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AWH • Computer Science & Engineering

The Computer Science and Engineering play the vital role in upgrading the standards of engineering products, in enhancing productivity, efficiency, speed, quality and economy in work culture. The large-scale applications of the Computer Science and Engineering and emergence of new technologies have revolutionized the world and living standards. The explosions of Information Technology are taking place with the medium of Computer Science and Engineering and is widening everyday in geometric proportion. The demand for computer professionals is ever increasing such that there is always dearth for the right people in this field. • Information Technology The world is passing through an explosion in Information Technology. The rapid dissemination of information generated in the technological development is made possible by the advance in Information Technology. Information Technology can be termed as the fastest growing industry today. The scope of Information Technology has grown considerably with the new trends in Embedded Technology, Wireless Networking, Blue Tooth, Pattern Recognition, E-Commerce and M-Commerce, Information Security and Health Care IT. The sudden boom in the Internet usage and Mobile Communications has also resulted in heavy demand for qualified IT professionals. • Master of Computer Application MCA is the first PG course offered in the college. This three-year course offers a complete knowledge of computers with sound mathematical, business and analytical skills. Students in the end of their courses become professionals in programming with good design skills.

MARIAN CSEThe Department of Computer Science and Engineering takes pride in being abreast with the latest requirements of the industry and the changing technological environments. The course emphasizes both on hardware and software fields with prominence on the software sector. The students work on developing computer components and computer system specifications, designing and building products and circuit prototypes and testing and assembling hardware for specific functions. They also use their programming skills to analyse and design programs. Other than the main project, the syllabus includes various seminars and a mini project. IT Realizing well in time that the Information Technology wave had become a phenomenon in itself over the past few years, the Institute established a separate Department to cater to the ever-growing demand for professionals in this challenging field. The first batch of engineers in Information Technology graduates from the newly established Department of Information Technology this year, a class full of curiosity and thirst for knowledge, vigour and the vision to look beyond the evident. The students are well versed with the exhaustive and thoroughly chosen curriculum, guided as they are by an experienced faculty. Going beyond the theoretical, hands-on training sessions in various fields of application of Information Technology have imparted the students considerable acumen in the vast sector. The students perform project work and undergo industrial training as a part of their curriculum to enhance their specialization skills & give them adequate industry exposure, leading to multi-faceted development of their engineering concepts.

MES "Computer science (or computing science) is the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation and their implementation and application in computer systems."

Information technology is a label that has two meanings. In the broadest sense, we often use information technology interchangeably with computer technology. In a more focused sense, it refers to academic degree programs that prepare students to meet the technology needs of business, government and other kinds of organizations.

the design of web interfaces. IT programs exist to produce graduates who possess the right combination of knowledge and practical. it is the field of Information Systems that focuses on the information aspects of information technology. network administration and security. and replace them as appropriate. Examples of these responsibilities include the installation of networks. the oversight of email products. than on the information it conveys. The need for degree programs in Information Technology arose because degree programs in the other computing disciplines failed to produce an adequate supply of graduates capable of handling these very real needs. IT's emphasis is on the technology itself. hands-on expertise to take care of both an organization's information technology and the people who use it. Professionals must upgrade. and installing. Today. which started as a grass root response to the practical. the development of multimedia resources. Source : ACM. IT is a new and rapidly growing discipline. integrating those products with organizational needs and infrastructure. customizing and maintaining those applications for the organization's computer users. 2004 . They need to have the appropriate systems in place. The field of Information Technology is the complement of that perspective. IT specialists assume responsibility for selecting hardware and software products appropriate for an organization. the installation of communication components. The people who work throughout an organization require support from IT staff that thoroughly understands computer systems and are committed to solving whatever computer-related problems they might have. everyday needs of business and other organizations.Usually. maintain. organizations of every kind are dependent on information technology. and the planning and management of the technology life-cycle by which an organization's technology is maintained. Those systems must work properly and be secure. upgraded. and replaced. Graduates of information technology programs address these needs.

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