Marine Auxiliary Machinery

Chapter 8 Lesson 5

Safety rules and regulations

Learning objectives 


Rules in general Requirements concerning the steering gear SOLAS 1997,chapter V, Regulation 19-2.

The Rules in general  This is the administrative hierarchy that has been established by the United Nations in order to develop an standard of rules covering maritime matters.   United Nations United Nations headquarters in New York .

or the image may have been corrupted.IMO and SOLAS  IMO  International maritime organization. . If the red x still appears.  This committee consists of representatives from all the member countries. you may have to d elete the image and then insert it again. Restart your computer. and then open the file again. The image cannot be displayed. Your computer may not have enough memory to open the image.  A comprehensive set of rules made by IMO to ensure safety at sea. IMO made the SOLAS  SOLAS  Safety of lives at seas.

Class rules  These are rules set by the class companies  Such as:     DNV-Det norsk veritas (N) LRS-Lloyds Register of shipping (GB) ABS-American Bureau of shipping (USA) GL-Germanischer Lloyd (D)  And others .

.Speed of rudder  For regular ships the rudder must be able to turn minimum 35 degrees to each sides. To meet the rules concerning rudder angle velocity. the rudder must be able to turn from 35 degrees to 30 degrees on the other side in maximum 28 seconds. This is called the minimum angle velocity.

This torque is achieved at a certain oil pressure working on the vanes of the rotor. when the safety valves open the oil is allowed to by-pass the vanes.  The safety valve is set at a corresponding oil pressure minimum 25% above this.Torque capacity (1)  The steering gear must be big enough to turn the rudder to 25 degrees port and starboard at full speed (Ruder torque/Maximum working torque). .

This is done by the manufacturer before delivery.  The hydraulic system should be designed so that ³single failure´ doesn't put the steering gear out of function. .Torque capacity (2)  In addition the steering gear is to be pressure tested with a much higher pressure.

.Placing of emergency scheme (1)  The procedure diagram for emergency steering should be easily seen in the wheel house and steering gear compartment.

.Placing of emergency scheme (2)  The emergency steering is done by the use of non-follow up push buttons on the starter cabinet or directly on the directional valves on the steering gear.

either one by or in combinations. activate different alarms. The monitoring is done by placing sensors in important areas. These sensors.System alarms (1)  The system shall be looked after by monitoring important functions specified in the rules such as oil levels and power supply. .

System alarms (2)  The operator of the steering gear must have the necessary competence. the steering gear vital functions are to be regular checked by the crew and the crew are to be drilled in emergency procedures. .

4regulation19-1  Operation of steering gear  In areas where navigation demands special caution. ships shall have more than one power unit in operation when such units are capable of simultaneous operation.3.The SOLAS rules (1)  5. .

3.The SOLAS rules (2)  5.4regulation19-2  Steering gear: Testing and drills  (a) within 12h before departure.  (iii) the remote steering gear control systems.  (ii) the auxiliary steering gear. . The test procedure shall include. where applicable. the ship's steering gear shall be checked and tested by the ship crew. the operation of the following:  (i) the main steering gear.

 .  (v) the emergency power supply.The SOLAS rules (3) (iv) the steering positions located on the navigation bridge.  (vii) the remote steering gear control system power failure alarms.  (viii) the steering gear power unit failure alarms.  (ix) automatic isolating arrangements and other automatic equipment.  (vi) the rudder angle indicators in relation to the actual position of the rudder.

. and  (iii) the operation of the means of communication between the Navigation Bridge and steering gear compartment.  (ii) a visual inspection of the steering gear and its connecting linkage.The SOLAS rules II (1)  (b) The checks and tests shall include:  (i) the full movement of the rudder according to the required capabilities of the steering gear.

.  (ii) All ships officers concerned with the operation or maintenance of steering gear shall be Familiar with the operation of the steering systems fitted on the ship and with the procedures for change from one system to another.The SOLAS rules II (2)  (c) (i) Simple operating instructions with a block diagram showing the change-over procedures For remote steering gear control systems and steering gear power units shall be permanently displayed on the Navigation Bridge and in the steering gear compartment.

the communications procedures with the Navigation Bridge and. . the operation of the alternative power supplies. These drills shall include direct control from From within the steering gear compartment.The SOLAS rules II (3)  (d) In addition to the routine checks and tests prescribed in every three months in order to practise emergency steering gear procedures. where applicable.

The SOLAS rules II (4)  (e) The Administration may waive the requirement to carry out the checks and tests Prescribed in paragraphs (a) and (b) for ships which regularly engage on voyages of short Duration. such ships shall carry out these checks and tests at least once every week. .  (f) The date upon which the checks and tests prescribed in paragraphs (a) and (b) are carried out and the date and details of emergency steering gear drills carried out under paragraphs (d) shall be recorded in the log-book as may be prescribed by the Administration.

other requirements for special ships. .  D) I don't know.  A) all cargo ships above 10.000DWT or passenger ships carrying more than 50 passenger.  B) regular ships.  C) all ships using one steering gear power unit.Assessment Tests  Question 1 of 3  According to the SOLAS rules the rudder angle velocity should be at least 35-0-30degrees in maximum 28 seconds for.

Assessment Tests  Question 2 of 3  The steering gear's maximum working torque is:  A The effective torque at the safety valve opening pressure  B) At least the torque necessary to turn the rudder to the maximum required angle at the vessel's full speed according to the class rules  C) The maximum torque to be created by the steering gear. according to the makers experience  D) I don't know. .

. but 25 degrees only if special high efficient ruder is installed  D) I don't know.Assessment Tests  Question 3 of 3  According to the SOLAS rules the maximum rudder angle to port and starboard should be at least:  A) 45 degrees  B) 35 degrees  C) 35 degrees.

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