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The Last Detective by Robert Crais - Elvis Cole is the King of the Tough Guys

The Last Detective by Robert Crais - Elvis Cole is the King of the Tough Guys

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Published by: freddyh788 on Jul 26, 2011
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The Last Detective by Robert Crais

Well Done With This Book

Dont start reading The Last Detective with much on your calendar. This tense, satisfying thriller will glue you to your chair, as private eye Elvis Cole--the star of eight previous Robert Crais novels, prior to the Cole-less Demolition Angel and Hostage--faces his toughest case: the abduction of his girlfriends son, 10-year-old Ben Chenier, who was staying with Elvis when he was snatched. Panic at Bens disappearance turns to terror when the kidnapper phones to reveal his apparent motive, a dark secret from Elviss past. But the plot thickens and twists, and then twists again, as Elvis and his longtime buddy, tough guy Joe Pike, race the clock against a group of villains as sinister as they are capable. The author mixes Elviss first-person narration with third-person sections that describe other points of view--a risky technique, but Crais makes it work. He also does a fine job resurrecting the wisecracking Elvis of earlier books while imbuing him with a new depth and darkness. This dazzlingly plotted, crisply told story is threaded with real detection (what a rarity!) and peopled by characters you cant help but care about--including Carol Starkey, the haunted bombsquad cop from Demolition Angel, whos now a juvenile-abduction detective. Crais has long been getting better with each book, and The Las t Detective continues the pattern. --Nicholas H. Allison Elvis Cole is watching 10-year-old Ben Chenier, the son of his girlfriend Lucy, who is away on a journalistic assignment. Ben wanders out behind the house one evening while Cole is on the phone. When he's finished with the call, Ben is gone. A man calls and says he has the boy and that he is acting in revenge because Cole got some rangers and innocent civilians killed in Vietnam. Cole denies the accusations, but now he's got something to work with. Cole and his lethal pal, ex-marine, ex-cop Joe Pike learn that the kidnappers are three soldiers of fortune whose leader is wanted as a war criminal for his part in genocide in Sierra Leone. The man was a ranger, like Cole. He's one tough character and he's buried Ben in a box with a

tube for him to breath by. Ben is brave, but he is no match for his kidnappers. Cole's enemy is younger and better trained and he has two professional aides. But that doesn't matter. Cole and Pike live by a sort of Hemingwayesque code combined with a warrior's pride. Like Rambo, they don't back down and like Rambo, when ticked off, they leave violence in their wake. In the "The Last Detective" Robert Crais takes his readers on a wild, twisting and tension filled ride that will have them reading throughout the night. He expertly uses flashbacks to give his readers Cole's back story, something many of us have craved. The flashback's also serve to humanize Cole in a that we haven't seen before. There are a lot of tough guy characters out there who are fun to read about, Jack Reacher comes to mind, but for my money Elvis Cole is the king of the hill. Well, his sidekick Joe Pike is one pretty tough mutha too, good thing he fights with Cole and not against.

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