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Philosophy of love part III (3).

In this third part, i propose a definitivelly explication about passion and love.
My students like (because is more easy) to answer that love is a feeling unexplicable! Why is so hard to people not to looking for completed answers! Other very common anwer is that passion and love are contraries. Whay people prefer to think in one world full of oppositions! Think in two bottles: one we are going to call passion and another, love. If both passion and love have behind a desire of to feel affection, a need of care (giving and receiving), then the bottle is the same and passion and love are synonimus! The only difference is that in the first, the bottle is almost empty and in another, we say, in the middle level. Lets see the above drawings:

Now, are there people that prefer to live without interruption that feeling of passion, because, they say, love is like a warm or cold feeling. Because them, we believe that passion would be different of love. But they forgot that when we love, we already got some satisfaction that we didnt get before! Of course that they have some true in their point of view: i think it is necessary that couples not to satisfy with that they got or to do the same things, oppening space to new experiences, like to put some water out of love bottle, that is, it is need to feel hunger of affection! Passion and love are two levels of something: affection. In english language they say when they feel passion that they did fall in love.

Antonio Jaques de Matos Teacher of Philosophy Porto Alegre, july, 26, 2011