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Rules of Reflexology

Rules of Reflexology

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Published by: Marida Paiste on Jul 27, 2011
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RULES OF REFLEXOLOGY (Contra-indications in the practice of reflexology) DON TS 1.

Do not treat a patient within 30 minutes after a meal. 2. Do not treat a pregnant patient especially in their first tri-master. 3. Do not treat an intoxicated patient. 4. Do not indulge in small talk during the session. 5. Do not diagnose. 6. Do not make promises. 7. Do not palpate sensitive areas like the thoracic abdominal and pelvic areas. 8. Do not discuss another patient with another. 9. Do not get involved sexually with your patient. 10. Do not borrow things or money from your patient. 11. Do not press against bones. 12. Do not press against calluses. 13. Do not press against traumatized areas. s 14.Do not apply pressure beyond tolerable limits. 15. Do not rub, pinch, stab, slap, or knead.` 16.Do not smoke or eat during treatment. 17. Do not prescribe medication. 18. Do not handle acute cases which are safer managed by a practitioner and hospital care where equipment and facilities for maintaining life is a available and crucial to patient s recovery. 19. Do not apply anything (oil, lotion and etc.) before and during the session. 20. Do not treat a patient who has undergone a surgery within one year of operation. 21. Do not treat a patient who has a menstruation. 22. Do not be discriminative. Do s 1.Dress in a respectable manner. 2. Cut nails to a minimum and keep them clean. 3. Bring all you need for the treatment. 4. Partake of food and drink only when offered. 5. Be courteous and professional. 6. Answer question when a asked and ask questions only when you must. 7. Leave soon after the treatment and when you have set the next appointment. 8. Maintain therapist / Patient relationship. 9. Be punctual. 10. Be accurate. 11. Have eye contact.

13.Finger walking Materials needed 1. Check cuts.Dessert on the left hand 2.Powder 5. Apply dessert before session.The wrist 9.Press and Release 3.The channel Pointed Pressure 1=Light 2=Light to Moderate 3=Moderate 4=Moderate to Heavy .Spine 6.70% Isopropyl / 40% ethyl 2.Oil 3.12.2 hand towel 7.Palms 10.Hook and back-up 4. calluses and other signs of injury.Lymphatic 7. Techniques 1.Thumb Walking 2.3 bath towel 6. Finger tips 4. corns. 3.Alcohol.Work on the fingers from 5to1. Web 5.Back of the hand 8.Aroma lotion 4.Linen /Malong Flow of treatment 1.Press and slide 6.

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