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Unit 5 Future

Unit 5 Future

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Published by: Carey Jackson on Jul 27, 2011
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Simple Future

Decisions / Plans -- Predictions

Plans & Decisions
If you make a plan or a decision, it will always be for the future (because you can’t make a plan for the past...without a time machine).

You can make a plan or decision... (1)BEFORE you speak or (2) RIGHT WHEN you speak.

Plans and Decisions
If you make a plan or decision AT THE MOMENT or AS you’re speaking -- use: Let’s: Let’s have dinner at my house. I’ll make kabsah! Will (usually an offer): I will help you with that! Should (strong suggestion): You should come to lunch with me. Could (weak suggestion): You could eat dinner with me, if you want to.

Plans and Decisions
I’m bored. Let’s go see a movie

Plans and Decisions
My car’s broken!


I will give you a ride!

We’ll help you!

Plans and Decisions
I’m going on vacation soon, but I don’t know where to go.

You should go to Paris!

Plans and Decisions
Where should we go to dinner? I don’t know... we could go to the Mexican restaurant...

Plans and Decisions
If you make a plan or decisions BEFORE you speak, use:

Be Going To: Are you going to visit your family this weekend?

Present Continuous

(more certain)

: Yes, I’m visiting my family this weekend.

Plans and Decisions
Be Going To + Verb: Use general plans/decisions for the future made before you speak.

I’m going to see “Cowboys & Aliens” sometime next week. Are you going to make dinner tonight? We aren’t going to learn about Past Tenses today. My mom is going to give my a present for my birthday.

Plans and Decisions
Present Continuous: Use plans/decisions made before you speak that you’re 95% sure of.

I’m seeing “Cowboys & Aliens” tonight. I’m meeting my boyfriend at the theater. Is she making pizza for dinner? We’re learning about participles later today. My mom is giving me a pony for my birthday.

If you’re talking about something that you think will happen in the future, use: Be Going To: It’s going to rain soon. (Because it’s cloudy.) Will: She will get an A+ on her test. (Because she studied a lot)

Be Going To:
- Based on evidence I’m going win the race.
dinner) (because I’m very far ahead of the other runners)

We’re going to eat soon. - Based on opinion

(we just finished cooking

They are going to get married after they fall in love. (notice: Present Simple in the PREPOSITIONAL PHRASE) You are going to be a movie star! You’re such a great actor!

Will + Verb:
- Based on fact
You will get sick if you eat uncooked chicken. The water will boil when it reaches 100〬 C.

- Based on opinion
They will learn English when they go to school. (notice: Present Simple in the PREPOSITIONAL PHRASE) I will fail this test! I feel like I don’t understand anything!

Things To Remember
1) ADD A TIME to present continuous if it’s not clear that you’re talking about the future from context:
Clear from Context No Context, clear from TIME PHRASE A: Are you seeing your sister tomorrow? B: Yes, I’m seeing her. She’s working all day next Saturday.

2) Use present simple in a prepositional phrase that is in a sentence with any form of future simple:

I will see my friends after I finish my homework. He’s going to study until his parents call him.

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