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All About PMI & PMP Certification

All About PMI & PMP Certification

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Published by: Nicholas Chee Kwok Shern on Jul 25, 2011
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All About Project Management Institute (PMI) & Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification

SoonKheng Khor PMP Director of Membership www.pmimy.org

About Project Management Institute

The Project Management Institute is the world’s leading not-for-profit global professional organization for project management knowledge, information and professionalism • More than 38 years, established in 1969 • 238,565 members ( April 2007 ) • 164 countries ( April 2007 )

PMI Products and Services

Project Management Certification

Project Management Professional Development Programs

Project Management Research and Standards

Project Management Publications

22% • Mexico. Latin America & Caribbean 9.17% 11.89% 0.71% 14.804 26.MEMBERSHIPS BY REGION • North America • Asia Pacific • EMEA 168.23% 3.700 33.782 70.279 • Malaysia 535 .

68% 7.62% . Australia Singapore Sydney.69% 6.52% 12. Australia New Zealand Queensland.32% 13.73% 11.37% 14.Australia Jakarta.PMI CHAPTERS IN THE REGION Chapter Adelaide.87% 5. Indonesia Malaysia Manila.97% 3. Australia Western Australia 31/12/2006 149 127 159 183 468 179 1246 1367 330 864 1344 301 CURRENT 153 137 167 191 535 204 1292 1459 368 968 1400 339 GROWTH 2.17% 12. Philippines Melbourne.03% 4.04% 4.South Australia Bangkok Canberra.

052 2.TOP INDUSTRY AREAS • • • • • • • • • Software/IT Financial Services Telco Business Aerospace Education / Training Engineering Defense Utilities 36.492 3.197 9.104 3.687 2.508 8.285 8.569 1.968 .

and others . the large majority say that the importance of project management has increased substantially within their organizations over the last few years. University of Bremen. S o m e wha t 26% V e ry lit t le / N o ne 4% 2003 Project Management World Study.Acceptance of Project Management: Growth in Importance Has the importance of project management for your organization increased over recent years? A lo t 70% Of those using project management. PMI.

2003 Project Management World Study. University of Bremen.Application of Project Management: Recognition in Other Activities Project management covers all business aspects… (Which areas of your organization use project management?) IT Organization/Planning HR/Personnel Research and Development Finance/Acct. PMI. and others . other key business functions are using it also. Sales/Marketing 47% 45% 44% 56% 64% 86% While IT professionals are still the heaviest users.

within scope) Failed 1994 222% 189% 16% 31% 2003 63% 49% 28% 23% Standish Group International – CHAOS Chronicles. on budget. 2003 (Findings from the study of 30.000 IT projects) .Evidence of Improvements in Management of Projects Categories Project time overruns (over original estimate) Project cost overruns Project success rate (on time.

PMI.Future Acceptance of Project Management Do you believe that greater/less use of project management will become necessary in your organization in the future? A lot more 40% Less 0% The same 13% project management will become more necessary in the future. University of Bremen. and others Over 85% feel that . More 47% 2003 Project Management World Study.

Using the standard language means that practitioners and their managers always understand precisely what terms like “Budget At Completion” and “Planned Value” signify. .So What Do I Get From PMI? Standardization: Using the “Guide to the PMBOK” material assures standardization and alignment of procedures with industry-approved processes and generally-accepted vernacular.

Learning Opportunities: PMI Chapter.So What Do I Get From PMI? Best Practices: Easy access to the most pertinent and industry-accepted “best practices” for each discipline through constant networking with peers and through exposure to new ideas and current trends. SIG and leadership/segment meetings. SIG and membership communications (newsletters) and via other resources: – – PMI’s own web-based “Knowledge Center” PMI bookstore offers substantial member discounts . PMI publications.

They can bring to the table a wealth of experience to share. . They know both how to manage actual projects and how to teach the principles and the theory of the profession. They are commonly “subject matter experts” in their respective fields.So What Do I Get From PMI? Experience: Those who conduct PMI programs and instruct sanctioned classes are experienced instructors and totallyinvolved practitioners of the art and science of Project Management.

So What Do I Get From PMIMY? Networking and Learning: Interaction with your peers. Additional Educational Offerings: Evening Talks Provided by Malaysia Chapter Special events: Members Nights Discount: Special Discount for seminars and conferences Job Opportunity: Job Opening on PMIMY website . sharing solutions for common problems.

Evening Talks .

.13th Anniversary Members' Night on June 2006 The celebration was held at 42nd Floor. a very exclusive restaurant for PMIMY members and friends to meet and network. Petronas Twin Tower. Malaysian Petroleum Clun. Kuala Lumpur.

mitpm.org) .Mastering IT Project Management Conference 2007 (www.

Job Opportunity on PMIMY websites .

for experience program manager • Project Management Professional (PMP®) – Most distinguished and valued credential that can be obtained in PM • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM™) – “Associate-type” certification – Project management practitioner who has demonstrated fundamental project management knowledge and experience .3 Types of PMI®’s Certification • Program Management Professional (PgMPSM) – Newest credential.


821 20.PMP CERTIFICATION BY REGION • North America • Asia Pacific • EMEA 133.691 • Malaysia 420 .371 66. Latin America & Caribbean 7.394 • Mexico.

PMP Objectives • Provides professional/personal recognition • Expedites professional advancement • Creates job growth/opportunities within an organization • Provides framework for standardized project management requirements • Increases employee’s value to the organization • To be a truly global certification .

• PMP certification is the profession’s most globally recognized and respected certification credential. • Informs current and potential employers that you have a solid foundation of project management knowledge that can be readily applied in any workplace. .Value of PM Certification • Prestige of being the best in the field of PM. • Professional advantages derived from attaining the Project Management Professional (PMP) status.

Acceptance of Project Management: Information Technology Recognition Highest paying IT certifications (Premium Pay as a Percent of Base Pay) PMP C ertified IS Security Professional Oracle C ertified Professional C isco C ertified Network Professional Microsoft C ertified Db Administrator 16% 11% 11% PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification is the most valued certification in the IT field 2003 Foote Partners LLC – Certifications Pay Index 10% 10% .

000 50.000 200.000 Number 100.Rapid Growth of PMP Certification Total PMPs 250.000 0 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 .000 150.

Market value of PMP® in Malaysia ? • 33 PMP Positions Available on Jobstreet! .

PMP® Qualifications / Requirements • Requirements: – – – – Demonstrated Experience Demonstrated Education Pass Examination Agree to Abide by the Code of Professional Conduct • Eligibility Criteria – Candidates applying for certification as a Project Management Professional must satisfy the educational and experiential requirements (categories 1 or 2) .

PMP® Qualifications / Requirements Category 1 Baccalaureate or equivalent university degree Category 2 No baccalaureate or equivalent university degree but holds a high school diploma or equivalent secondary school credential & Minimum of 7.500 hours (at least sixty (60) unique nonoverlapping) months within the eight-year (8) period) of project management experience (lead and direct specific project tasks) within the five (5) process groups. & 35 hours of Project Management education & Minimum of 4.500 hours (at least thirty-six (36) unique (nonoverlapping) months of project management experience (lead and direct specific project tasks ) within the eight-year (8) period prior to the application) of project management experience within the five (5) process groups & 35 hours of Project Management education .

PMP® Qualifications / Requirements Required supporting documentation for Category 1: 1) Educational Background (A copy of diploma or transcript for Bachelor degree or equivalent university degree) 2) Experience Verification Form(s) meeting criteria listed above 3) PM Education Form(s) 35 hours of Project Management education. Document all PM education taken (no specific time frame) . Document all PM education taken Required supporting documentation for Category 2: 1) Educational Background 2) Experience Verification Form(s) meeting criteria listed above 3) PM Education Form(s) 35 hours of Project Management education.

com.my • Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) .FUND FOR PMP EXAM REPARATION • MSC Malaysia Project Management Programme (MSC Malaysia PMP) – Open to all Malaysian owned MSC Malaysia status companies – Competitive training fees & reimbursement of RM 3.000.msc.00 per participant claimable upon successful PMP ® certification – www.

com .asp • No more eligibility Letter – Email notification instead. PA 19073 Online http://www.prometric. • Schedule your exam Prometric Test Center at www.00 • PMI Membership Fee PMI and PMI Malaysia Chapter (USD) 149.00 Application Submitted to: PMI Certification Department Four Campus Boulevard Newtown Square.pmi.org/info/PDC_Cert_ExamPMP_Apply.PMP® Application Process • Certification Fees (USD) PMI Member $ 405.00 Non-member $ 555.

as many of the questions on the examination are situational. – Candidates must also reference their professional experience. 200 multiple-choice questions (minimum score of 106 out from 175 (61%) in order to pass the examination).PMP® Exam Description • Exam Overview The Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification Examination measures the application of knowledge. – Can take PMP® test in different languages at Prometric Test center at various locations. – 25 pretest questions will be randomly placed throughout the new examination but will not be included in the pass/fail determination. . tools. – Based primarily on A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) Third Edition. skills. and techniques that are utilized in the practice of project management. – 4 hour computer-based test.

• PMP® s must also comply with the PMP® Code of Professional Conduct to maintain certification status. . • A PMP® ’s Continuing Certification cycle can be identified by the dates on their PMP® Certificate.Maintaining Your PMP® Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) Purpose • Sustain the PMP® as a global certification credential • Enhance the ongoing professional development of PMP® s • Encourage and recognize individualized learning opportunities • Offer a standardized and objective mechanism for attaining and recording professional development activities • PMP® s must complete and submit a minimum of sixty (60) Professional Development Units (PDUs) during each Continuing Certification cycle.

Service to Professional or Community Organization – Provide non-compensated project management services to non-employer or non-client customer groups – Up to 20 PDU for a specific activity .Formal Academic Education • Category 2 .Other Educational Providers – One PDU for one hour – Must be related to Project Management • Category 5 .g • Speaker in a PM conference • Author or a textbook related to project management • Category 3 .Professional Activity and Self-Directed Learning – E.Maintaining Your PMP® • PDU Categories • Category 1 .PMI Registered Educational Providers – Providers are solely authorized to issue PDU certification • Category 4 .

org PROJECT MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE Malaysia Chapter .Thank You Any Questions? Email: homk@tm.pmi.my www.net.pmimy.org www.

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