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Page 002: Syllabus Scavenger Hunt

[ M r . A g u d a ] - S c h o o l Y e a r 2 0 0 8 - 2 0 0 9
Instructions: To help understand the procedures, rules, protocols of this class, please answer the questions. All answers
are found in your Syllabus! Hint #1 will give you a phrase solution. Hint #2 will give another hint — the letters will spell a
little-known fact about Mr. Aguda.

Hint #1 Solution Hint #2 Letter

If you get a 74% in this class, If you get a 94% in this class,
what grade will you receive? what grade will you receive?

What is the 3rd Item under The first letter of the first word
“Topics to Be Covered?” of this phrase

What are the 5 P’s of Suc- The second letter of the sec-
cess here at Animo JCHS? ond P-word in the 5 P’s of
A routine that you do in class The first letter of this word.
is also called a _______. (for
example, when you first enter
class you shake Mr. Aguda’s

When Mr. Aguda counts The 3rd letter to this word.
down to 1, what sound level
must the class reach?
What two days can you come These 2 days have a similar
into Mr. Aguda’s classroom vowel, what is it?
for Office hours?
If you chew gum in class, The 5th letter to this word
what is the 3rd consequence
you can receive?
How can you be assigned In this section, the third letter
detention? What do you have to the third from the last word
to do? on the second bullet point.
If you are in Mr. Aguda’s 3rd In all of the emails listed,
period class, what email do there is a common letter be-
you send your homework to? fore the class period number.
What is the last thing you can The first letter of the 4th word
expect on a normal day in Mr. in this bullet point (#6).
Aguda’s class?
When you shake Mr. Aguda’s This is the 4th letter in this
hand, what else must you do word.
along with the handshake?
Describe how you can con- During office hours, both of
tact Mr. Aguda when you are the times have a similar num-
not in class. ber that resemble this round
What car does Mr. Aguda The 2nd letter of the 2-letter
Drive? Model of the car.

Mr. Aguda is not only a
teacher but he is also a(n):

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