look for words the author uses to describe the character. y writers use clues in the story to help us know characters. . intelligent or lazy.Steps in understanding characters: y As you read. It could be specific words such as hardworking.

. feelings. words. and actions can tell us what kind of person she /he is. y the characters thoughts. says and does.y Pay attention to what the character thinks.

y Other characters in a story can also give clues about the character.y Be aware of what other characters say about the character. .

You may chart information in this way! .

Some of these kids are real actors. her best friend . You needed to have more self-confidence. . Her stomach was fluttering as if it were filled with butterflies.Alana·s Audition Alana stood in the wings shifting nervously from foot to foot. Just then. Why am I doing this? she thought. Don t be nervous. Mei Ling. I don t belong here. She felt a cold sweat forming . gave her a hug. waiting to audition for a part in the school play. she said.

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