Code No: 53115/MT M.Tech.

– I Semester Supplementary Examinations, September, 2008 PRODUCT DATA MANAGEMENT (Advanced Manufacturing Systems) Time: 3hours Answer any FIVE questions All questions carry equal marks --1.a) b) 2. 3.a) b) 4. 5.a) b) 6.a) b) 7.a) b) 8.a) b) c)


Max. Marks:60

Explain briefly behavior analysis. Explain how total integrations of customer, designer, material supplier and process planner can be achieved. What are the basic designs involved in product design. Explain each of them. How component standardization and minimization is essential for product design? How product performance can be evaluated? Explain briefly fundamental and incidental interactions related to product development. Explain role of CAE, CAD, CAM tools in product design. Explain about simulating product performance. Explain how management of industrial design process can be achieved. Briefly explain technology driven products and user driven products. Explain minimiza system complexity. How the reduction in component costs and assembly costs can be achieved. What are the basis of prototype? What is baseline project planning? What are the steps required for accelerating the project execution. ^*^*^

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