the “grinning fool” who won’t stop smiling. you can often touch a woman to gauge 29 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . And this message is sent through your actions. As I discussed in Flirt Mastery establishing physical contact should be done in a confident manner. Sexual Communication When you first meet a woman. you want to send a number of powerful messages. Not like some creepy dude who can’t stop smiling! VII. You want to approach with a friendly attitude. not your words! One of the best ways to communicate sexuality is through your touch. but lower it after a few minutes of Now there is a disadvantage to smiling. handshakes and light touches on the arm. The expression on your face should make you appear to be fun. you’ll want to more assertive with your touching to the point where she knows the two of you are communicating sexuality through your body language. Within a few minutes of a conversation. One of the things you’re trying to communicate is your sexual confidence. At first you’re going to lightly break the touch barrier through social gestures like “high fiving”.flirtmastery.

you want to slow down the cadence of your speech. When you first meet a woman.Seductive Body Language • www. He is the guy in the room who everyone else mimics. Don’t hesitate when you see an attractive woman. As it’s commonly said: “He who her level of interest. When talking to a woman. VIII. boldness comes in the form of being a leader and controlling interactions with women. Another way to communicate sexuality is through the pace and tonality of your voice. The successful guys of the world are the ones who understand the importance of taking action and being in control of their destiny. Leading Women Life rewards those who take bold action. you’re testing to see if she’s interested in being kissed. you’re going to display the fun attitude that’s attractive. have the mindset that she’s in the conversation because you are allowing her to have your attention! 30 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . Instead. When it comes to women.flirtmastery. A slow. then this indicates she’s ready to be kissed. But after build attraction and qualification. train your body to act on impulse. If a woman allows you to run your hands along her neck and hair. By invading her personal space. but deliberate way of talking is an excellent way to show there’s a high level of sexual chemistry between the two of you. the leader never orients himself to a woman. Masturbates!” As we’ve learned.

You can demonstrate the leadership by where you place your hands. direct your body towards your buddies and simply have fun! Then when you spot an attractive girl (or group of girls) you approach without hesitation. This “brooder personality” doesn’t attract women. Instead of being the quiet guy in the corner. Your attitude should be so energized that strangers want to join your group. He’s always in front. the leader controls the location and speed of an interaction. He doesn’t wait for a woman to make a move. From the moment you walk into a venue.flirtmastery. and grabs her hand when moving through a crowd. Playfulness Never be the guy who sits sullenly in a bar. you want to be the guy who is laughing and enjoying a good time with his friends. You’ll find that doing this every time is a great way to turn an innocent conversation into something more… IX. hoping a girl will notice and approach you. 31 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing .Seductive Body Language • www. Don’t be one of these guys! You can control most of the interaction by stepping up and being the guy who takes command. he’s the one who grabs her hand and moves her to the place he wants her to be. Usually it makes you become the invisible man in a room full of singles. A guy in control simply puts his hand on a woman’s lower back and guides her to an appropriate spot in a venue. because you seem like you’re having the most fun! Instead of being overly concerned with meeting women. Men often make the mistake of hoping a woman will be the first to “make a move”. you want to become the playful person that everyone wants to Furthermore.

but teasing her at the same time. In fact. If she sees you laughing and having Sidebar: One technique that I use for a quick opener is to have fun with my friends for a few minutes. Teasing Women Treat a woman like she’s an interesting person who is bothering you. and ask a nearby girl to take a picture of me and my friends. one of the quickest ways to 32 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . pleasure center in her brain. Leave the sullen or boring behavior for home. So no matter what you feel like inside. You’ll be surprised at how faking a fun time will actually help you enjoy yourself. I’ll do light teasing and even promise to take a picture with her When you’re around your friends and enjoying yourself. Once I’ve started the conversation. Your body language should project this vibe when you’re interacting with women. This kind of casual body language is very attractive to women. This is a great mindset to have because you’ll project a confident aura where you’re not really afraid of what she thinks. you’ll tap into the emotional. Then pull out my digital camera. One of the best expressions I’ve heard on this technique is to think of her as your “bratty little sister” who won’t leave you alone. X. The attitude to have is you’re enjoying a conversation with a woman. Just relax and have fun. always project a fun attitude when around women.Seductive Body Language • www. Women directly correlate fun to feeling sexy.flirtmastery. people will take notice.

And sometimes you’re giving physical validation then you’re pushing her away. then you know it’s time to pay attention to her body language.flirtmastery. There are times when 33 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . if she appears uncomfortable. So while you’re saying something. you’ll often hear a woman say stuff like “Stop that!” or “You’re such an asshole!” If this is done with a smile or laughter. then directly respond to these cues XI. Be Dominant Demonstrating high status body language is not just about teasing a woman or acting funny. So pay attention to how she’s acting. On the other hand. A woman’s non verbal communication is the clearest indicator of a woman’s thoughts. Now. not her words. Here are some of the things that I recommend you do while verbally teasing a woman: λ λ λ λ λ Poke her Hug her Pull her towards you then push her away Squeeze her knee Tickle her This type of body language is a great way to build sexual tension. Sometimes your saying nice things. then you’re teasing initially break the touch barrier is to do it through the frame of teasing and playing around. back off and try something else. you punctuate your comments with some form of physical contact.Seductive Body Language • www.

Seductive Body Language • www. It’s more about controlling interactions and subtly showing that you’re a guy who can protect women. Modern society has created a ton of confusion about individual gender roles. here’s what a dominant male would do around a woman: λ λ λ λ λ λ Position himself to the outside of a curb when walking down a sidewalk Hold a door for her whenever entering or leaving a building Put yourself in front if a dangerous situation happens Guide her through a room with your hand on her lower back Offer his arm to a woman whenever walking to a place Open her car door first You might think this behavior is kind of antiquated. On a subconscious level. And that’s the reason why it’s so effective. you’ll stand out from the rest of insensitive assholes of the world. Being dominant is not about acting like an obnoxious. chauvinistic pig. For instance. This is actually a good thing! 34 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . One way to do this is to do the same things that a gentleman would you have to show the strong. With your body language. you can show a woman that you’re able to be the guy that protects her.flirtmastery. women love to feel safe and protected. masculine side of your personality. Sometimes you’ll get a girl who gets really uptight about this “chauvinistic” attitude. By behaving like a guy who can “take care” of a woman.

This guy. status is one of the keys to attracting a woman. on the other hand.flirtmastery. When you act this way. First off. Others face him and they seem concerned with seeking his approval. he’ll say something and not even care what people think of it. acting in a dominant manner can help you eliminate the girls who would probably turn out to be nightmare to date! XII. He’s not concerned with what others think of him. Act Cool There is a certain vibe to a guy with high status. In order to demonstrate the quality of “cool guy”. Usually he’s at the center of attention. You can often easily pick him out from the crowd.Seductive Body Language • www. Your body language tells people how much social status you have. is pretty calm and Any woman who gets upset over a bit of gentlemanly behavior is someone you probably wouldn’t want to date. As you know. In fact. a woman will perceive that you’re a guy who is confident about his place in the world. you have to work on the way your body reacts in a social situation. Here’s a recap of those actions: λ λ λ λ 35 Leaning towards women Smiling too much Keeping your head down Make yourself physically smaller in a crowded venue © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . you have to eliminate all the approval seeking behaviors that’ll hurt your chances of displaying this attitude. A guy who doesn’t act overly concerned about others projects a kind of “cool” attitude. Therefore. They want to be with a man who is “better” than the rest.

flirtmastery. The truth is you can show 36 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . you want to makes sure you’re not acting too concerned with how other people act. Now it might not seem possible to have lots of energy while being relaxed. The problem lies in being too concerned with a woman’s reactions whenever doing a routine. Usually this is the tendency for guys to wait for a specific response whenever they say something funny or make a comment to women. A lot of the material that I cover in my Flirt Mastery course is designed to help you get an emotional response from women (happiness. it’s equally important to demonstrate high energy when talking to women. you want to practice minimizing the behaviors that project a low social status attitude. XIII. relaxed attitude. A Superior Alpha Male doesn’t worry about the reactions from others. Have High Energy While it’s crucial to display a cool. anger and jealousy). laughter. He primarily does things to amuse himself. In a way. a dismissive.Seductive Body Language • www. Waiting for a reaction from a woman is one of the quickest ways to show a definite lack of “coolness”.com λ λ λ λ Raising eyebrows to comments Letting others control or dominate the conversation Using self-deprecating humor too much Agreeing with everything a person says Next. To show a cool vibe with your body language. egotistical stance can make you seem like you’re confident to not care about what others think.

you’ll make them even happier! The energetic guy is someone who enjoys “providing value” to everyone he meets! Now. It should be directly proportional to the environment you’re in. He has the attitude of knowing he’s fun and can generate that excitement when talking to people for the first time. This will help you stand out from the pounding music and flashing lights. without seeming like a lunatic. And if they’re already in a happy state. 37 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . The best thing to do is to meet someone at their energy level or slightly higher. you want to use your energy levels to improve their state of mind. So you can be both fun and relaxed at the same time. but cool guy. However. then you should reduce your energy level. This will help you act in a fun manner.Seductive Body Language • www. It all comes down to not really caring what others think. has fun when he meets people. In a loud dance club. When telling a story or showing something to a girl. You don’t want to approach somebody and come across as a “crazy speed freak”. If they’re down. A high energy guy attracts women like a magnet. he never seems to really care what people think. With both attitudes at the same time without sending a conflicting message… A high energy. tells interesting stories. it almost seems like he’s there to amuse himself. He is the guy who can “bring the party” to a group of people.flirtmastery. However. and is out to have a good time. then you want to bring them up. it’s important to have extremely high energy. there’s a rule of thumb for the amount of energy you demonstrate. He engages women in a conversation. if you want to meet a girl in a coffee house.

You want to keep them in a comfortable position. If you have trouble with demonstrating a high status personality. As a result. A guy with his hands in a dominant position can easily show a confident demeanor. but you also want to avoid putting them in your pockets. So first off. You’ll find that making a few simple adjustments can have an immediate improvement to the signals that you’re sending women… #1 – Your Hands & Arms Ever feel like you don’t know what to do with your hands? This is problem that almost everyone has at some point. keep your mitts out of your pockets. That’s why in this section we’re going to cover the three major areas where I see many guys make mistakes. it’s a subconscious signal that you’re uncomfortable in social situations. To fix this The Three Problem Areas to Monitor I know we’ve talked a lot about different parts of body language. When you place your hands in your pockets.flirtmastery. I recommend you place your hands in the following areas: 38 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . The simple truth is the position of your hands is important to how a woman perceives you. This is a quick way to demonstrate a low status attitude to women. then I recommend you first work on these areas. you might be wondering how you can get started with improving your non-verbal communication.Seductive Body Language • www.

com λ λ λ At your side In front of you and part of the conversation With a drink in your hand Or if all else fails… λ Hooked into the front belt loop or over your belt buckle. put an item in each hand. I have a recommendation for this… don’t do it! Folding your arms across your chest is one of those little. (This is the stance of a guy confident enough to demonstrate sexuality) There’s another critical ingredient to where you should places your hands. This is probably the most common way of showing discomfort and unease. then I suggest you actively monitor your behavior and see if you’re folding your arms across your chest. If you find that you’re doing it. a lot of guys go through the world with a sullen expression on their face. If you want instant improvement with women. so there’s no way you can fold your arms. body language mannerisms that can hurt your success. fingers splayed and pointed towards your crotch.Seductive Body Language • www. then immediately stop! If you have to. but crucial. 39 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . Almost every person in the world knows that a person with arms folded is uncomfortable or bored.flirtmastery. You never want to position in a way that has your arms folded across your chest. #2 – Your Facial Expressions As I discussed in the previous section.

and even the cashier at your local McDonalds! While you might think this is easy. My suggestion is to practice smiling at every person you meet. Most people aren’t used to smiling at strangers.Seductive Body Language • www. By following this recommendation. take the time to practice it. they’re not showing this attitude to the people around them. If you don't smile naturally. This positive facial expression can send a powerful message to the people you meet. This is an emotion that you want to create everywhere you go. I want to quickly discuss one of the ‘sticking points’ when it comes to smiling. But I promise that giving a smile to everyone you see can dramatically improve the way others treat you! A dazzling smile is probably the best way to attract a woman. a smile can make someone feel While they might be having fun. strangers. It’s an incredible tool that can be your secret weapon. A frown (or lack of expression) basically tells people that you’re not a fun person worth knowing. This includes friends. you’ll develop the habit of smiling as a reflex every time you approach a woman.flirtmastery. A smile can have an amazing effect on people. 40 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . Some guys have physical problems with their mouth (like stains on their teeth or bad breath) so they avoid smiling. At the right time. Finally. It tells them that you’re happy to see them and you’re enjoying yourself. co-workers. it’s actually a lot harder then you would think.

Strong eye contact is one of the ways to demonstrate a sexually confident attitude. With women. there’s no excuse for not smiling. While I recommend you make strong eye contact with everyone you meet. With the right kind of gaze. floss and regularly use breath mints. With guys. you want to establish dominant eye contact. #3 – Your Eye Contact The eye contact you establish with people delivers a powerful message. you want a woman to see you as a dominant guy! As we’ve discussed. many women will be intrigued by your boldness and will give you an opening to approach them. If you have permanent damage to your teeth. If you have a ‘busted grill’. Now if you have problems with lowering your eyes whenever you meet someone’s gaze. A simple strategy that I suggest is you look at her eyes about 1 second longer then what’s normally socially acceptable. You’ll notice that this technique can actually have an amazing affect on how you’ll be perceived by females. then do something about it! Brush 23 times a day. but don’t do it to the point where you get your ass In my opinion. eye contact is different with each gender. I suggest you make eye contact with men. It can tell someone that you’re either a dominant or submissive person. you don’t want to start a fight. a lengthy gaze is often seen as a challenge.flirtmastery. And since we’re focusing on developing a Superior Alpha Male personality. then I recommend 41 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . then go to a dentist.Seductive Body Language • www. Never let an easily fixable problem prevent you from attracting a woman.

you’ll train yourself to give women a powerful gaze! 42 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing .flirtmastery.Seductive Body Language • you try this simple exercise. Do what I suggested before and hold it just a little bit longer then most guys would. When you do this enough. Spend one day making eye contact with every woman you encounter.

During this “spot check”. There is no distinction between the mind and the body. you have to become acutely aware of what your non verbal communication says about Making Adjustments to Your Body Language Body language is a projection of your internal thoughts and feelings. When you’re not feeling particularly happy or comfortable. In a way. you’ll do a quick review of the mannerisms that you’re displaying. To exhibit a confident aura.flirtmastery. One of the ways to dramatically improve your body language is to do an evaluation every 30 minutes when you’re in a social situation. For instance. then your body language will reflect this attitude. you’ll be more likely to show an upbeat attitude that’ll be more attractive to women. If you're feeling insecure. your attitude can declare your low self-esteem like a flashing neon sign. Then.Seductive Body Language • www. In order to affect a positive and lasting change to your body language. it becomes a challenge to maintain confident body language. you have to have to make sure you maintain a “positive state”. When you’re in a positive state. here are some questions you can ask yourself: λ λ λ λ 43 “Am I in a positive state of mind?” “Am I smiling?” “Am I making eye contact with people?” “Am I displaying my hands in a dominant manner?” © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . practice the techniques that I’ve previously discussed.

One night when you go out. Fix what you can and then move on! If you still have problems. Your body will do it naturally! Now before we move on. Finally. then you might need to get some outside help. the two of you can give constructive criticism to each other about the mistakes you’re making. you’ll arrive at the point where you won’t even think about what to do. even after doing this exercise.flirtmastery. Go through the whole night 44 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . you’re quickly monitoring your body language then making the appropriate changes. An easy way to evaluate your body language is to ask for the opinions from the people you trust. Eventuall. I want to emphasize the importance of not obsessing over your body language. Furthermore. I have another “quick fix” way to improve your body λ λ λ λ “Am I demonstrating any approval seeking behavior?” “Am I giving off the right kind of energy?” “Am I demonstrating a relaxed vibe?” “Am I being a fun guy?” With this evaluation. Get your friends to give their honest (even brutal) opinion about your nonverbal communication when you’re in a social situation. pretend that a camera is constantly recording all of your actions.Seductive Body Language • www. You can try my movie technique. Doing this on a regular basis can have an amazing impact on how you’re perceived by people. you can try teaming up with a friend who is also interested in improving his dating skills. you don’t want to overanalyze it to the point where you become an “emotional basket case”. After going out. While you want to monitor your behavior.

Seductive Body Language • www. Your body language can communicates all the traits that women find attractive. even an imaginary one. When you monitor and make adjustments. you’ll dramatically improve the message that you send women. So do the exercises I discussed in this section and you’ll experience a dramatic improvement to your body language! 45 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing .flirtmastery. will help you identify specific body language that you would like to change. The sensation of being closely behaving as if many people are watching your every move.

It’s how you say them. It usually comes out as a garbled mess that women find hard to follow. The Low Status Males have a tendency to talk to women in a rapid-fire manner. it’s not the words you say that’s attractive to women. So they feel the need to talk fast as possible to cover the “important” things. rapid speech doesn’t help you demonstrate a confident Speaking in a High Status Manner A lot times. 46 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . he can easily attract women. A man with a confident and powerful voice can be very seductive a woman. In order to develop this behavior. Someone like this doesn’t even really to say that much. When a woman is turned on by how you say stuff. Unfortunately. As a result.flirtmastery. This is usually resulted from a feeling that they have a limited amount of time to impress a woman. here are four areas that you need to concentrate on: 1 – Your Speed Guys often show their anxiety and nervousness by talking too fast during a conversation. With just that sound of voice. you won’t have to work as hard at thinking of stuff to talk about. it’s important to work on your speech and develop what I like to call “High Status Speech”. When talking to a guy like this. Developing a powerful voice can be an incredible way to demonstrate a naturally attractive vibe. a woman is often left with her head spinning. The way you speak to a woman can often determine your success.Seductive Body Language • www.

It’s a powerful way to get a person to hang on your every word. make it point to cut your speed down to about half of what it normally would be. A Superior Alpha Male speaks loudly because he knows people want to hear what he has to say. low voice. Furthermore.Seductive Body Language • www. This is a conversation tactic where you purposefully stop the conversation right before you say something interesting. another great technique to try is the deliberate pause. Instead he knows the things he says are interesting. 47 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing .com A confident speech pattern is slow and clear. You want a woman to wonder what you’re going to say next! 2 – Your Volume The volume of your speech is another way to demonstrate your level of confidence. so he isn’t too concerned with taking some time. then you’ll quickly lose interest from women. Now in order for you to build attraction through your conversation. If your voice isn’t loud enough. A guy who talks this way doesn’t fly through his conversation. especially in an uncomfortable social environment. This is especially true when it comes to noisy venues like bars or clubs. When this happens. a weak guy tends to have a soft. a little suspense goes a long way. Conversely. you have to be heard.flirtmastery. Plus. One of the best ways to develop this type of speech is to monitor your speed. You’ll find that many times you talk too fast.

This can include humor. 3 – Your Modulation A monotone voice can quickly put a person to sleep. commanding voice. boring voice. it’s important to become comfortable with speaking in clear. you will be quickly ignored if you try to engage a woman with a soft meek voice. A quick tip is to pull the air from your diaphragm. Furthermore. Don’t talk to people like a robot! Nobody wants to listen to a voice with no emotion or passion. anger. In one funny scene the teacher (Ben Stein) puts his entire class to sleep with his monotone. To develop a more interesting speech pattern.Seductive Body Language • www. you practice using your voice to express different emotions. but trust me. A great example of this can be seen in the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”.com Since you generally have to talk over ambient and competing noise.flirtmastery. It’s actually one of the quickest ways to demonstrate that you probably live a boring existence. sadness. Try practicing at home by reading from a book. You’ll hear how 48 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . and happiness. you have to learn how to modulate your voice. A great way to learn how to modulate is to listen to a famous comedian or radio personality. You may feel uncomfortable speaking this way. You want to carefully read the words and speak in loud voice in a natural manner without shouting. not your chest. To do this. An expressionless voice does little to attract attention. try fluctuating the volume and speech patterns whenever telling a story.

This is similar to the training that they do in the military.flirtmastery. The trick to deepening your voice is to speak directly from your diaphragm. To practice this technique. The problem it’s hard to describe what this sounds like. not your throat. my best advice is to listen to the men who have a powerful way of 49 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing . then you’re doing it wrong. After awhile. Record some of these guys and then practice the way that they speak. place the palm of your hand on your diaphragm and speak. If you feel that the sound is coming from your throat. Keep practicing till you can consistently pull sound from your diaphragm. Take deep breaths and imagine the air being pushed out from your lower stomach. Some Examples… It’s been said that one of the physical traits that woman likes in a man is a masculine voice. most of us aren’t blessed with a powerful voice. But it is something you can develop.Your Pitch Women go crazy over a deep voice. You’re simply developing a commanding voice without taking any sound from your throat. 4. you can learn how lower the pitch of your voice whenever in a social interaction. Through a bit of practice. You want to feel a vibration emanate from your they can express a wide range of emotions through the power of their voice.Seductive Body Language • www. you’ll learn how to develop a rich voice that’s full of interesting nuances. You should pull all your sound from your core. Now. So.

Seductive Body Language • www. You’ll find each one of them talks in a slow. For speaking. λ λ λ λ λ λ Winston Churchill Barry White Barrack Obama James Earl Jones Sean Connery Howard Stern (and many other radio personalities) Each of these men have trained their voice to provide a soothing sound to the listener. here some men who are widely regarded as having attractive voices. I recommend you listen to audio recordings of these guys and see how they use all four elements that I discussed in this section.flirtmastery. deep manner that uses a wide range of emotion! 50 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing .

Seductive Body Language • www. you’ll have a powerful demeanor that’ll attract women. masculine attitude. yet primal level! Good Luck! 51 © Distinctive Advantage Marketing .com Conclusion Well we’ve the end of the Seductive Body Language report. I hope you learned something about communicating with women on a non-verbal level and why it’s important for creating attraction. on a subconscious. level where you don’t have to speak a word. Just remember that 90% of the message you send women is done on an intuitive.flirtmastery. By following the advice that I outlined in the book. So if you want to project a confident. you have to ensure that your body language is telling women the right things.

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