WAJ31 05 Numerical Literacy




3.{ Synopsis
This topic covers intuitive notion of mathematical concept about measurement and unconventional instruments and non-standard units. Measurement plays a crucial

role in our daily lives.
science and everyday

lt is a common and practical mathematics skill used in life. As such, measurement can be one of the most

interesting and useful topics in our school mathematics curriculum. Therefore, children need to learn the concepts and processes associated with measurement through active participation involving a variety of practical situations. ln this topic,

the teaching of three types of measurement, namely length, mass and volume of
liquid are discussed.


Learning Outcomes

1. 2.

Define the measurement of length, mass and liquid capacity. List out the pedagogical content knowledge for the topics of length, mass and volume of Liquid;


Plan teaching and learning activities pertaining to the topics of length, mass, and volume of Liquid.