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Understand the secrets: Health, Wealth and Happiness

Theodora D. Mouzakis Non illustrated copy

Copyrights Theodora. D. Mouzakis 2010

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From the Author

I have spent the last 5 years studying various techniques that can help turn lives around. These years have involved dissecting hundreds of self help books and looking at numerous techniques, ranging from cognitive approaches, spirituality and brain science. I have found that all have their merits in the world we live in. The techniques that have influenced me the most are illustrated in this book to share with the world. When I first branched out into this journey, I was a pure skeptic but my desire for psychology kept me on track. As I dealt deeper in the physic of the mind and later branched into the sphere of spirituality, I was surprised to find many things that defied what I saw as logic, as truth. My hope is that you read, understand and practice what I have learnt and I can guarantee that by following these findings, your life will change. Please use and share this information in its entirety, pass it on to anybody you think will benefit from its teachings. Personally I use this book for inspiration as well as a reference book in times of need. Enjoy. Many Thanks, Theodora D. Mouzakis

Table of Contents

Thoughts Ecology Action Attraction Emotions Supply Beliefs Change Words Correspondence Rhythm Polarity Relativity Incubation Receiving Gratification Non Resistance Sacrifice Acceptance Control Cause and Effect

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Table of Contents

Faith Responsibility Obedience Forgiveness Problems Solutions Resources Systems Feelings Health Who you are Limiting beliefs Vibrations Expectations

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Understand Thoughts: Understand that your dominant thoughts become your reality. Only by controlling your conscious thoughts can you create your new reality. Understand that you must have discipline and control over your conscious thoughts. You should focus on thoughts that illustrate what should be as oppose to what cant be Do not lie to yourself for this is not what understanding your thoughts is about. By taking complete control of your thinking, you can take complete control of your life.


Understand Ecology: Understand that everything you do and say can affect others and the universe around you. Sometimes we directly see the results of our actions and sometimes our actions slip by and are not seen by us at all. Instead they trickle down like an invisible hand, touching not only our own lives but the lives of others in and outside our sphere of influence.


Understand Action: Understand that you need to take action if you want anything to manifest in your life. The difference between dreamers and doers, winners and losers, have and the have nots is action. Just as you need to breathe to survive, you need to take action to have or to be. Results will always follow when you take action, any action is better than no action at all.


Understand Attraction: Understand that you create the things, events and people that come into your life, this is done with your thoughts, words, and feelings. It is vital to know that your words, thoughts and feeling are all interrelated and that by changing one or more of them, you change the things that enter your life. Understand that positive and negative thinking brings about positive and negative physical results respectively.


Understand Emotions: Understand that by controlling your emotions, you can control your life. The ability to choose how you feel is a key aspect in achieving emotional freedom, health and happiness. You can master emotional control in two ways. 1) By understanding your physiology (how your external body reacts to different emotional situation) and by consciously mimicking your physical reactions to the desired emotional response. 2) The ability to change your thinking. If you are able to properly execute either of these steps, you can then create the emotional response you desire.

Understand Supply: Understand that by paying attention and thinking about the things that you want with emotional intensity, you are able to receive them. This notion is based on the premise that with every demand, there is a supply. You must understand that God /Universe is the source of all supply and, therefore, there is never a shortage of what you desire.

Understand Core beliefs: Understand that your core beliefs form your identity. They influence everything from your choice of partners and friends, to your choice of food. Beliefs establish the limits of what you can achieve and the heights that you can reach. Only by being aware of your core beliefs are you then in a position to break free of those that limit your potential and retard your growth. If you are able to do this successfully, you can then become the best you can be.

Understand Change: Understand everything is continuously changing. Everything that we see, hear, smell and taste, our bodies and our minds, are always under construction. Everyone has the power within them to change the conditions of their lives. There is only one constant that is change. Understand that in order to create change in your life you must change your, thoughts emotions and behavior.

Understand Words: Understand that your words are a reflection of your thoughts and feelings and by consciously changing your words you can change your thoughts, feelings and behavior. Understand that by using words that are empowering and uplifting, your feelings and actions will be positively impacted.


Understand Correspondence: Understand that everything in your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. Your outside world corresponds to the thoughts, beliefs, and feelings you hold on the inside. Your friends, your job and your life situation are all a reflection of who you are on the inside. If you are balanced spiritually and mentally you will encompass happiness and abundance.

Understand Rhythm: Understand that everything vibrates and moves to certain rhythms and these rhythms establish reasons, cycles, stages and developments. This can be observed in the rising and setting of the sun and moon, the flow of the tides, the coming and going of the seasons. Rhythm also governs our economy, health, relationships, and spirituality. By understanding rhythm, you are able to understand that setbacks are just part of the cycle and will soon be gone. Setbacks need to be viewed as what they really are - A time to rest; a time to reflect and/or a time to learn.


Understand Polarity: Understand that everything that exists has an opposite and cannot exist without it, examples of this would be that hot cannot exist without cold, success cannot exist without failure, and life cannot exist without death. Because everything has its opposite, everything already exists. Polarity also teaches us that you can change undesirable, thoughts and situation by focusing on the opposite pole.


Understand Relativity: Understand that we perceive how things exist through comparison or their relationship to one another. Therefore everything in life just is- until we compare it to something else. We understand light because we can compare it to darkness, we understand fast because we compare it to slow. There is no right or wrong opinion; there is only the thinkers perception of what is right or wrong. We can therefore conclude that nothing in life has any meaning except the meaning that we give it. Relativity also teaches us to compare our problems to other peoples problems and to put everything into proper perspective. No matter how bad our problems may be, there is always someone else in a worse position than ours. Everything is relative.



Understand Incubation: Understand that everything has a period of incubation, that nothing is really new. Everything is at a different stage of development or maturity. Every seed that is planted needs time for incubation to cultivate. It is all part of a process. Just as the potato seed will form a potato, your ideas and actions will manifest after a period of incubation. Incubation teaches us that results do not occur immediately, give them time and they will manifest.


Understand receiving: Understand that you can only receive when you are really ready to receive. Your thoughts and actions need to be in line with receiving. You must be ready. It is vital to understand that you must give first before you can receive. Giving can be done in many different ways, you can give time, effort, money or service. Understand you should accept what is given to you Remember to give selflessly and consistently, in return you will receive happiness and abundance.



Understand gratification: Understand that you can only receive all your desires if you are grateful for what you have NOW. Be grateful for everything good in your life, this will uplift your spirits and remind you of just how lucky you really are. Make a list of all the good things in your life, and read them once a day, add to them when you get the chance. Gratification teaches you that by being grateful for what you have now, can you later be grateful for what will be.


Understand non resistance: Understand that you should never fight against unpleasant circumstances and events, in doing so you are giving them power. Understand that whenever you are in a state of resistance, your mind and body are in constant conflict. Understand that what you resist will persist. By struggling with situations, you are actually resisting. Instead it is ideal to acknowledge the issue and then take action to solve it, starting at the present moment. If you cannot find a solution, do not worry, leave it alone knowing that the solution will come.



Understand Sacrifice: Understand that you must give up something in order to receive something. This notion applies to everything in your life. You cannot keep on receiving without sacrificing something in return; there are no exceptions to this rule. Sacrifice teaches you that by sacrificing something first you choose what to sacrifice, rather than losing something you do not want or expect.


Understand ACCEPTANCE: Understand that you must accept everything that comes your way. The good must be accepted with open arms the bad accepted and resolved.



Understand control: Understand that your self esteem and self worth, is directly related to the exact degree of control you have over your own destiny, decisions and life. When you take physical, mental and emotional control of your life, this correlates to greater achievements, emotional satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment. Control is always your choice Control starts and ends at the present moment


Understand Cause and Effect: Understand that nothing happens by chance, that every action has an equal reaction and for every specific event there is a specific cause. Understand you will get back what you put in and therefore reap what you sow Cause and Effect teaches us that only a good cause will bring a positive result and a bad cause will leave you with a negative result. The good will is rewarded for their efforts while the bad will pay for their damage.


Understand Faith: Understand faith is unconditional belief, Understand that faith is lifes guarantee.


Understand Responsibility: Understand that you must accept personal responsibility for everything in your life. Although you may not be responsible for circumstances that come your way, you are responsible for how you deal with them by the use of your actions and thoughts. Also remember that blame and responsibility are two completely different things By accepting responsibility for your life, you then have the power to change it.

Understand Obedience: Understand that by abiding with what you now know, abundance, love and happiness is sure to come your way.



Understand Forgiveness: Understand that only by forgiving will you be able to release the negative emotions that cause you unhappiness. By forgiving those who have caused you pain, you will escape the consequences of resentment and hatred. Whenever you keep negative feelings, those feelings get suppressed and manifest themselves into illness. The more suppressed your feelings are, the worse your illness will become. You must understand that forgiveness grants you freedom, peace and good health.

Understand Problems: Understand that problems are only obstacles that can be overcome. Understand that A person never IS a problem A person only HAS a problem Understand that it is not the person but the action that is the problem. Understand problems are only obstacles and that obstacles can always be overcome.

Understand Solutions: Understand that there are always a number of solutions to every obstacle. Understand that you have access to resources that can help you find solutions.


Understand Resources: Understand that resources are available at every turn. Resources include family, friends, money, time, networks, libraries and anything and everything that can be called upon in time of need. Stretch your mind and the list will grow. By writing down your resources, you will realize just how many are available to you.

Understand Systems: Understand that everything already exists, therefore solutions and systems are already available for every situation. Understand that systems are processes that help you to get from one point to another; they should be understood as well as followed. Understand that there are systems to make money, are systems to find love and systems for happiness.

Understand Feelings: Understand that how you feel, is a reflection on your life. Understand that feelings are the rewards of life. Understand that through your emotions you control your feelings. Understand that what you really want is the feeling that comes with success, love and happiness. .


Understand Health: Understand that your health is a reflection of your physical as well as your spiritual self. Understand that many alignments which are unexplainable, as well as alignments that can be explained are the result of what you put into your body as well as the emotional responses that your body releases. Health teaches us that many who live a very healthy lifestyle are still engulfed by serious illness because of emotional issues such as stress. To be truly healthy you must live a life which is physically and emotionally sound.


Understand who you are: Understand that you are the reflection of those who have influenced you from a very young age. Understand that you do need to accept who you are but you have the ability to change.

Understand Limiting beliefs: Understand that limiting beliefs have been imbedded into you from a number of differences sources from a very young age. Understand that you can break the patterns that have stopped you from being who you want to be. Understand that there are many and varied techniques that can change limiting beliefs, natural therapies, cognitive approaches as well as spiritual approaches, find one that best suites you.


Understand Vibrations: Understand every person and everything in this universe is made up of energy. Understand that energy is always in a state of motion and you have the ability to control that motion. Your thoughts, feelings and emotions have their own rates of vibrations. Understand that you can control your vibrations through your emotions. The vibrations associated with your thoughts and emotions set up resonance with identical frequencies therefore attracting more of the same.

Understand the power of Expectation: Understand that whatever you expect with confidence becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.