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Announcing Release 11i.

Includes Over 2100 New Capabilities
50% Industry Specific Capabilities 50% Cross-Industry Capabilities
Sales & Marketing Finance Human Resources Projects Contracts Order Management Configurator Planning Procurement Manufacturing Logistics Service Maintenance Product Lifecycle Mgmt

Improved Personalization: Forms Customization. All customers desire to:

Remove fields from the screen Re-label fields, buttons, tips to match their terminology Change the default value of fields Allow easy access from one form to another, passing context Do any of the above for only a particular user or responsibility Do any of the above only if certain conditions are true. Do all of the above without writing code, and without violating Support agreements

Oracle Financials 11i.10

Oracle Financial Value Chain

Business Intelligence Orders Projects Contracts Service Leases Trade Collaboration POs Leases Projects Contracts Inventory Trade HR

Procure-to-Pay Procure-to-Pay Credit-to-Cash Credit-to-Cash Corporate Corporate Performance Mgmt Performance Mgmt Financial Control Financial Control & Reporting & Reporting Corporate Corporate Governance Governance Asset Mgmt Asset Mgmt Lease Mgmt Lease Mgmt Real Estate Mgmt Real Estate Mgmt
Business Process Models Service Oriented Architecture

Travel & Expense Travel & Expense Management Management

Payables Receivables Payroll

Cash & Treasury Cash & Treasury Management Management

Projects Contracts Inflation Adjust. Maintenance Payments

Single Data Model

Corporate Performance Management

Understand the Past, Control the Present, Predict the Future

Finance Human Resources Manufacturing Marketing

Purchasing Project Mgmt Sales Service

Plan & Model Execute Report & Analyze

Provide Planning, Execution, and Reporting Capabilities to Optimize Business Performance

Oracle Internal Controls Manager

Streamline Risk Management
Business Intelligence Program Office Collaboration Auditors

Track Compliance Status, Document Findings, Recommend Changes

Document Processes Assess Internal Controls Scope Audit Test Controls

Create Library & Org Structure

Certify and Report Results

Business Process Models

Service Oriented Architecture

Single Data Model

Oracle Internal Controls Manager

Streamline Internal Control and Risk Management
Define and Manage the Control Environment
Associate processes to organizations Process documentation and approval Segregation of duties

Plan and Control Audit Operations

Risk assessment Audit projects Findings and remediations

Streamline the Certification Process

Business process certification Financial statement certification

Oracle General Ledger

Turn Financial Data into Information
Gain Efficiencies w/ Highly Automated Financials Processing
eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) standard XML publisher Interface data transformer Currency rates manager Improved UI for transaction entry and management Establish and Maintain Superior Internal Controls

Increase Enterprise Visibility

Funds Management DBI Daily funds available Drill to encumbrance detail

Oracle Receivables
Issue Invoices, Receive Cash, Manage Revenue
Increase Efficiencies and Improve Cash Flow
Improved UI for transaction entry and management Automatic claims creation with Oracle Trade Management Receipt to receipt application GL transfer program enhancements New prepayment types (ACH, direct debit and check) Web services

Instill Corporate & Fiscal Discipline

Credit memo approval management workflow Automated receipt handling for credits

Optimize Customer Relationships

Oracle Bill Presentment Architecture

Create More Intuitive Invoices for Faster Payment
Collect Billing Data from Any Source
Oracle E-business Suite applications including: Oracle Services Contracts Oracle Order Management Any third party source

Create Customer-Focused Invoices

Easily configurable billing template Graphic design tools simplify content and layout design

Expedite Payment and Improve Cash Flow

Flexible template assignment to transactions or customers Invoice accessibility on-line and in print format

Oracle iReceivables
Expedite Customer Payments with Self-Service
Give Your Customers Self-Service Account Management
Export transaction data to spreadsheet Attach documents to transactions

Manage Payments and Ensure Data Security

Duplicate dispute warning One-time credit card payment Configurable service charges Customizable transaction search

Simplify the Payment and Dispute Processes

Anonymous user login Multi-pay and multi-print

11i10 Procurement Update

Module Name
Purchasing Sourcing

User Focus
Procurement Professionals

Key Abilities
Hard-Core Purchasing: Purchase Order Processing

Sourcing Professionals & Business Stakeholders Supplier Sales Rep & Accounts Receivable Purchasing executives, category managers, and end users. End users & Managers. Purchasing, Contract, & Legal Professionals End Users Buyer & Supplier Admin.

Collaborative Real-Time Negotiations: RFI, RFP, Buyer Auctions Self-service Supplier Collaboration

i Supplier Portal
E-Business Intelligence (Daily Business Intelligence)

Web-Enabled Analysis Tool

i Procurement
Contracts Services Procurement Supplier Network (OSN)

Self-Service Requisitioning, & Approval Reusable Contract Templates, Articles, Terms & Conditions Library Business Services, Temporary labor, etc. Self-Service Transaction Document Delivery: PO, POCs, ASN, INV

Procurement Contracts
Contract Terms Library Contract Authoring Contract Negotiation Contract Printing and Communication Contract Binding Contract Deliverables and Compliance Contract Change Management

Services Procurement
New Service Line Types Service Requisitions Preferred Supplier Management PO Management Resource/Contractor Management Timecard/Expense Integration Enhanced Invoice and Payment

Oracle Payables
Balance Supplier Terms and Enterprise Concerns
Lower Costs
Improved UI for transaction entry and management Supplier open interface import

Instill Corporate and Fiscal Discipline

Accounting entries report enhancements Invoice approval workflow resubmission enhancement Supplier bank account security enhancement Amount Based Matching to support Service Procurement Retroactive Price Change support for matched invoices

Improve Business Relationships

Enhanced invoice entry in Oracle iSupplier Portal Supplier site attachments

Old Invoice Workbench

New Invoice Workbench 1

Oracle Internet Expenses

Lower the Total Cost of Travel & Expense
Lower Costs
Enhanced credit card business flow management

Improve Business Relationships

Home Page offers highlighted links alerting employees to credit card issues requiring action

Instill Corporate and Fiscal Discipline

New audit management tools (audit notes, approval communications) Enhanced approval rules using Oracle Approvals Management Enhanced approver entry

Oracle Cash Management

Optimize Liquidity & Control Cash
Minimize Idle Cash with Daily Cash Positions
New cash position worksheet streamlines the process Options to generate and view cash positions by currency or by bank account Drilldown to details of cash position source transactions

Make Better Decisions with Global Forecasting

Options to view forecasts by GL cash position, bank account, or transaction source Drilldown to details of forecast source transactions Direct access to Oracle Discover for complex analysis

Protect Your Cash with Automated Reconciliation

Reconciliation of Oracle Payroll EFT and check payments

Oracle Treasury
Increase Return on Investment, Decrease Cost of Financing
Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency
Discounted securities web services Accounting process automation and scheduling Global electronic payments SWIFT ANSI X12 820 Simplified derivative and hedge accounting (FAS133 and IAS39)

Make Informed Financial Decisions Manage Global Exposures

Oracle Assets
Simplify Asset Management Complexities
Get an organizational View
Enhanced what-If analysis Enhanced asset inquiry

Secure Your Assets Decrease Total Cost of Asset Ownership

Group depreciation pools assets with similar depreciation requirements Mass property allows group of similar assets to be treated as one Mass external transfers automates the import process Retirement notification streamlines high vol. asset retirements Improved UI for transaction entry and management

New Product 11i.10

Oracle iAssets
Manage Assets with Self-Service
Make Better Decisions with Real-Time Information
Asset inquiry and detail view

Maintain Control of Enterprise Assets and Data

Restricted data access Approval workflow for on-line asset transfers Cost center-based approval Management hierarchy-based approval Delegated authority

Use Self-Service to Improve Process Efficiencies

New on-line transfer functionality Multi-way request generation

User Interface very similar to iProcurement 4 step process

End user selects Asset(s) for transfer and proceeds with the next step

Oracle Public Sector Financials

Efficiently Manage Public Funds
Meet Complex Reporting Requirements
Additional validations for multi-fund AR accounting Multi-fund AR integration with Oracle Cash Management Cash basis drilldown from GL to AR

Manage Budgets and Control Spending

Funds available inquiry drilldown Funds available detail report Commitment budgetary control

Simplify Fund Accounting

Oracle Loans
Manage the Complete Lending Cycle with One System
Use Flexible Origination Tools To Tailor-Fit Loans
On-line applications for borrowers, co-borrowers and guarantors Amortization and repayment schedules

Streamline Loan Servicing to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Servicing center with quick links to common tasks On-line statements and payment history

Know and Manage Your Loan Portfolio

Dashboard status of loan and portfolio Borrower snapshot and related loan views

Manage Public Sector Lending Requirements

Support for multi-fund accounts receivables (MFAR)

Oracle Real Estate Management

Optimize Your Entire Portfolio
Oracle Property Manager
Increase tenant occupancy rates Optimize tenant services and facilities management Public views for CAD Streamline Financial Management and Reporting Recovery module Reduce Leasing and Administrative Costs Variable rent gateway

Oracle Enterprise Asset Manager

Integrate with Oracle Property Manager Property assets can be cleansed and viewed

Public Sector Capabilities

Evolution of Oracle Applications in the Public Sector
Base Differentiators New in 11i.9 New in 11i.10

Full JFMIP Certification Section 508 Standards Grants Management Budgetary Accounting Multi-Channel Citizen
Service Management Business Classifications (Woman-Owned, MinorityOwned, Small Business) Asset Maintenance Spare Parts Management Predictive Position Control

Solicitation Support Supplier Registration &

Profile Management Online, Real-time Funds Checking in iProcurement Complex MRO Procurement Support for Dual Budgetary Control iProcurement Support for Grants Management Enhanced Inflation Accounting of Fixed Assets Car and Mileage Support Payroll Exception Reporting Rules Based Position Control w/ Labor Dist & Grants Mgmt

Procurement Contracts
with Encumbrance Support Services Procurement Enhanced Scoring for Solicitations Enhanced Citizen Interaction Ctr US Federal Service Enhs Direct Donor to Recipient Position Budget Reallocation Automated Grade-Step Progression Based on Eligibility Support for Personnel Actions in HR Manager Self-Service High Volume Customer Service Real-Time Duplicate Service Request Identification

Financials 11i.10
Drive Performance with Oracle Enterprise Planning & Budgeting See more with new Daily Business Intelligence pages

View and manage risks and controls more effectively Improve T&E cost control & policy enforcements

Increase productivity with enhanced user interface Improve cash management with cash positioning & forecasting enhancements

Oracle Performance Management

State & Local Governments

What is Performance Management?

PM encompasses three types of activities: Strategic Goal Setting and Alignment Operational Analytics, Reporting and Consolidation Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting and Modeling

CPM: Feedback Loop

Strategic User Type
Strategy Formulation: Enterprise Goals and Strategies
Performance Metrics Communication


Execution: Operation Targets and Budgets

Feedback Correction Improvement


Transaction Systems: Process Transactions

Source: Gartner CPM Vision March, 2003

Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting

Understand the business better
Know where you are

Control the planning process

Know where you are up to at any time

Tune plans to improve results

Keep the business on track

What is Daily Business Intelligence?

Daily Business Intelligence is a Comprehensive, Embedded Management Reporting Application which Enables

Better and Faster Decision Making

Using a Radically Simplified Architecture, Daily Business Intelligence Provides Better Management Reporting at a

Dramatically Lower Cost

Daily Business Intelligence Coverage

Reporting for ALL Business Functions

Order Management Planning Purchasing Manufacturing Shipping / Receiving Maintenance Product Management

Marketing Sales Service Contracts Finance Human Resources Project Management

Funds Management KPIs

Funds Available Summary

Budget Summary

Encumbrance Summary

Expenses Summary