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Published by: Varaprasad Medam on Jul 27, 2011
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Oracle Apps Order Managemnt - My learnings


BACK TO BACK FLOW in Order Management -Oracle apps
Why Back to Back ? 1.Data Integration 2.Lower Inventory 3.Lower inventory cycle 4.Can offer a variety of products 5.Link supply to Specific demands -pegging -hard reservations 6.Focus on Product Design Customer orders product that one do not stock as well as do not even manufacture. So in this case one want to purchase the item that customer orders and then Supplier ship it to you, and you send it it to the customer. This process is called "back-to-back" or "procure-to-order". SET UP 1.Define Back-t0-Back(b2b) Item Use the Inventory Master Items to define the b2b items a) In the Order Management tab , item must be marked as Customer Orderable , Assemble to Order. b)In the Purchasing Tab , item must be marked as purchasable and value is provided in the List price field. c)Item must be marked as ‘Build in WIP’ on the WIP tab d)In the General Planning tab, set the Make or Buy flag to Buy 2.Assign the item to the pricelist.. ADC is MUST (AUTOMATIC DOCUMENT CREATIONS) Processing of Order 1.Enter the b2b item , keep the source type as Internal and book the Order. 2.Line will go to supply Eligible Status. 3.Place cursor on the line and go to Actions > Progress Order. Select Create Supply Order - Eligible to progress the workflow of the line

In this article, I will be covering Back to Back Flow in Order Management. I have researched across the various site and have compiled the Back to Back Order Management Flow.

This takes info from the Sales Order line and loads the Requisition Import interface tables. The line status will show as PO Req requested. Purchasing Flow

If you want to see the Requisition number or Purchase Order number created by your Sales Order line, you must go to the Reservations Details form to find that information 1.Now Requisition Import is run to create the purchase requisition tied to the sales order line. This can be done by either manually submitting the Requisition Import concurrent program or scheduling it to run automatically.Requisitions created by this process have

. The line status of the sales order line will now show Awaiting Shipping . under supply tab. The Sales Order can now be pick released. and verify that the status is Approved. then it shows the reservation is linked to a PO and the PO number as well as the line number. Enter Purchase Order number and click on Find. under supply tab. When the PO is received into inventory. Enter requisition number and click Find Check the checkbox to the left of the line. clear any query criteria that may be defaulted. reservation is linked to a requisition. and it now looks like any other reservation from a sales order to on-hand stock. Go to Purchasing > Autocreate. From Edit > Clear > Record. or to buy the product anyway and put it into inventory. In Inventory Reservations form. and click on Automatic. The buyer can then decide whether to cancel the PO line. When Req Import processes. 6. This means that the B2B item has been received into Inventory. In the Find Requisitions window.Go to Purchasing > Requisitions > Requisition Summary. Verify that the status is Approved Requisition must have status APPROVED as we ran Req. once the PO or release is received. and can be traced from the sales order form by using Tools>Scheduling->Reservation Details. the purchase requisition is reserved to the sales order line. Verify a Receive and Delivery transaction. the reservation is automatically transferred into Inventory. Import with Requisition approval initiation= Yes 3. Click on the Approve button. The Purchase Order form will automatically open with the PO that got created. requisition number and line number. the items are recorded in inventory and a reservation is automatically made to the sales order line 5 Go to Purchasing > Receiving > Receipts.Go to Purchasing > Receiving > Receiving Transactions Summary Enter the Purchase Order number and click on Find. The Line status of sales order lien will show PO-OPEN 2. Click on the Transactions button. In the Receipts window. What happen in case of Cancellation and changes? Sales order line is cancelled or the quantity is reduced --> reservation is reduced and a notification is automatically sent to the buyer explaining that there is now a PO for a higher quantity than what is needed for the sales order. shipped and invoiced just like other stocked items RESERVATIONS Reservation happens automatically. check the checkbox to the left of the line and enter Destination Type : Inventory Subinventory : FGI Save the receipt. Enter the Supplier and Supplier site and click on Create 4. enter requisition number and click on Find. . When the requisition becomes a PO the Reservations form. Click on the OK button in the Approval Documents window to approve the PO Note down the PO number.an interface source type of ‘CTO’ .

In case of any doubt or anything is missing pls put the comments Posted by CK at 10:36 PM Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Google Buzz Labels: back_to_back . Oracle Apps SCM-Technical Interview Questions AMAZON CONTEXTUAL PRODUCT ADS FOLLOWERS ABOUT ME .Schedule date on the order line is changed -> notification to the buyer. The next time AutoCreate Requisition is run. ► July (2) How to Take Trace for Concurrent Programs & Report. PO is cancelled or a partial quantity is cancelled--> reservation is cancelled or reduced appropriately. who can then decide to either change the date on the PO or cancel it or do nothing. If the buyer decides to cancel the PO-> new requisition will be created the next time AutoCreate Requisition is run. This is the Whole back-to-back flow.. Oracle apps back to back cycle 0 comments: Post a Comment GOOGLE SEARCH Top of Form Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) partner-pub-6453 ISO-8859-1 Bottom of Form Search Custom Search BLOG ARCHIVE • ▼ 2010 (5) ○ ○ ► December (1)    ○   VISITORS Oracle apps SCM techno functional question Arrow i.. ▼ November (2) Oracle apps Form Personalisation Debugging Steps BACK TO BACK FLOW in Order Management -Oracle apps..... it will create another requisition for the unreserved amount on the sales order.

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