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First developed in late 1960s by Maurice Hilleman Mixture of 3 live attenuated virus strains:

a) Edmonston strain (of measles virus) b) Jeryl Lynn strain (of mumps virus) c) RA 27/3 strain (of rubella virus)

Route: subcutaneous injection Dose:

 2 doses given 1st dose at 15 months, 2nd

dose given after 8 weeks.  Each injection contains 0.5ml dose of vaccine, which includes:
a) 1000 TCID50 measles b) 5000 TCID50 mumps c) 1000 TCID50 rubella

Lyophilized preparation Stored at 2-8 0C Should be used within 4 hours after reconstitution with solvent Light sensitive

With the 1st dose of MMR: o Efficient for 90% of the people, against measles and mumps o Efficient for 97% of the people, against rubella With the 2nd dose of MMR: o 99% of people protected against all 3 illnesses

Almost everyone who has had succesful MMR immunization is protected against all 3 diseases for LIFE!!!

Measles component: Prevention against macular papular rashes,kopliks spots,coryza,cough, and sneezing

Mumps component: Prevents from oophoritis & orchitis if mumps occurs in adults No association of vaccine with autism / Chrons diesease

Rubella component: Prevention of Congenital Rubella Syndrome,Aand not of primary rubella infection.

Neurological disorders Aseptic meningitis

*very, very rare occurance

95% seroconversion rate Long term, if not life-long immunity