Code No: NR-22/MCA


MCA-II Semester Supplementary Examinations, July/Aug 2008. OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING Time: 3hours Answer any FIVE questions All questions carry equal marks --1.a) b) 2.a) b) 3.a) b) 4.a) b) 5. 6.a) b) 7.a) b) 8. What is over loading? Describe runtime polymorphism? Describe various types of inheritances? What are Abstract base classes? Explain it with an example? Describe static and dynamic binding? Describe a pure virtual function with your own example? Describe a virtual destructor with your own example? What are unformatted input functions? Explain them. Describe stream manipulators with your own examples? Describe class templates and function templates with your own example. What are various principles and benefits of exception handling? Describe an inline function with an example and state how it is different from MACRO of C? Describe memory management operators with your own examples? Describe friend function and its use with your own example? Write short notes on any three of the following: a) Difference between OOP and procedure o b) Data types of C++ c) Scope of variable d) Any loop. $$$ Max. Marks: 60

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