Motorola Inc.

Preview Motorola founded in 1928, and became widely known for its radios and other electrical and electronic consumer products. By the 1960s, Motorola sold semiconductor products, communications equipment, and components to consumers, industrial companies, and the military throughout the world. In 1984, Motorola achieved over $5.5 billion in sales and became one of the few American companies that marketed a wide range of electronic products. The company was organized along product and technology lines. Each business unit was structured as a sector, group, or division, depending on size. The Semiconductor Products Sector(SPS) is one of the biggest sector that they have. Sales in 1984 were over $2.2 billion, which was 39% percent of the company net sales. Semiconductor products were subject to rapid changes in technology. Accordingly, SPS maintained an extensive research and development program in advanced semiconductor technology. In early 1980s, the SPS produced a large line of discrete semiconductor components and integrated circuits (ICs). Among integrated circuit manufactures, Motorola was widely known for its design and process expertise, and it became a leader in the increasingly popular semicustom ICs. Motorola produced a version of semicustom ICs called ³gate arrays.´ Motorola manufactured high-performance gate arrays using two different semiconductor technologies: 1. Bipolar; produced by the Logic Division of the SPS. Motorola achieved a dominant share of this market and became the technological leader. 2. Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor(CMOS); produced by the Microprocessor Products Group. Motorola only focused in maintaining its position in the microprocessor market, and as a result, Motorola had only a small share of the CMOS gate arrays market. There is a growing demand for semicustom ICs. Therefore, Motorola decided to organized the Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) Division as part of the Semiconductor Product Sector in 1984.

sisanya besok gw lanjutin(with ur help tentunya)«hehhee«thx guys« .ASIC Division Tolong teman2 tambahkan detail dari masing2 mo tdr dl wkwkkwkk«sukur2 ada yang mo lanjutin«hehehehe«. ada di buku details nya«.

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