Code No: 64141/MT M.Tech.

– I Semester Supplementary Examinations, September, 2008 FUNDAMENTALS OF WEB TECHNOLOGIES (Web Technologies) Time: 3hours


Max. Marks:60

1.a) b)

Answer any FIVE questions All questions carry equal marks --What is cascading style sheet (CSS)? Given an example of CSS. Explain the tags (HTML) with suitable example to manage (i) Tables (ii) Lists.

2.a) What is DHTML? b) What is Java script? Write a Java script to display the current time on loading of the page. 3.a) b) 4.a) b) 5.a) b) 6.a) b) 7.a) b) 8.a) b) Write a short note on Document Object Model (DOM). Explain Document Type Definition with example. What is a “bean”? State the advantages of Java Beans. Write a short note on EJB. What is Servlet? Explain the Life Cycle of Servlet. Differentiate between Servlet and applet. Discuss the benefits of JSP. Write a short note on Tomcat Server. What are the scripting elements used in JSP page? Explain the way to pass control and data between JSP pages. Explain the way of accessing a database from a JSP page. What are the application specific database actions. &_&_&_&

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