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Mairi’s Naming Ceremony

Mairi’s Naming Ceremony

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Published by Ellen Coutts Waff

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Published by: Ellen Coutts Waff on Jul 24, 2011
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Mairi’s Naming Ceremony

Creation of the Ceremonial Circle
This is our ceremonial space. Start in center, grouped together and gradually move outward, holding hands. Then walk slowly clockwise for one full turn. *music

Opening of the Eastern Door in the Circle
Ellen, Maggie, Thomas, Rory and Mairi enter

Mairi is carried by her parents and brother to the Directions – East, South, West and North. Maggie and Thomas alternate proclaiming her name to
each direction in both English and Gaelic. A candle is lit at each Direction after Mairi’s name is spoken. Rory carries the candles (unlit). Maggie does the East and West, Thomas the South and North. *need 4 candles & holders

Maggie sings. Circle Dance (slow) – everyone *need music Nine Wavelets Blessing – Alexander Carmichael
Collected in the Hebrides at the end of the 19th c. by Carmichael. Water for the blessing carried in a silver bowl. (Sea water)

A wavelet for thy form, A wavelet for thy voice, A wavelet for thy sweet speech; A wavelet for thy luck, A wavelet for thy good, A wavelet for thy health; A wavelet for thy throat, A wavelet for thy pluck, A wavelet for thy graciousness; Nine waves for thy graciousness. Welcome to Mairi by All Present Reading of poems, singing of songs, hugs and kisses…beginning with Grandparents.

Ellen: May you four be protected and blessed! From you, Maggie and Thomas, has again sprung new life, and you have completed a new spiral of the Dance! And Mairi shall grow and bring forth new life and love in her turn. So Love ripples outward through Time, in Circle after Circle!

Seek within yourselves for strength. A Thrithinn Nan gras! Ri traghadh. so shall she. Rory. and another Circle completed. of warmth and nourishment. then slowly walk toward the center. Gaelic Blessing – Carmichael: Mar a bha. Mar a tha. Mar a bhitheas Gu brath. And by this means shall the love you give be returned to you.As you live and love. Thomas. You are one with all parents from before the Beginning until the endless End. ‘S ri lionadh A Thrithinn Nan gras! Ri traghadh. . making the Circle space smaller and smaller until it is gone. for deep within you is a wellspring of remembrance and strength. ‘S ri lionadh! Mairi. Maggie and Ellen join the Circle Closing of the Circle Join hands. walk slowly one full turn of the circle counterclockwise.

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