Kahikatea HomeworkTerm 3


Week 1

Act Now – Shape your future!

Inquiry Topic: A matter of fact!
• Key Idea Identified needs dictate technological practice. Lines of Inquiry
• • • What are our identified needs and how will we plan to meet these? Different materials require different ways of fastening. Strength of materials and fastenings should be considered.

Dear Parents,

We hope you’ve had a great holiday and enjoyed some quality time with your child. Don’t forget that parent teacher interviews are next week. Book them online at www.schoolinterviews.co.nz and enter the code 6W2FS or see your child’s teacher. Website Closes this Wednesday Not all children are required to complete the Homefun sentences this term. Your child’s teacher will advise your child if they wish them to continue with the sentences.

Task 1 Spelling 1. Learn your Spelling words for

Friday’s spelling test. 2. This week’s spelling is on Spelling City. Rm 5 http://www.spellingcity.com/sallyr uss/ Rms 6, 7, 8 & 17 http://www.spellingcity.com/kahika tea/ Try some of the games and activities. Your teacher will let you know if you need to continue writing Task 3. Basic facts sentences in your homefun books. 1. Each nightTask 2. basic facts that you learn 2 Reading got incorrect or didn’t do so that least Read a book of your choice for at your 10 score improves each week! -15 minutes EACH night!

Task 2 Reading Read a book of your choice for at least 10 -15 minutes EACH night!

Task 3 Basic facts Each night learn 2 basic facts that you got incorrect or didn’t do so that your score improves each week!

Task 4 We hope that you’ve had a great holiday and enjoyed your break from school. Your task this week is to complete a PMI table evaluating your holiday. P M I
(Plus) (Minus) (Interesting)
We got to stay another night in Hanmer because of all the snow My cousins got trapped in the snow The snow was light and fluffy so it was a challenge building a snowman

DearTips for Quality Homework parents, * Make a colourful heading for each Please sign your child’s section. homework! * Use pencil for writing and coloured • It was great to see so pencils for headings and illustrations. many parents at * Rule off neatly with a ruler after each section. interviews last week. We hope you with spelling and * Try your hardestfound it useful. • Thanks also, t o those neatness. parents who were able to accompany our classes to the Suter last week.

You need to: • Complete a table on the computer or neatly rule one up in your book. • You must include at least 2 bullet points under each heading

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