Coaching Advantage for High Performance Teams

Ensure a fit between people, the organisation and corporate goals and make a significant contribution to developing business
You are a manager of your organisation, division, or department with immense scope to impact not only on the operational and financial performance of the business, but also on the motivational and cultural aspects that shape your organisation’s future competitive positioning. As you're constantly being asked to do more with less, being able to motivate people to accomplish their best and sustain the results is increasingly important. You may be questioning why you and your team have genuine ability, yet are still only getting average results. Managing effectively for business success is the creation of value that survives over time. The most significant contributions managers make are to the long-term development of people and companies - that adapt, prosper, and grow. How managers lead themselves and how they lead their teams in a dynamic, changing environment is a key challenge and developing the adaptive skills and attributes of coaching enables your managers to realise their full potential, the potential of their teams and colleagues and the potential of the organisation.

Sustain higher and higher levels of performance from your teams
Coaching Advantage for High Performance Teams is a two-day programme that provides the participants with the tools and techniques to lead themselves and their teams to greater performance. It enables participants to get the best out of people by assisting them to get the best out of themselves. That means participants will be able to attain higher levels of performance and more importantly, sustain them. Incorporating GAINMORE™ Golf activities and the Coaching Golf Challenge, participants gain a profound experience of the key behavioural and organisational models that are used to persuade and influence people, as well as shape the culture of a team, division or organisation. The insights and clarity gained from the programme will greatly increase your ability to manage the people issues that affect business performance. By being able to ensure a fit between people, the organisation and corporate goals, you will make a significant contribution to developing business. Learn to: • Build own strengths and talents as managers and leaders • Guide yourself and your teams to focus on business objectives and outcomes • Assist your teams and colleagues in realising improved performance • Set practical and challenging objectives and achieve them • Give effective feedback that gets positive results • Overcome obstacles to change • Ensure that the team and organisation align with the culture and business direction • To become energetic leaders of your own teams.

Our Approach: Learning through experience
In this programme, the focus is on coaching and motivation, communication and influence as a key process of managerial competency development. This programme utilises a range of skills, tools and techniques to help participants learn proven methods of enabling people to be more effective by harnessing their natural abilities, and motivating their teams to achieve outstanding results.

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Coaching Advantage for High Performance Teams
Participants will: • Analyse their own current effectiveness, strengths and areas to improve • Communicate their fundamental values and beliefs • Consider the most appropriate influencing style to achieve positive results • Focus people’s efforts on key values through their own actions • Inspire others to share a common vision • Search for opportunities to take the risks needed for growth • Build collaboration, teamwork, and trust • Strengthen the ability of others to excel • Recognise the accomplishments of others.

Programme Outline
Coaching Advantage for High Performance Teams is typically run across two consecutive days in workshops and incorporating the GAINMORE™ Golf activities on the golf practice range and the executive golf course. Day 1 Achieving Personal Excellence • Personal values & management strengths • Aligning actions and shared values • Coaching tools & techniques • On being a mentor and coach Excellence on the practice range • Golfing activities and practice o mentoring and coaching each other o aligning actions and values o playing to strengths and developing weaknesses through coaching each other Day 2 Managing and Leading others to excellence • Team working • Team roles • Leveraging everyone’s talent • Influencing and coaching others Coaching Advantage Golf Challenge • A round of team golf on the Executive Course • Working in coaching pairs and foursomes, groups compete in a unique golf challenge that ensures: o proactive team work and management o leveraging individual talent o influence and coaching to achieve the team vision and goal Coaching Advantage integration • Integration and application to the workplace




Excellence in review and the future • Review lessons from the GAINMORE™ Golf practice range. • Management style and adaptive leadership • Team vision • Enabling the future

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