NAME _______________________________________ Section ___________________ PROPOSED TITLE ____________________________________ I. INTRODUCTION A.

The research problem Tell us what your proposed problem is all about. B. Significance Mention who will directly benefit from your study and how they will benefit from it. C. Statement of the Problem- Write your main problem and subproblems here. Remember, they should be SMART. II. BRIEF LITERATURE SURVEY Here, you can present previous studies conducted that are related to your research. Do not forget to discuss how these studies relate to the problem that you are proposing. Primary sources are preferred. III. FEASIBILITY Convince us that your study is feasible, taking into consideration the time required to complete the study, availability of materials and equipment and budget. BE REALISTIC! IV. CLOSING STATEMENT This is your last chance to convince us. State here the limitations of the study and why such limitations will not affect the overall validity of your proposed problem. V. REFERENCES Cite your references in APA style. (You have learned this in your second year English.)

NOTES: 1. Please follow the section headings when making the concept paper. 2. Concept paper should be printed on an 8.5 x 11 bond, with the following settings: Margins: Normal (Top: 1 , Bottom: 1 , Right: 1 , Left: 1 ), Spacing: 1.5, Font: Calibri or Times New Roman, Font Size: 11 or 12 3. No cover needed. Don t forget to write your name on the space above. 4. Compile all the drafts in a short folder (White). 5. Final paper (approved) should be submitted in a short folder together with the drafts and hard copies of cited journal articles.

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