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IPASSAP.. The Instruction Book duomatic 80 is made up of two parts: This first part contains all the explanations you will need to knit garments, To help you find what you are looking for quickly, each page has a black edge across the top with the key word imprinted on it I. How to knit garments This second part explains how to knit a sweater and a skirt to fit a 3-year old, plus other attractive items. If you follow the instructions, you will very quickly grasp the basic principles, allowing you to take full advantage of all the possibilities offered by the DUOMATIC 80. List of contents 4 Themachine B Thelock 12 Theneodles, the pushers 14 Threading the yam How to knit garments | stitch patterns knitted on both beds, increasing and decreasing. As used for kitchen or fireplace mitt Suggestion = slippers 25 2nd test piece: Knitting « border, knitting in stocking stitch, ineressing and decreasing in stocking stitch. As used for sweater beck fora child. 28 3rd test pied: ‘As used for sweat jound neck knitted in stocking stitch. front for a child. 30 4th test piece: Graduations (short rows). As used for child's skirt 32 Sth test piece: Tubular and half eubul ‘As used for child's hat. © knitting, 33 6th test piece: Fancy stitch patterns. As Used for children's bag,

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