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Published by: Venkatesh Chandrasekharan on Jul 26, 2011
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Mr. Venkatesh 1st Year MBA Som, SKCET.

.History  Mr. Prussia. CFO.  He founded siemens in the year 1847 in Berlin. Germany.  Peter Loscher CEO & President.  Siemens currently houses its headquarters presently is at Berlin. Werner von siemens is the founder of siemens. Joe Kaeser.  Began operations as a telegraph company which replaced morse code.

000 People all over the world.  It now operates on three divisions of sectors.  Revenue of the company is 76.20.Revenue and Operations  Total assets is worth 94.  Industry Sector  Energy Sector  Healthcare Sector .926 Billion Euros.  Employement opportunities provided to 4.651 Billion Euros.

Products Communication systems .

Products Power Generation .

Products Automation .

Products  Medical Technology  Automotive  Home appliances  Fire Alarms  Siemens PLM Software  IT services .

 Siemens won ¼ 1 billion in advance for the 2010 Football world cup at South Africa.  ISO 9001: 2000 Software process documentation  ISO 29001: 2005 Certification for information security management. .  ISO 13485: 2003 Certification for develpoment of applications for medical operations.CMMi Certification for the software process improvement for system develpoment and Engineering business unit.Achievements Quality Credentials  SEI.

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