Treasures Unit 1 Week 3 Monday Day 1

Reading: 1. Propose Focus Question: What would happen if trees disappeared from the world? 2. Build Background Knowledge: Pg 78 3. Introduce the Read Aloud pg 79 4. Read Aloud “A Symphony of Trees” page 23 in anthology. 5. Read through vocabulary on pg 80. Discuss homographs on page 81. 6. Discuss “Tree-Rific” pg 80. Display transparency while reading. 7. Go through vocabulary routine pg 80. 8. Complete the comprehension lesson on 81a and 81b. Use transparency 3. 9. Work through/assign practice packet pages 15 and 16. Writing: 1. Go through pages 88 and 89. Analyze the writing prompt. Discuss expository vs. narrative writing. 2. Review graphic organizers. 3. Writing prompt: Write a letter to a friend about some of the trees in your neighborhood. Describe the different types and their characteristics. Grammar: 1. Use 89I to introduce compound sentences and conjunctions. 2. Use transparency 11. 3. Go through practice packet page 13. 4. Assign packet. Spelling: 1. Give pretest: words with all “u” sounds. 2. Go over packet and assign.

Tuesday Day 2
Reading: 1. Propose Focus Question: How are geography and climate related to the kinds of trees, plants, and animals that inhabit forest around the world? 2. Review vocabulary words on page 82. 3. Do Phonics lesson on page 89E 4. Have students practice with practice packet page 21. 5. Introduce story words on page 82. 6. Read “Forests of the World” pages 52-85. 7. Go through red check mark comprehension questions. Writing: 1. Do timed writing response. Teacher Resource Book page 162. Teacher’s Guide page 89. Grammar: 5. Go through transparency 12 and 13 to review/practice compound sentences and conjunctions, as well as run-on sentences.

Wednesday Day 3
Reading: 1. Propose Focus Question: Based on “Forests of the World,” what category do you think the top 5 most common trees in the United States are in? 3. Use page 85 to guide the students to talk through a summary with a partner. 4. Do the vocabulary lesson on pages 89C and 89D. Use transparency 5 and 6. Also use practice packet page 20. 5. Reread “Forests of the World.” 6. Have students answer the comprehension check questions on page 85. 7. Practice fluency with transparency 3. Focus on punctuation, page 85A. Writing: 4. Introduce expository brochures, page 89A. 5. Go over “taking notes,” “research tips,” and “outlining” boxes on 89B. Study Skills Transparency 1? Grammar: 6. Use 89J to review compound subjects and conjunctions. 7. Use transparencies 14 and 15.

Thursday Day 4
Reading: 1. Propose Focus Question: Describe the role weather can play in both creating and ending wildfires. Use details from the article to support your answer. 2. Read over page 86 as a class and discuss the test strategy. 3. Read “The Science of Wildfires,” page 86. 4. Guide students through answering the questions on page 87 with the “modeling” on pages 86 and 87. 5. Do a vocab puzzle???? Writing: 1. Work session for brochures. Grammar & Spelling: 1. Go over packets and correct them. Review what is necessary.

Friday Day 5
Reading: 1. Review if necessary. 2. Weekly assessment. 3. Read aloud. 4. DEAR. 5. TFK. Grammar & Spelling: 1. Spelling Test 2. Grammar Quiz Writing: 1. Complete brochures.

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