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बिनु गुर होइ कि ग्यान
ग्यान कि होइ बिराग बिनु ।
गावहिं बेद पुरान
सुख कि लहिअ हरि भगति बिनु ।। संत तुलसीदास जी
बिनु गुर होइ कि ग्यान
ग्यान कि होइ बिराग बिनु ।
गावहिं बेद पुरान
सुख कि लहिअ हरि भगति बिनु ।। संत तुलसीदास जी

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God-realize,dsaints are our sole refuge

(Lord Krishna's teachings for the good of bumanity at large)
. There is an episode in the 26'" chapter of the [[" canto of _~..:




Srnnad Bhagwat. The well-known kmg, Pururava, the de/ . scendent of Ila, was infatuated with the celestial damsel Urvashi. Consequently all his strength and lustre were gone ..When Urvashi abandoned him, as a result of his previous virtuous deeds, his mind turned to God. He left the abode ofUrvashi and availed himself of the company of a God-realized Sadguru, Consequently he realized God, the Supreme Self in his heart and attained the state of Supreme peace. Lord Krishna says to Uddhava: "Intelligent 111enshould therefore steer clear of bad company and should get into the company of saints ..The teachings of saints will destroy worldly attachment. The saints with their minds fixed on Me do not expect anything from anybody. They are completely peaceful and free from possessiveness, false ego and greed. They behold Me in all beings. They are even minded in pleasure and pain. o most fortunate one, these greatly fortunate souls are constantly discussing accounts of my divine play and these discussions have the power to completely eradicate the sins of anyone participating in them. Those who hear, chant and respectfully take them to heart, start loving me and attain devotional love towards Me. What else would there remain to be accomplished for a devotee who has achieved my devotional love, the One of countless Qualities who is the Absolute Truth, Absolute Consciousness, Pure Self. I am the visible Brahman. He has verily become a saint. As cold, fear and darkness will dissolve for the one who comes near fire, one who serves the saints gets delivered from dullness, sense of danger and ignorance. For those who get drowned and rise up again and again in the fearful ocean of samsara, God-realized saints are like a strong boat. Just as food alone sustains living beings, as I alone am the shelter of the distressed and as Dharma alone is a help for men in the other world, saints alone are the refuge for those in fear of worldly life.

'fR'Il ~~@;ff:qat.f¢~:



ijFt:Fff: ~:


3l1(+W:14q 'If U

Just as the Sun gives light and enables men to see oneself and the outer world, saints give inner vision and enable us to see our True Self and God. They are the ones worshippable; they are one's true relatives; they are one's very soul and represent Me as welL

In This Issue ... (1) Editorial .. Rishi Prasad Jayanti
(2) Sadhana Focus

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Issue- 223

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" Ways to strengthen Insightful Discrimination
(3) Voice of Saints

"The Glory of the Guru (4) The Glory of Scriptures " Let all get nectar, let all get awakened! (5) Ideals of Ufe .. The Road to Attaining Supreme Bliss
(6) Laws of Life

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" The Greatness of Great Men * Narayana. Mantra (7) Guru's Blessing " Even sinners are made holy by Mantra-Diksha


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* A Simple way to attain Self-Bliss
(11) Significance of E.kadashi

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(18) Significance of Ekadashi


27 2.8

" Kamika Ekadashi
'RISHI PRASAD' Sant Sri Asaramji Ashram, Sri Marg, Asaramji Bapu Sant -

(19) Who is Asharamji Bapu? (20) Elixir of Health



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\UsbiPrasad JaYalltj

a htti~yng~~lr ano1reJP~~~edsg~Ts involved in bringing the Rishi Prasad to the people has crossed 26,600.. These fortunate and brave torch-bearers of Indian culture, . unrrun df u 1 o:f respec t an.d disrespect, heat and cold, hunger and thirst, go from house to house; make people understand the importance of divine and eternal culture of Sanatan Dharma and body needs to be nourished by make them the members of Rishi proper food, in the same way our True Self needs nourishment. To Prasad inspiring them to make fulfil this need, Pujya Bapuji has their life and family blissful by its given to the people the blessed gift knowledge. These compassionate of Rishi Prasad. In the field of servants of the society go every spiritual magazines, this magazine month to the houses of people to is enlivening the hearts of'all, give the latest edition of Rishi The nrst edition of'Rishi Prasad Prasad. This way, these pious men was published in the year 1990 011 are making their human birth Gnru-Pumima day. This is the successful by becoming a bridge auspicious day when the writing of between the society and the world's first scripture Brahmasutra illustrious saint, began. This very day writing of By the blessings of Bapuji, the Mahabharata, the fifth Veda day of Guru-Purnima is also concluded. This was the day of celebrated as the day of 'Rishi incarnation of Maharshi Veda Prasad Jayanti' .. It is requested Vyasaj i who wrote 18 Puranas and that all those eager to serve the various sub-Puranas and compiled Lord in the form of human beings the Vedas and brought them to should resolve to reach the people in easy language ..This very magazine to as many people as day, the Prasad of Rishi Prasad, possible and worship Gurudev which is the essence of all with the flower of this seva. Such scrintures, came out. pious and virtuous men are no Kishi Prasad today is circulated doubt fortunate who are getting the in more than 47 countries including opportunity to serve the people India and its circulation is more engaged heart and soul in the than twenty lakhs. Presently it is divine work of Rishi Prasad published in nine Indian languages distribution. Come, let us and also in English. The circulation participate in some way or the is increasing by the day and thereby other in this divine endeavour of the magazine is eradicating misery Gurudev.
(read page 00.4)

Pujya Sant Sri Asharamji Bapu is a gift from God to humanity. Many divine endeavours of service to humanity and of awakening of Indian culture are being done by Pujya Bapuji. The publication of monthly magazine "Rishi Prasad" too is a successful step in that direction. The deficiency of food, water, air and light makes the body weak. In the same way, lack of satsang, seva, japa, meditation and prayer weakens our inner soul. As the

from the lives of crores of people giving them spiritual bliss .. It is impossible to say as to how many people's lives are being enlightened by it. Rishi Prasad is a strong medium of taking the people above the limits of caste, religion, sects and beliefs and of inspiring them towards SelfRealization. It is a lighthouse enlightening people on how to live



_ ,.


"' "'

_ , ~.~'lit\lj,t$lj,'~"














Ways to strengthen Insightful Discrlmination
L satsang 2. study of sacred texts 3. to do tribandh prallayam followed by japa in the three sandhyas (dawn, noon and sunset) 4. to speak less, eat. less and sleep Jess, to avoid laziness. 5. to eat pure, sattvic food 6. observance of Brahmacharya 7. simplicity

Sadhana Focus

(From Pujya Bapuji's satsang) The faculty of insightful discrimination develops from the age of ten to the age of forty. If one does not increase this faculty in this period; it starts depleting after forty. In case of one 31fcr;:m'ft 311Ff1'I'~, ;:;rrrm~ I who endeavours and strengthens the ~$A~t, ~mwfmT~1I faculty of insightful discrimination in the The Atman is indestructible .... period between ten and forty years of (read page no.5)

age, the faculty continues to develop even after forty years. There is a measure which if undertaken can strengthen the faculty of insightful discrimination even after forty years of age. We can divide it into seven steps, The first is to keep listening to satsang. Without satsang there can be no sense of discrimination. Here Tulsidasji is not talking of sense of discrimination in respect of eating and drinking, hospitality to guests and other worldly matters; the discrimination being talked about here is discriminative .insight into the questions - what is Atman; what is the world and what is God?

The Glory of the Guru
Kabirji has sung the glory of the Guru in the following words:
~ fir;:r .GR'IT ~





rriff. \1f1T "ti'I'161,(1
~ Rr<n.~
cpt 'CIHfR.~


if. 'fIiJ '$ 'IffifRT ~ 'If1lT I

atrr ffiq;-.~ ~, ~ "'R'f :3ffinrR II 'Those who disobey the Guru, those who find fault with the Guru and slanderers of Guru remain miserable in the world and keep on wandering after death. They don't attain liberation. Sabajobai says Guru has given her the lamp which has illuminated all of her being. She has become the Seer of all the three worlds; the darkness of illusion is destroyed.' - Sant Sahajobai
~ ~ ID's'~'Qfl'rrf<fRf<p.~




'There is no giver in the world except the Guru. The whole world is a beggar itself In all the three worlds, Sadguru alone is the Supreme Lord. He can give to all beings ..Says Kabir, only the blessed ones come by this great good fortune (of finding the Guru).' - Sant Kablrji The sceptics and the non-believers, who are enamoured ;;t;;=of alien cultures fail to fathom the glory oftheGuru. ~·amr~;fflf, ~WTfct~ I
~~;:;rrrlf~, ~
rrqtc\' ~ II

wrtB'~ II 'Can one attain Knowledge without having a Guru? Can one attain Knowledge without having dispassion? Similarly, Vedas and the Puranas say, happiness can not be attained without the Bhakti of Lord HaIL' 'OI"Ift~.'¥f ~ fiR'i.~ ·-a-fiR'i·~1 1J1'<Jff5 ~ ~~
~-gft~rrqq'(9'ft:3P;r'6~~ II

'One may get butter by churning the water; one may get oil by pressing sand particles. But one can not cross the ocean of Sam sara ...

(Please read page no .. ) 6

---_ .._-The Glory of Scriptures

in their spiritual discourses. The nectar of heaven was obtained by agitating and churning (the milk-ocean); that is not real nectar. The spring of discourses of SelfBliss; divine peace and experience of Once upon a time, the topic of Supreme Selfthat issues from the heart of discussion in an assembly of scholars was saints is the real nectar." 'Where is the nectar, or 'Amrit' oflife?' All of our scriptures are composed of One scholar said: "What is there to this nectar. That is why we can derive ask? The nectar is in heaven .. " from them not only worldly benefits of Another scholar questioned, "If there all kinds but also the benefit of Selfis nectar in the heaven, then none should fall from there. I don't think real nectar is Knowledge. They are called not just in the heaven." shastra (scriptures) but are called satThe third scholar said: "Nectar is in shastras (scriptures that lead to Truth), tbe moon." and are worshipped. Spiritual books The fourth said: "If the moon has work as the cornerstone in the building of h life, which may not be visible but serves nee tar.:then w. y does s he wane.?" Someone said, "The nectar is in the as a base on which the building of a sea." successful life can be erected. Our "If the sea contains nectar, why is it thoughts are influenced by the type of salty?" literature we read and our entire behavior The discussion went on for a long is influenced by our thoughts. Therefore, time, but no conclusion was reached. we should read such books which help in Meanwhile; the great poet Kalidas came our all round development - physical, there. Everyone bowed to him, and said, mental, moral, and spiritual. "Now you solve this problem, please .. " The following is an incident that He said: $"5 ~m ~ .~ 'li'ltlwt"'lI'1I,{ I happened in the life of Subhash Chandra "The real nectar lies in the voice of saints; Bose ... (read page no .. ) 8
Let aU get nectar, let all get awakened I

.._._._ _ _ __ _ _._==::::::~.-~~~Ideals of L.ife
The Road to Attaining Supreme Bliss




bondages of illusion and sorrow. Then you will repent about the time being lost now .. So don't be a coward; don't hold - Sant Pathikji Maharaj back. Do fulfil your pious intention and pursue the goal of attaining Supreme It is the aim of not only mankind but Bliss. Do get thetrue picture. Come, let us make this auspICIOUS of all living beings to be totally devoid of sorrow and to be established in unending moment even more auspicious by first joy. And that eternal and perfect bliss can s.ingingthe praises ofthe Lord Gurudev. Now be kind to me 0 Gurudev ... be attained only by realizing God, Who We have been wandering aimlessly/or alone is eternal and perfect and complete .. so many days, The thorns of sorrow are Till now the avenues for bliss that you troubling us. pursued have been imperfect and We are getting stuck at so many incomplete. Only when you realize the places, Be compassionate to me and perfect and complete, you will be able to hold my hand. experience perfect and complete bliss. I am devoid of virtue and good Now, what is that perfect and complete conduct. 1 weak and extremely am substance? Reflect on the great sayings impure. spoken by the Sadguru. That perfect and 1 humbly say 1· am wanting in all complete substance is God; He is a11- respects. Pray don't evaluate me pervading; yet the mad lovers of Him whether lam good or bad. You alone will make me attain to keep walking towards Him. When will Supreme State. You aloneare my you start the journey, dear friend? In the father. you alone are my mother ... end you will have to get out of the (read page no.l0)

Committee) Pt. Madan M 0 han Mal v i y aj i began to wipe the mud off Swami Ramatirtha's From Pujya Bapuji '8 Wo s of feet with his Nectarean Wisdom) Swami Ramatirtha used to stay at preclous~~~~~~~~~ He ~~~~~~~~~ Rambaug in Prayagraj. Once he went to shawl. was unconcerned about his social status take a dip in the river Ganges. Swami Akhandanandaji, a contemporary saint, and he did not bother about any accompanied him. When Swami comments from the people. This is the Ramatirtha came out of the river, virtue of shila (noble conduct). ~~;ffict~:!.fT1 Akhandanandaji gave him a loincloth. 'While walking on the riverbank Swami ~ .~~fcIt;or.:ftfUr~~~ II Ramatirtha's feet were smeared with 'To be conceited is like drinking wine. mud. Just then Pt. Madan Mohan The aspiration for glory is like going to Malviyaji came there. A man of great the Raurava, one of the terrible hells ..To fame and the leader of many institutions be bothered about social prestige is like (founder of Banaras Hindu University collecting the excreta of the pig. One and Ex-President, All India Congress should renounce all these three and be reposed in one's true nature, Existence(Please read page no... 11)
.............. _ u • •..•• •• • .. ••..••• ..


·..·..··.· .


m .. _



Guru's Blessing Even sinners are made holy by Mantra ..Diksha
- Pujya Bapuji A deluded man seeks satisfaction from circumstances and a wise one remains satisfied in the Self'by the Self One who walks on the path to God- Realization gets elevated, attains liberation himself and also helps others do so .. ou too Y make a firm determination to attain Godcomplete the spiritualjourney of GodRealization in this life and pursue the Realization. My Gurudev helped me goal steadfastly. God is not attained on complete my spiritual journey; I did not the strength of your labour. God can exert myself in any way. easily be attained by the grace of God or There are three types of people. There the Guru. Make sincere and earnest are people who worship God for worldly efforts and supplement them by invoking objects ..The second type people want to God's grace to do the rest. A parent holds attain God on the strength of devotion, the child's hand and helps it complete the Bhakti. The third type people worship journey. Similarly God and. saints too God with love but seek to attain God by hold the disciple's hand and help him the grace of God and the Guru .... (read page 00.12)

are the sap in the trees. You are the song of the birds. You are the illuminator of the Sun and the Moon. Know your - Pujya Bapuji Sarvoaham, the 'I am all' form and Wake up to your immerse yourself in complete Samadhi Divinity. How long with your eyes still open. Don't delay. will you keep ~ Death may come anytime. identifying yourself o man! If you want, you can know with the body, mind your True Self, today itself, even before and the antahkarana? How Long will you the sunset. Be Courageous ... Be Brave! aQ ... aQ ... aQ ... consider only one body, mind and So long as you don't realize your True antahkarana to be yours? You are the Self, try to be near God-Realized saints Shiva, the Bliss-personified and keep listening to their satsang. Consciousness, in which all Reflect on the precepts given in the antahkaranas and bodies are reflected. You are the fragrance in the flowers..You satsang... (Please read page 00..14)

Don't delay ...

Biography of Saints

Curious Context Follow the Words of Guru for your supreme Good
(Ambrosial precepts of'Pujya Bapujl) There was a saint named'Muktananda Baba in Ganeshpuri (Maharashtra), The name of his Guru was Nityananda Swami. A devotee used to come to have the Darshan of Nityammdji. His name was Devarao and he was a teacher at Kaanangarh .. Endowed with devotional faith as he was, he would look at his Guru with fixed gaze. The incident relates to the year 1955 AD. He came to Nityanandaji and stayed there for a few days. He said to Nitxanandji 'Bab~jl!. Now Iam leaving." Babaji said, "No, stay for a few more days. Go after one week"

"Babajil Exams are nearing. There is no leave. I am supposed to go. Please give 111e.'I:JI!E.~ permIssIOn. " "OK, go tomorrow. But when you board the


steamer, buy a first class ticket and hook your seat on the top floor, not in the basement or the middle floors." "I shall obey your command." A disciple asked Babaji, "What is the easiest way to attain Self-realization? How can worldly people like us easily tread the path to God-realization?" Babaji said, "Have unwavering faith in the Sadguru! That's all." Gurubani says: .. (Please read page no.18)
,~~,~., ,•••••••• ~ '.M.mm ••••••••• ~._ ••m , ..






,•••••••••••• ,

Only by Guru's Grace A Simple way to attain Self-Bliss

Form, come to end .. You are unfathomable and are capable of destroying the evils ofKaliyuga. CIiIl ~ ~~w:r2f: ... You are capable of doing anything, of not doing anything and of undoing anything. There is nothing which is not possible for you. Your glories are endless and are mystifying even to Lord Brahma. In spite of being eternal, infinite and unfathomable, you have taken this human form to bestow your mercy all the living souls. You are the God in human form ever available on earth ..Glory be to you!
.~ ~ '1I<J ~ '1I<J<b,(,>U 11.<bi( I I

3I"fffl) ~~~·II

'YoU'are an ocean of mercy, full 0/

compassion for all beings! 0 Gurudevl All glories to you! I sincerely perform. the aarti as you are like my parental home to me. ,
'0 my Sadgurudevl You are our mother. A girl fmds solace to come back to her mother's place when she is meted out harsh treatment at her in-laws' place. But she doesn't fmd absolute bliss there as she has attachment for the parents. But 0 Gurudevl When one comes to you, one attains absolute peace and bliss free from all attachment. You are a mother without any material attachment. And your words are so powerful that just by listening to them ....

Sri Samarth Ramdas swami has sung the glories of Self-Realized Guru in a very peculiar manner: '0 My Sadgurudev! You are an ocean of happiness, free from all sorrows! Bliss is your very nature! You are Pure Consciousness where all forms, including Lord Brahma the Cosmic

(Please read page l1o.19)

Prasad: seva with an honest heart wi II have the goal to do what the subscribers to Rishi Prasad want and how their well true Seva being is ensured rather than what he (Anrbrosialprect!fJtsofPlljyaBapllji) himself wants. What you want and how Wbatthe sevak (one who serves others your well being may be done should be selflessly) gets, even the biggest of the aim of my seva, Incheat you and lake ascetics does not get. Himakashyapu was gifts from you, that seva will enmesh me a great ascetic; he got the Hiranyapur (3 ill the cycle of birth and death. Seva city of gold) OIl the strength of his tapasya should be done very carefully. He alone but tbe Divine Bliss which the sevika benefits from seva who is a lover of God, Shabari got was who has the company of Sadgurus in his likes of him! . life, has taken got by the seva mantra diksha, who carrying on the I understands th e divine work of my Iimportance of God G II r u d e v , p 0 a r and the human form Ravana could never . of Life. The rest get get! What a sevak l th err.s elves into gets en nn 0 t be trouble rather than described in words benefitting from but the sevak should seva. ''J am so and serve with honesty; so ... I am this ... J those who make a am that...'. They show of seva don 'I inc rea 5 e the i r g ai n an y t h in g . desires and get Sevaks who put up i;..~~~~~~~~';'::":;;~~;£~ mired in the world. lame excuses do The soya which gets moreharm than good to themselves in the world is notseva. That is others. cleverness that creates troubles in your The one who participates in the 'Rishi life. Seva is which destroys the attachment to the world, 'I do not want (Please read page !l0.27)

The Elixir of Seva There is nothing like

Please tell meall this." Brahmaji said, "Narad, listen. With the desire for the good of all people, Iam answering your question. The Ekadashi that falls in the dark half of Shravan is called Kamika. Merely by hearing about it one attains the fruir of having performed Vajapaye Yagna. On this day, one should worship the Lord by the names Hari, Visnu, Madhusudana, and. Shridhar, The fruits obtained that day by Yudhishrir asked, "Govind! Vasudeva! My salutations to you. Which one worshipping Lord Sri Krishna cannot Ekadashi falls in the dark half of be obtained even by bathing ill the Ganga, Kashi, Naaimisha, or Pushkara. By Shravan? Please descri be it to me." Lord Sri Krishna said, "0 King! worshipping Lord Sri Krishna one Listen, I shall now narrate to you the obtains the fruits that are acquired by account that removes sins, which bathing in the Godavari when Jupiter is ill Brahmaji previously told Naradaji upon Leo and in the astronomical yogas of being asked by him. n • vyatipat and dandyoga, Naradji asked, "0 Lord! 0 Lotus .One who gives away the earth along seated! I wish to bear from you the name with its oceans and forests in charity, and of tile Ekadash! that falls in the dark half one who observes the vow of Kamika of Shravau. Who is the presiding deity of Ekadashi, are both said to obtain the same that Ekadashi, and whatpunyas (religious fruits. One who observes ... merits) does one gain from observing it.

............... -..- ~~ ..



[Please read page no.28) - ~~~ -.- ..~ ..

-Ut! !ldB @+i=:-.


-.- ..- -..--..-


__ ..__ .__ .._.

- ..~~-.-

A holy Pir, an experienced saint, in this Kali Yugais AsharamjiBapu. A Perfected Fakir is Asharamji Bapu, There are many saints andMahatmas in theworld, But without a peer is Asharamji Bapu, Purified are our eyes, having His Darshan, Such a fonu is assumed by .Asharamji Bapu,


'AlwaysChant Hari OI11,Hm:i m.' O
Gives such a teaching.Ashararnji Bapu. Those who believe in Him believe that The Light of Heart and soul IS Ashararriji Bapu. Taras and Birlas are paupers in spirituality; . The riohcstof'mcnis Asharamji Bapu. Whose .fragrance permeates every

Him, Builder of good fortune is Asharamji Bapu, Not only ordinary men come to Him, Affl uent:and ministers seek blessings from Asharamji Bapu. People of all castes and classes live in his Ashram; Kabir ofthis age is Asharamji Bapu. Impartial and fearless in delivering discourses, Bravest of the brave isAsharamji Bapu. That destroys all evils of our minds in a moment, Uofailing. arrow of Lord Rania is


aspectof Dharma,

Such a rose, musk and sandalwood is Asharamji Bapu, Come unfortunate wretcbed ones to

F or all who thirst for devotion to God, The holy water ofGaoga and Yamuna is AshararnjiBapu. The p. upcrs in. .religion may take the a weal th of'Dharma; Eager to give true wealth is. Asharamji Bapu, . Worry not; certainly will they attain the goal;

(Please read page no.29)


Elixir of Health

Health Tips

To increase digestive power: A
black, coarse rubber foot mat is available with big holes on one side and is coarse on the other side .. First stand on the side of the foot mat with holes for five minutes. Then stand on the reverse coarse side. Doing acupressure of the feet like this removes many weaknesses of the stomach, digestive system and oLdage. With a healthy digestive power many ailments get cured. Those who do oil

massage can do this technique after the massage, A Boon for the Digestive System: To increase the digestive fire, more digestive juices are needed. With these juices, the digestive fire is able to digest undigested juices (awn). To expel undigested juices from the body, stab as many cloves as possible into a sweet apple. Then keep it in the shade for 7-11 days ..The apple will rot and the cloves will become soft. These cloves have now become a medicine or a tonic to increase the effectiveness of the digestive system. This is a perfect boon for the digestive system. Dosage: Daily consume 1-2 of these cloves 2-4 hours after the meals. .Allergy Destroyer: Boil 60 grams of chirayta (Creat King of Bitters) in one litre of water till only a quarter of the amount of water ...
~~.no _. .. _

(please read page no.30)
------.~-~ --.lHnJJ}1JI}-- .. ~

(!Japuji's tutelage works wonders with children)
100 per centstudents ofAhmedabad,Agra, Bhopal, Indore and JaipurGurukuls come out successful in 1(f" class board exams.
As in the last year; thisyear too Gurukul students have attained 100 per cent success results in 10'" class board exams. By this they have proved that in Gurukuls not only !j:ood traits are inculcated and students elevated spiritually, students develop abilities to scale highest peaks In thefield of worldly education too. . Mantra-Dlksfia from .PujyaBapuJi, [apa of Sarasvatya Mantra, the GurukuJ life of purity and self-restraint and o·pportunity oflJeing in Gnrudev's vicinity and oflistening to his satsangthese constitute the secret ef success achieved by these students.
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1. Agra. Gurukul (CBSE Board); Himani Chaudhary CGPA 10/10; CGPA of seven students above 9.0; 99'% students passed in First Division. 2. Chhindwara Gurukul (Madhya Pradesh Board): Deshna Sherke and Barkha Saini of Chhindwara both got 94''/0 and were joint Distt, Toppers ..83% students passed in first division. 3. Ahmedabad Gurukul (Cujarat Board): Partha Katara, who obtained. first place at Ahmedabad. Gurukul got 99.49 percentile rank and a perfect 100/100 in maths. One third students got above 90 percentile rank. 90% students passed in first division. Experienced teachers, having received Mantra-Diksha from Pujya Bapuji are required in aLIsubjects (especially maths and science) at Sant Sri Asbaramji Gurukuls at A.hmedabad, Agra, Bhopal, Chhindwara, Indore, Jaipur; Raipur, Dhulla, Rajkot, Surat, Jammu, Kashi and Ludhiana etc. The minimum qualification required is M.A. IM.Com. 1M. Sc. With B. Ed. Salary will be paid as per qualification/experience. Sadhakas submitting proof of baving obtained Mantra-Dlkshawill be given preference. Those interested may send their hie-data and photos with details of time and place of Mantra-Diksha to the following address or e-mail at gurukul@asI1l'am.org. or fax at 079-27505012. Address: Gurukul Kendriya Prabandhan Samiti, Sant Sri Ashararnji Ashram, Matera, Ahmedabad (Gujarat), Phone: 079-39877787/88. www.gurukul.ashram.org




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