Microsoft Excel Cheat Sheet

Keyboard Shortcuts and Function Quick Reference

Working in Documents FEATURE Help File Open New File Save Print Search Replace First Cell Last Cell Start of Row Next Sheet Next Workbook Prev Workbook Prev Sheet Goto Close Spellcheck SHORTCUT F1 Ctrl+O Ctrl+N Ctrl+S Ctrl+P Ctrl+F Ctrl+H Ctrl+Home Ctrl+End Home Ctrl+Page Down Ctrl+F6 Ctrl+Shift+F6 Ctrl+Page Up F5 Ctrl+W F7

Selections FEATURE SHORTCUT Cut Ctrl+X Copy Ctrl+C Paste Ctrl+V Select Cell Group Shift+Cursors Multiselect Cells Alt+Left Click Del Row/Col Ctrl+K Select Column Ctrl+Space Select Row Shift+Space Select All Ctrl+A Select Range Ctrl+* Go to Corner Ctrl+. Edit Selected Ctrl+Enter Fill Down Ctrl+D Fill Right Ctrl+R Copy Prev Formula Ctrl+' Copy Above Val Ctrl+" Sum Alt+= Useful Functions FUNCTION today() now() sum() average() min() max() count() counta() countif() if(this,then,else) and() / or() rand() round() ceiling() floor() sqrt() RESULT Today's date Date and Time Total of values Average of values Lowest value Highest value Number of values Count non-blank Count matches Return value if condition met Random number Round the value Round up Round down Square root

Editing and Formatting FEATURE Edit Cell Set Currency Set Percent Set Number Set Date Insert Line Br Bold Underline Italic Repeat Action Format Cell Insert Date Insert Time Font Remove Border Border Cells SHORTCUT F2 Shift+Ctrl+$ Shift+Ctrl+% Ctrl+Shift+~ Ctrl+Shift+# Alt+Enter Ctrl+B Ctrl+U Ctrl+I F4 Ctrl+1 Ctrl+; Ctrl+: Ctrl+Shift+F Ctrl+Shift+_ Ctrl+Shift+&

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