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Rohrbach Campground Site #1Antietam National Battlefield, Sharpsburg, MD Friday, June 3 thru Sunday, June 5, 2011

Leave & return: Friday 5:00 PM At the Presbyterian Churchreturning Sunday by 3:00 PM. Food: Equipment Parents: Scouts should have dinner on Friday; all other meals through breakfast on Sunday will be by Troop Overnight Camping equipment (page 224-227)be prepared for forecast weather We need Adult participation. We need drivers to help transport the Troop the approximately 290 miles to and from the campground, as well as adult leaders to help escort the Scouts during the tour. $25 (drivers go free) for campground fee, entrance fees, and food. 10 Mile Hike through Antietam National Battlefield; Museum tours, hike, campsite activities

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Troop 12 Permission Slip for Antietam Camp Out Fri, June 3Sun, June 5 - Due by 6/1
I authorize Scout I can drive to attend this event. Number I can transport I wish to attend as an adult leader

I give permission to the leaders of the above unit to render First Aid, should the need arise. In the event of an emergency, I also give permission to the physician, selected by the adult leader in charge, to hospitalize, secure proper anesthesia, order injection, or secure other medical treatment, as needed. I further agree to hold the above named unit and its leaders blameless for any accidents that might occur during this outing except for clear acts of negligence or non-adherence to BSA policies and guidelines. Parent/guardian signiture: Date: