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Informatica Interview QnA

Informatica Interview QnA

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Published by: kirnkumr7 on Jul 26, 2011
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Materialized view and view

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October 11, 2006 01:45:10 #1


RE: What is a Materialized view? Diff. Between Materia...

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materialized views are used in datawarehousing to precompute and store

aggregated data such sum of

sales and it will used for increase the speed of the query when we are taking the

large data bases.

view nothing but it is a small table which meats our criteria it will not occupy the



View doesn't occupy any storage space in table space but meterilized view will

occupy space


Materialized view stores the result set of a query but normal view does not store

the same. We can

refresh the Materialised View when any changes are made in the master table.

Normal view is only for

view the records. We can perform DML operation and direct path insert operation

in Materialized View.


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