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Node B integration instructions for Ericsson 3308, 3X18 and 3X06 models Scratch and Reload Step 1.

(NOTE: symbol means blank space, means press enter key) $ license server Your printout will contain a line called fingerprint, record the info and send to Ericsson ASAP Force the RBS into BACKUP mode using the commands in the serial window below, $ reload- - Now format the RBS hard disks using the following commands, responding with Y when prompted to continue. Note: All data on the hard disk will be destroyed. $ formathd/d $ formathd/c2 (ignore Restart message)

$ vols (youll see 0% on both C2 and d drive) Once the second format command has completed enter the following command $ reload- - With the RBS 3000 is in the BACKUP mode, proceed to the next section to set the RBS 3000 Ethernet IP address, using the following format. Use the RBS address from your edited file. $ ifconfig le0 <RBS IP_address> netmask <RBS sub-netmask_address> Verify the IP address . $ ifconfig Set IP address of your laptop 1 higher then that of the Node B Start WS-FTP form your laptop, and configure the FTP session for your RBS. Set the path in the Local System window to point to the Basic Package (CXP9012959_R6BN03, this is not P6 but a basic version of P7) being loaded. Before you transfer make sure the Node window is in the home directory it will look like this / If there is a d present you are not in the right directory Transfer the /c2 and /d drives, this usually takes about 15 minutes. $ reload Set Clock:

$ setclock yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:sec $ readclock Remember to add 5 hrs to the current hours because it is based on Greenwich time zone. Script Loading Step 2. LOADING Script Files: Launch EMAS: You will need to run the Cabinet Equipment Configuration first. Make sure you set the cabinet type correctly (3106 for standard outdoor cabinets). Set the correct number of PSUs, Battery set to amperage hours of batteries. Change the IP address from default to site IP. Load the OamAccess.xml script file with O&M Access Configuration Select Wizard configuration. At this point wait until all LEDs on the boards turns Solid Green and Solid Orange and CBU goes Solid Green and Flashing Orange. This may take up to 15 minutes Reconnect to EMAS. Go to License from the drop down menu, if you have the correct LKF load it, if not right click on License=1, go to properties and set emergency LKF Load the external_hw.xml with the Site Equipment Configuration. Select Wizard configuration Load the with Run Command File. Then Create a New CV Example : BQ04601_Pre_P7_0_2_14 BS1370_Pre_P7 Not in rollback list hit apply button Now set the new to startable and load that CV. Warm restart is ok. In Hyperterminal reset the password. $ passwd $ <password> i.e $ rbsxxxx (xxxx=RBS site ID) $ <password> i.e $ rbsxxxx (xxxx=RBS site ID) Upgrade SW Step 3. You will need Cesar FTP and EMAS for this step Extract files from Upgrade_Package_WIONA_P7FP_R10K_7

Move unzipped folder to C drive Open Caesar FTP Click on the Little Man for User & Groups Settings Click on 3206 (or other appropriate group) Click on Anonymous Access button in Account Setup area (Note: nothing much happens when you click) Click on File Access Rights button Find folder where upgrade package was extracted and highlight in one of two top windows Drag and drop to bottom left hand window, where it should become a sub-folder of 3206 (or whatever appropriate group is being used) Move the window out of the way to see the previous window behind it Click OK on that window Launch Element Manager

Change to Software view and expand Right-click on Upgrade packages and select Create Fill in the name of the upgrade package CXP9012959_R10K%7 Fill in the IP address of your LAPTOP (not the site) Fill in the path name from (and including) the folder chosen in Caesar to the proper file with extension (.xml) Example /CXP9012959_R10K%7/CXP9012959%1_R10K%7.xml Click on Create Package.and wait When create package disappears, click install and delete package will be in bold on the right side of the screen, click on Install Package and then Full Install this may take up to 30 minutes Note The system will have to restart at least once during this Note You may need to refresh the screen to see any updates When the installation is complete, Click on Upgrade Node and select "Hard Upgrade Note The system will have to restart at least once during this Note You may need to refresh the screen to see any updates Once the cabinet has stabilized (this can take up to 30min) you may need to reconnect to EMAS Once you have reconnected got to the Software screen, right click on package go to properties and click on Confirm Upgrade, click yes to make permanent Create a final CV Example CV01_ BQ04601_R10K7 Set startable, and reload.

Call Test Step 4. Call RNC to de-block the Utran and the Cell Reserve. Then do call testing.