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Code No: NR-12/MCA NR

MCA-I Semester Supplementary Examinations,

July/Aug 2008.


Time: 3hours Max. Marks: 60

Answer any FIVE questions

All questions carry equal marks

1.a) What are Logic gates? Explain about various types of digital logic
gates with their graphic symbols.
b) Simplify the following expressions using boolean algebra:
i) A + AB
ii) AB + AB′
iii) A′BC + AC
iv) A′B + ABC ′ + ABC

2.a) Given the boolean function:

F = xy′z + x′y′z + xyz
i) List the truth table of the function
ii) Draw the logic diagram using the original boolean
iii) Simplify the algebraic expression using boolean algebra.
b) What are flip-flops? Show that a JK flip-flop can be converted to a
D flip-flop with an inverter between the J and K inputs.

3.a) What is the difference between serial and parallel transfer? Using a
shift resister with parallel load, explain how to convert serial input
data to parallel output and parallel input data to serial output.
b) What are various types of Decoders and Multiplexers? Describe
their significance.

4.a) Convert the following:

i) Binary numbers 101110, 1110101, 110110100 to decimal
ii) Decimal numbers to binary numbers: 1231, 673, 1998.
iii) Hexadecimal number to binary and octal: F3A7C2.
b) List and explain the Arithmetic microoperations and sixteen logic
Code No: NR-12/MCA ::2::

5.a) List and explain the shift microoperations.

b) Describe the Booth multiflication Algorithm with suitable
c) Derive an algorithm for evaluating the square root of a binary fixed-
point number.

6.a) What are the basic differences between a branch instructions, a call
subroutine instruction and program interrupt?
b) Describe the characteristics of complex instruction set computer
and Reduced instruction set computer. Also contrast their

7.a) How many 128 × 8 RAM chips are needed to provide a memory
capacity of 2048 bytes.
b) A ROM chip of 1024 × 8 bits has four select inputs and operates
from a 5-Volt power supply. How many pins are needed for the 1C
package? Draw a block diagram and label all input and output
terminals in the ROM.
c) Describe the significance of virtual memory.

8. Write a brief notes on the following:

a) Asynchronous Data transfer
b) Modes of Transfer
c) Direct memory Access
d) Serial communication.