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What is Process Map

What is Process Map

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Published by: Sudipt Sen on Jul 25, 2011
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What is process map, cost and time line for delivery for each of these?

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Vehicle license Driving license Arms license Senior Citizen/Disability E-Samadhan (Complaints and Demand) Land Beaureu Land beaureau E-Praman (Certificates of all types) Online driving test Vehicle registration Reception (to check papers) will guide you with all the papers ad to right counter using tokens Touch screen kiosk Billing counter(govt enterprises)

3 kinds of certificates are also issued at the center 1. Bonafide (domicile) 2. Caste 3. Agriculture Finances Only initial investment including infrastructure and hardware was done by the State Governement. How much?

The Sugham Project is supposed to be self sustaining. Each service it provides it also charges a service charge. (Not above RS100 in any case). Each center then sends all it s earning to the mother center in Shimla where the funds are redistributed. Is the self sustaining model working? What is cost of each centre monthly versus income monthly? Can you get a copy of memorandum of incorporation of the Society?

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