How do you feel about coming back to school?

These two poems show very different opinions about going back to school. As you read these poems, think about which one matches your feelings! Point The grass is all brown and crunchy My pool is full of leaks My feet have outgrown my sandals And school starts in two weeks. I’ve done every level on my video game Been everywhere on my bike All of the days seem kind of the same Each long afternoon alike. My backpack is packed and ready And, deep down in my heart, I’m not sad summer’s nearly over I’m ready for school to start!

Counterpoint I’ve gotten used to an afternoon nap. Sleeping in until nine My brain has plenty of knowledge Summer forever would be fine.
No one makes me do homework, Or preaches of organization I don’t ever have to do math facts Yeah, I like summer vacation. Stay away from me, August! I’m not ready for back to school. I’m just going to sit back for a few more months, Hanging out by the pool.
-E. Kissner

Emily Kissner 2008

Emily Kissner 2008 .

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