Code No: 7A109/MT M.Tech.

– I Semester Supplementary Examinations, September, 2008 ENZYME ENGINEERING (Biotechnology) Time: 3hours


Max. Marks:60

1. 2.a) b) 3. 4.

Answer any FIVE questions All questions carry equal marks --What are various industrial application of enzymes? Describe a procedure for isolation of enzymes. How do you assay the activity of pectinase enzyme? How do you evaluate the Michaelis – Menter constants for an enzyme reaction system? A particular organism follows substrate inhibited kinetic growth equation of Edwards. The kinetic parameters are : hm =0.25h-1 Ks = 2 g/l KI = 1.35 g/l Determine the value of substrate concentration at which the specific growth rate is maximum. Describe various methods of activation of enzymes. What are different types bioreactors used for immobilized enzymatic systems? Describe an air-lift bioreactor and show how it is useful in enzymatic reaction systems. The Michaelis – Menter kinetic parameters for a soluble enzyme for a certain substrate are found to be : = 0.05 mol/l KM rmax = 10 mol/l min After immobilizing flies enzyme on the surface of insoluble matrix by physical adsorption it was found that KMapp value was increased to 0-008 mol/l whereas the rapp max value stayed the same as rmax. What is the effectiveness factor of the immobilized enzyme when the substrate concentration is 1 mol/l. Write short note on any three of the following: (i) effect of organic media on enzyme activity (ii) external mass transfer limitation (iii) recycle bioreactor (iv) mechanism of action of chymotryprin. ******

5. 6.a) b) 7.


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