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Zio® Heart Rhythm Monitor
The following instructions are supplemental instructions we provide in addition to those provided by LifeWatch found in the box. If you still have questions after reading this sheet and the manual, call according to the following guidelines.

When to call:
ZIO Clinical Services If you experience a rash If your monitor does not function If you are running out of supplies ZIO Clinical Services 1-888-693-2401 1-888--693-2401

green light will stop flashing. When you press the button, the device stores the previous 45 seconds of ECG in memory plus the first 15 seconds after the button is pressed.

1) Find a quiet location. Loud noise can interfere with transmission. 2) Call 1-888-693-2401 and press “1” to speak with a technician. Use a landline or portable phone. Cell phones will not transmit data properly. 3) Unsnap wire(s) from electrodes. 4) Place Zio Event Card face up on a flat stable surface. 5) Place phone mouthpiece directly over the phone icon on the device. (Fig. 4) 6) Press “SEND” button until the device beeps and flashes green. (Fig. 4) 7) When tone ends, pick up the phone and speak with the technician. Do not reconnect the device to the electrodes until confirming a successful transmission. 8) Snap the wires back onto the electrodes. (Fig. 6) If the device had 2 recordings stored, it will flash orange until reconnected. 9) When the device is reattached, it is ready to record again. The memory will be cleared.

If you have any questions regarding the steps listed in the instruction manual Heart of the Valley Pediatric Cardiology 925-416-0100

If you experience an episode that requires the doctor’s attention Please call 911 in an emergency

1) Shave electrodes area is hair is present. Clean area on skin with alcohol in ‘x’ motion. 2) Remove 2 electrodes from package. (Re-seal electrode package.) 3) Snap wires of Zio Event Card to electrodes. (Fig. 1) 4) Position the electrodes on chest. (Fig. 2) (White on right side of chest; black on left side.) 5) Ensure that electrodes are securely adhered to your chest.

1) When symptomatic, press the RECORD button immediately. (Fig. 3) The device will beep 3 times. If an orange light flashes, check connections and replace electrodes as necessary. 2) Wait 20 seconds while the green light flashes. You should remain quiet and still. Leave the device undisturbed. 3) When recording is complete the device will beep and the

• Remove Zio Event Card before bathing or showering (you may leave the electrodes on). • Do not use lotion or moisturizer near electrodes. Lotions prevent electrode contact. • Change electrodes every 2-3 days or when they start to peel away. • To avoid skin irritation, when changing electrodes move them slightly from their previous position. • The device can store up to 2 recordings. If memory is full, an orange light will flash and you cannot record more events until you have transmitted data.


When you are finished with the ZIO monitor and have uploaded all events the monitor can be mailed back to ZIO for recycling or thrown away.

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