Prays of My Words

In the lonesome shade of the sapphire night, A glowing moon seems the only light. But where the moon is, stars also are; They are my words enlightening afar. Each letter I scribble in thin, black ink Lends to words shining on what you may think. Distant and few in the veil of obscurity With no guide toward dreamt up reality, We need a vision to forge paths on this earth Yet many put out the flame and all that it's worth, Not that shimmering stars fell from the sky But moon is a figment of fuel for the eye. Their time burns out as eyes adjust to night After casting pretense as source of your light. Dim light of a worldly lamp without day Burns up in rays of every word that I say. Then again, I don’t know if I’m speaking of truth; If I’m kidding myself that’d be far less than couth.

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