The acceptable face of the unintelligible


Intermediality in the Science Play

Frayn, Copenhagen [1998; revised 2000]

Neutron movement observed in cloud chambers

The post-classical re-visioning of Nature Newton¶s apple abstracted and XXXX

Post-classical sciences 
Thermodynamics: Entropy  Quantum theory  Chaos theory: fractal geometry, dissipative structures  Complexity theory: emergence  Information theory: message out of noise

TF2 Company, Le Cas de Sophie K. (concerning the mathematician Sophia Kovalevskaya)

Mnemonic (1999) 

A Disappearing Number (2007)

Jean-Francois Peyret with Luc Steels, and Alain Prochiantz

Benard cells as they move toward nonequilibrium and assume pattern via convection

John Barrow, Luca Ronconi: Infinities [2003]

The sign outside Hilbert¶s Hotel would have to say: No vacancies! (All guests welcome«)

³No one shall expel us from the Paradise that Cantor has created.´ ± David Hilbert

Mandelbrot set (³Gingerbread Man´) with patterns of self-similarity

Map of internet information activity

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