Request for Board Action Naming of Bellevue Library

MOVE approval of Bellevue Library to replace the name of Washington Highlands Library. On February 17, 2011 the Facilities Committee recommended that the Board approve this name change pending the endorsement of the local ANC. The ANC has not yet taken formal action. As signs are soon to be ordered for the new library scheduled to open in December 2011, approval of the new name for the current Washington Highlands library now would be timely. Background: In December 2010, Dionne Brown, president of the Friends of the Washington Highlands Library, proposed in a letter to Chief Librarian Ginnie Cooper that the name of the Washington Highlands Library be changed to Bellevue Library to coincide with the opening of the new facility next fall. From Dionne Brown s letter: The branch s site is located firmly within the boundaries of Bellevue, which is a residential neighborhood located in SW DC east of Bolling Air Force Base. It is bounded by I-295 to the west, Joliet Street and First Street to the south, and South Capital Street to the north and east. It should be noted that this is not a new proposal; re-naming the Washington Highlands Library was discussed as early as the first community meeting for the new library building.

Library Naming Policy pertinent excerpts: It is the policy of the Board of Library Trustees to name library buildings after the communities they serve, their geographic location, or a similar geographic nexus. Proposals for the naming of such spaces are to be submitted to the Chief Librarian for consideration. Such requests will be acted on by the Library Board at the recommendation of the Chief Librarian.
Approved by the Board of Library Trustees, May 27, 2009

Key Provisions as set forth in The District of Columbia Municipal Regulations (DCMR 19 sec.808): 808.5 Upon receipt of a recommendation from the Director of the Public Library for the naming of a library building, the Board of Trustees shall refer the recommendation to the proper committee for consideration in public session and recommend to the full Board. 808.6 Upon receipt of the recommendation from the committee, the Board shall take proposed action to name or rename the library building.

Document #7 Board of Library Trustees Meeting July 27, 2011

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