Volume 1


Daniel Hardcastle

Legal bit
I’m not good at this bit. :p I’ll try my best though. Minecraft is entirely owned by Mojang AB. From the official Minecraft Copyright page (located here) “You’re free to do whatever you want with screenshots and videos of the game.” So that covers the copyright issues. Now my stuff and licence (Copy pasted from the licence page naturally). Characters and events are mine. Character skins are mine except for Nathaniel. This work is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. This means that you are free: To copy, distribute, display, and perform the work. To make derivative works. Under the following conditions: Attribution: You must give the original author credit. Noncommercial: You may not use this work for commercial purposes. Share Alike: If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same or similar license to this one. • For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. • Any of the above conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder. • If you are in doubt about any proposed reuse, you should contact the author at: More info This took 2 hours to get right and I’m aware nobody bothered to read it.


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:p Notch definitly gets my thanks for not only creating one of the greatest games of all . you guys. this is the first thing I’ve ever really stuck with and I’d like to thank me for that. Finally. The ones who have watched this comic go from whatever the hell it was to whatever the hell it is.Acknowledgements I’d like to thank me.nerdcubed. My I thank you with all my heart. for that. but for not taking me to court for using his game as the basis of my comic. Without you guys my Google Analytics numbers would be way smaller and. :) 4 www. Seriously.

... . 5 . 6 7 133 137 Introduction Comics Alt-Text Volume 2 Prelude ...

You lot reading this. Six months into that plan I had an idea for a comic. A psychological condition characterized by self-preoccupation. Your dedication to my little comic is astonishing. trying to solve mysteries I have created and arguing about characters I created is just fantastic. Narcissism: (nar·cis·sism) n. On a particularly boring evening I decided to go for it. here are my little stories complete with silly commentaries. How? How did this doodle on a business card become a webcomic read by . with help from that glorious entity known as the internet. time-travelling comic. :) Daniel 16/07/11 6 www. This thought only struck me as I was putting together the last few strips in this book. 2. Out of all the Human Beings to have ever walked on this little blue-green marble. We are all connected. bonding over a story about a man with a cube for a head. lack of empathy. 4. Six months after that it became my job. The attribute of the human psyche characterised by admiration of oneself but within normal limits. and unconscious deficits in self-esteem. Excessive love or admiration of oneself. Why the hell do I expect people to read this? Why should people care about how I made this comic? Why do my stories matter? I left university to peruse a career in writing. Releasing a book of your own. 1. people all around the world can listen to me tell my stories at any time of the day. mostly unknown webcomic and thinking people will want to read it. A silly little. original JPG artefacts and a heck of a lot of emoticons. I hope you like them. I really hope you realise that. Seeing people picking apart my stories. Build a website and write the damn thing. I had become a writer. we are the luckiest of them all. I expected to be working a crappy job while getting rejection letters from TV studios for about 10 years before I’d give up and just accept that the crappy 9 – 5 shift was my actual job. It’s what I’ve always wanted and now.000 people a month? Honestly? You guys.nerdcubed. Now.

co.nerdcubed.The Comic 7 .

Someone remind me to do that.Wow. Comic number one... Now I feel I’m actually considering writing a ‘comic 0’ to go at the front to explain a few things to new people. 8 www. these shall be referred to as ‘the dark times’..nerdcubed. Nothing adventure-y or story based. at this point Nerd³ was just a ‘day in the life of’ comic. I actually doodled this on the back of a business card while bored at my old . Technically I cheated on my old job. :/ Anyway. Henceforth. I left that job to turn this into my living.

. Someone bring in the scientists! *science noises* (I have no idea what science noises are..True story. The fact’s are related. The second thing? Discovering pork.nerdcubed. These may be related facts. Not sure.. The first thing to ever happen to me in Minecraft was being pushed of the edge of a cliff by a pig. :) 9 .)

As the next comic shows. Oh and this comic ends on a batman joke and Nat’s plan to live in an awesome cave.If I remember rightly ducks had only just been added to the game at this point. I wanted to capture them . 10 www. This was back in the days when I used to shoot the comic using 2 clients and a server so it took forever waiting for a duck to look the right way.nerdcubed. it failed. Happily they were really scatty and used to basically float through the terrain.

co.. www.This was the last time I played on anything but peaceful. :p I’ve always been OK with spiders in the real world but then games taught me that spiders are huge and deadly and now I have very real 11 . See Jack Thompson?! Games didn’t make me violent! They just gave me a phobia.nerdcubed.

mostly through sheer clumsiness.) 12 www. One natural disaster later and she was banned from fire . (I never told her but I’ve burnt down about 20. Sorry Mother I specifically remember giving my then girlfriend a flint and steel and telling her to be careful.nerdcubed.I think everyone has a story of accidentally burning a forest down.

Now you can’t un-see Then again the laws of physics only apply to you and sand so. www... I moved the moon in paint to get it into the proper place..nerdcubed.. You are welcome.He’s actually standing up against a tree. Hmmm. the moon being square always bugged me. 13 .

By night three you have a castle. Day two is the ‘I’m not gonna let no monsters push me around!’ day. Night one is normally spent in a shallow cave in the pitch black sobbing to just with windows so you can see the horrors. there is a certain point when you want to stop hiding and begin the fight back. :p 14 www. when playing Minecraft.I think that. As it happens Night two is the same.nerdcubed. A castle made of dirt. This is known as day .

co. www. I’ve always believed that the tutorial button should just link you to the wiki.This comic dedicated to the Minecraft Wiki. Just a 15 . Without which I’d still be sobbing in a hole every night.nerdcubed.

uk . :p Another Minecraft story.. It didn’t.. As soon as the block popped out I ran off thinking something would happen.This comic has three quite good lines in Grrr. I assumed no blocks had gravity and was then killed a few moments later by sand falling on me... That’s rare for this comic.nerdcubed. When I first punched out a tree base I expected it to fall over/ collapse. 16 www.

:p) www. It’s my baby! :D Note the lack of glass in the windows as I hadn’t figured out how to make glass 17 . :p I wonder if we will ever see it house you see there is the first ever thing I built in Minecraft. Who knows? (Except for me.

uk Bacon is meat. Bacon is tasty. 18 www. Therefore murder is tasty. I didn’t. Think about it.Meat is murder. 19 ..nerdcubed.This apple was from the only dungeon I ever found without mods.. There was going to be a joke about it later on but I accidentally ate it. :/ I can be quite the idiot sometimes. www.

uk .co. 20 www.nerdcubed.That silhouette? Not Doug.

www. No change there then. I’d probably never sleep. Nights are way too creepy and if you slept during the day you wouldn’t be able to do anything when you were awake without being eaten.I always wondered how you would sleep in the Minecraft 21 .

22 www. If you can do it you must be a Jedi or a ninja or something. Also it is near impossible to read that without hearing the music.This comic is a trailer for the

It should be ‘Nerd to the Third Power’ and that has no flow as a title. I’m a nerd and the comic features nothing but cubes. True fact. that’s the actual reason. Nerd Cubed sounds www. 23 .nerdcubed. Actually a lot of people call it ‘Nerd to the Third’. That sounds cooler but is wrong.Why did I call this comic Nerd³? Well.

Not only that but the water ALWAYS takes down every torch I’ve . Also the final line is based on my amazing inability to ever find good 24 www. Yay for darkness.I do this about one hundred times per mining session.

and thus increasing negative charged luck in your area making bad things happen to you. :/ www. Did I? Yes. We like to keep it secret so they will probably deny it.. Just don’t ask them about it.. Hey. why doesn’t this comic have a number.Physics lesson! Saying “At least things can’t get any worse” increases the spin of all the neutrinos in your area causing sub-nucleic static.. The FLP then recedes causing an infinite monkey loop to occur. You don’t believe me? Did you take a degree in Astrophysics? No. Therefore this statement is true and every physicist knows 25 . proving that the cat is in fact alive and well and living in Brixton. This static then quantifies the Feyman Luck Particle (FLP) into duplicating sub-sub-sub-atomically.

I shamelessly stole that spider from Google images and edited it in... there’s Doug! Making his first appearance. I’m not getting that close to a spider just for a comic! Also. it took nearly an hour to clean up every pixel. Seriously. I wonder why. panel 3 involved me drawing round a butchered screenshot by . By hey. He looks pretty beat 26 www.

*nods* This comic is exactly how I would react in this situation. Just kidding. I hope you liked that mental image 27 sky tastes of blue sparkles. Words to live by.. I would have crapped my intestines out thanks to the giant spider. :D www.

uk .nerdcubed. It gives me more flexibility with the characters and looks much better. One was the camera and the other was the actor. Now. consider it lost. this map was on my first and only private server and has since been lost to the winds. 28 www. I used to use two clients and a server to shoot the comic.I actually lost this multiplayer map a long time ago. Now I just ‘shop them in and light them accordingly. You see. One day I may dig it up somewhere secret but for

The rest of the time it’s fun though. 29 .. maybe. Sometimes the voting is a storytellers comes back in a big way soon. in which case.. this came back in a big way recently. Ugh. Depends how you voted. Unless you are reading this after comic 300.

co. Blimey. especially as it’s the comics first ever ... there are so many mysteries in this comic already! How does anyone reading this cope?! 30 www.nerdcubed. the font in panel 3 is spectacular and really makes me giggle. Also. the first appearance of Qube! (That’s the cube language) I wonder what Doug is saying.Doug looks so evil in panel 2. Also.

If you want to play a drinking game then feel free to drink at all Sci-Fi references and at any unsolved mysteries.I cannot read the word “Shwing” without hearing it in Mike Myers voice. This saddens me and makes me feel old.. DO IT! *drinks* www. You’ll probably be dead before comic 80.nerdcubed. I’m aware that a lot of you may not have seen Wayne’s World.. I’ve seen Wayne’s world waaaay too many 31 .co. Panel 4 is my first Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy reference.

Just a heads up I remember a few commentors were confused. :) 32 www.nerdcubed.Note to self: A background the same as the characters shirt will make it look like his arms are floating in a weird and peculiar manner. Now it’s just the complex plot that’s .

I miss that lava/water helix. www. All of it was hand crafted and hand 33 . it had different levels and loads of houses. It really was a gorgeous area. It was so awesome! Now I’m tempted to go digging for that map. *Sigh* happy times.

nerdcubed. *takes a drink* 34 www. I’m rebuilding it so I can put it in the comic. and that portal being the wrong shape? That was done for a specific .. :) Oh. Also it’s the first shot of the Root! I wonder why Doug would want to show it to him? Hmmm.Panel 2 is the only shot of an UNDERWATER SKYSCRAPER that I built that was surrounded by an underwater forest. An underwater forest!!! That’s

The Nether was actually released mere hours before this comic was made! I used to be at the very peak of current Minecraft affairs! Anyway. We will be coming back to an idea raised here. </spoilers> www. this comic may be the most important one to date when it comes to understanding the 35 .

why would Doug think that was a mistake? You’ll find out. *drinks* 36 www. Maybe. (Guess who did his research before writing Back to the plot.nerdcubed.Is this the only comic to not feature Nathaniel? I have no .

co.I hate this comic. Lets move on. 37 . I made it when I was ill and it shows.nerdcubed.

One of them being it’s extreme .nerdcubed.More swearing! *gasp* Filming in the nether was fun for several reasons. Did I say fun? I meant 38 www. another being the massive chance of death.

Enhance. Zoom in and rotate 217 Degrees. zoom in off of that lava blob in grid position 39 . Yep.Zoom Ok. It’s a boat. www. now reflect the image off of the heat haze of that fire in ThreeOmega. No good. Enhance image 4000%. Enhance.nerdcubed.

40 www.nerdcubed. :p I do love the sound effects on this comic though. I’m was the comic where it became painfully apparent that I couldn’t ever move his legs and shoot at the same time. I should do more sound effects. Now-a-days I use the skin editor and take . A new plan had to happen.

uk 41 .co. :) What do you mean I don’t know what fun is!? www. Basically the fire chases you all around the map so you start out with a few little bits of it and end with square miles of it after you.nerdcubed.I love the slow gradual approach of the fire mixed with the fact that he is blatantly moving around the place. Sentient fire. That would be fun. :p #lazycomicing I always had this idea for the nether that I wanted.

nerdcubed.Nudity! Feet nudity! The first ever use of skin editor as my main character maker. Also. I had no idea how to shade then so he looks wonderfully bright. How? 42 www. How does one go about pronouncing that? . the sound effect “Leap”. :) I prefer it as it brings a lot more motion to the comic.

Says a lot about my psyche. it was kind of a bad idea. History time! My first memory EVER was as a Oh well. by a pool in Australia. The side of the pool was really warm and I was hopping around going “Hot! Hot! Hot!” So yeah..000 readers. that’s a 43 . My first memory is pain..This is actually a family in joke. one of which will know this. Considering I have 60. Moving on! :D www.nerdcubed.

More history guys! I hate poems with 44 www. Haikus are good .

uk 45 .co. That look Nat gives us is fantastic. It’s cheap and it’s silly but by Santa’s hairy arse it’s funny. this comic is my humour condensed into four panels and some really cheap paint work.This is probably my favourite comic. Seriously. www.nerdcubed.

46 .You have no idea how important this comic is. This is the first comic coming out of the dark I kinda miss not introducing Joshua. Seriously.nerdcubed.. if your theory for the plot doesn’t involve this then you have got it wrong.. The plot really starts off here and nobody has ever really mentioned this mystery (*drinks*) for ages.

It’s a great plot device. and one really good reason. www. mostly I REALLY want to go into detail but I’ll do more of that with volume 2.Yay! The first choice! Why do I make the comic occasionally multiple choice? Several 47 .nerdcubed. I shall say no more. Let’s just say that you guys are playing a force with the ability to split time out of a loop.

co.. . 48 www. again! Another great joke based on sound effects.. That’s clever. Also.. *anticipation* Yeah.oh yeah. the *leap* sound effect is back. *land* I am a sound effect king! I’ll make one up now. I should write a book.nerdcubed.. What does that guy want?! Oh he’s bought a friend along. the sound of anticipation.Argh.

nerdcubed. According to me they just don’t exist. Quick fact: I’ve never ever ever met a slime in Minecraft. (*drinks*) It’s not the first but it’s the biggest. I think they are just a huge prank pulled by all of you 49 . Things to note in this comic.Obligatory 42nd comic is a hitchhikers joke. www. Why the hell is there a patch of grass behind Nat? I have seriously no recollection of putting that there for any reason and it’s always bugged me. Maybe it’s a slime.

This 3rd panel has a weird history. In other slightly related news. platformers and fear of Dinosaurs came from Tomb Raider 3. I had Quake 2 but that wasn’t my cup of tea. 50 www. I have dated both a Lara and a Croft and while I was at university I had a dorm room situated next to an old building. That building was called Croft Manor. Coincidence? Yes. It was scary. Anyway. I was nine. You . It’s actually based on my memory of a loading screen of Tomb Raider 3.nerdcubed. Tomb Raider 3 was my first ever PC game. OK. my love of adventure. I hold that game and Lara Croft a bit too close to my heart. She was essentially a beloved nanny for me and so all her constant reboots scare me.

co. Anyway. 51 .. that’s not even a sound.. This is HUUUUUGE. Not that it would with characters like these am I right?! *crickets* Why can I hear people playing cricket? *facetious* OK. First.nerdcubed. Noted it? Sure? Ok. www.Yay! Contrast! If you hadn’t noticed by now I try to move to a different colour pallet every 2 or 3 weeks so the comic doesn’t get boring. realise that his shoes are back. This isn’t huge. Make a mental note that the portal is off.

. I made a mistake. I’m sorry.nerdcubed... I was tempted to add the ‘live up here’ joke as an option but you would have picked it and it would have been boring! Although. but there isn’t. I could have had Allan come say hi.Holy crap. going back through the portal would have gone roughly the same way as the previous choice.. . who turned that on? I’d love to say that there is a reason for that.. 52 www.. 53 . Also. I love the mad landscapes the Minecraft generator creates. can we have more people like Tim Schafer too? Thanks. This is why we need more people like Notch.Nah. That’s a great scenery shot. Just the writer. Game developers take years making interesting scenery and Notch creates a program that is better then them.

Not to be confused with the “BLLLARRGHHGHHG”. :) I do love editing Nat’s face though.nerdcubed.Note that glorious beam of sunlight that lights up our hero . I call this one the “BLLLARRGGHGHHG”. so It’s an obvious leap from on screen character to skin editor character. Ah well. 54 and gimp and all these problems and jpg artefacts will go away and never bother us again. Oh. In a few comics time I’ll learn to use paint.

.He’s blurry! I actually did this on a friends PC using photoshop.. Took about 7 55 . www. It’s a complicated program and he had a pen thing! How am I supposed to use that?! Still the end result was worth it. I mean. not worth it in the grand scheme of human endeavour but not everything can be so forgetaboutit. This commentary is bought to you by The 1990s and a lack of sleep.

uk .Totally forgot about this comics existence and snort-laughed really loud when I saw the sheep. #sexy Fixing that sheep up took forever but it was so worth it. Although a question is Why was the sheep upside down anyway...? *drinks* I’ve started to totally forget why were were drinking..nerdcubed. 56 www..

I try to limit the choices to things appropriate to the character at that time. Nat had only ever met one person and that guy had tied him up and sent him to hell. loving the face animating. www. I should have done Allan (spoiler) darkened out instead of black but I didn’t have the know-how or the technology. Talking was out of the question right now so it wasn’t an option.nerdcubed.Comic 50! Wooo! Again. I think that’s 57 . why do I only have a certain amount of choices? Why couldn’t Nathaniel talk to the stranger? :p A point that gets raised a lot is.

uk . :p 58 www..nerdcubed.. and first appearance of the crowd favourite! Loved by everyone and probably the most popular of my inventions. It’s *meep*! Oh... I guess he’s fun too.

www. They will be gone for some time. note the lack of shadows thanks to skineditor. It’s one of my favourite comics so it was either ‘Allan’ or ‘Black hat guy from XKCD’.. Also. *Makes notes* 59 .. Allan is named after Allan Wood. the creator of the webcomic ‘Allan’.I totally forgot Allan could speak Qube. I think I made the right decision.nerdcubed.

They make Allan look really . hence his colloquial tone. lets talk character design. Raw talent and drive over being taught.nerdcubed.Mmmm JPG Bright colours bring out the eccentricity and the googles and weird water device really hit the inventor part home. Plus I wanted to show a lack of education. I wanted to show that Allan was an eccentric inventor. Anyway. See? Bet you didn’t think I actually thought things through did you? 60 www.

Why do I have copy pasted comics like this sometimes? Well, the answer is simple. I didn’t always have the time. Nerd³ was something I did at the end of a day just to make sure I achieved something. It was a hobby and some days I didn’t have the time to make a comic. From sitting down to a finished comic can take anywhere between 2 to 4 hours. Copy pasted ones like these tend to take under an hour so I can cram one in at the end of a busy day. I don’t think I’ve missed a day yet but if I ever did I’d get angry at myself.


“Qube is hard to get the mouth around” is a fantastic joke that setting the comic in Minecraft ruined. You see, mouths find it difficult to be square so a square language would be tricky. However in Minecraft mouths are square so... Yeah. Didn’t realise till I put it up. Oh well.


Allan is about to do something spectacular... Something beyond all reason and imagination... Here we go...

63 how did I get the water to do that? It’s easy.Can you see what he did? He converted the file type to PNG and upped the resolution removing those nasty JPG artefacts! That’s quite a device! Now. I made a texture pack where glass was totally invisible and made a trench with it. After filling that trench with water I put Allan into the shot and I got a cool water effect! 64 .

It looks like the shot had a lot of force behind it. if you check back a few comics the high between the two of them means something weird is happening to the water flow for it to be straight like that. I love the fact that the glass and water removed the grass. it’s funny.nerdcubed. However.Same technique 65 . Slight continuity error but so :p www.

check back a few comics and see what’s actually behind Nat when he gets blasted away. The dodgy paint job on the rock says otherwise.. However in the comic where he is blown away you can see the rock he actually gets blown into behind him. What kind of crazy water flow is this?! 66 www.nerdcubed.. :/ .The debris on the dirt really sell the fact he’s been thrown into the rock. It’s not this slab of

Bee was planned as early as Comic 60. you probably never would of found it but you would have bumped into Bee a few comics later! That’s right.What would’ve happened if you went back to your house? 67 . #mindblown

nerdcubed. not the whole of the world. As much as I love building. It’s probably a good thing that I don’t have to bother building it though. Allan’s village was full of people and putting people in the comic takes up the most time.. We never got to see Allan’s village and probably won’t now. That’s kind of a shame. especially now as I shade each character individually! 68 .co.When Allan refers to 7 years he is referring to this area outside of his old village..

A word on speech bubbles.” Nat is talking about before he woke up. It does however fail when the background is a multitude of colours so that’s why I add shadows to them a bit later on. They have a certain charm to them and they feel a bit more relaxed then the frantic flicking between panels.nerdcubed. “From the other I do love this full page chats. They can ugly up a scene like nothing else and I much prefer this floating words and a line approach. I really dislike them. I should do more of 69 . Allan isn’t. *drinks* www. It lets you see the gorgeous pictures that Minecraft can produce.

True . 70

as long as that hand had eleventy billion fingers! I always build on my spawn points now as lack of sense of direction has removed more of my creations then creeper attacks. www.I count count the times I’ve been lost in Minecraft on one 71 .co. You know.nerdcubed.

co.Merry Christmas! I love Christmas. It’s essentially the perfect day. For me its just a time to gather up all the family and try to outdo each other at present . :) 72 www.nerdcubed. :p Plus there is always a tonne of food and Doctor Who is on the telly.

sunrise colours. I actually built a house and blew it up with three creepers so it would look right! That’s dedication for you! Dedication AND lack of friends. The colour contrast is just gorgeous especially with the. 73 ..This is a beautiful Random thing to note. then new.

co.nerdcubed. :D 74 www.It’s always kind of bugged me that creepers are made of explosives. hence their explanation in Volume 2. I do love creepers though. I consider them to be Minecraft’s . I didn’t really see how they could fit in the world as a species that breeds or evolves.

After a little while your eyes will naturally focus on the image as 3D one! It works really quite well for me and I hope it does for you guys too.A 3D comic! Look at the top 2 panels and cross your eyes until the one on the right overlaps the one on the left. 75

nerdcubed. Allan is referring to being away from his village and Nat is thinking about what he remembers before waking up.. *drinks* 76 www. the first place we see Nat is waaaay in the past. I wonder what Doug was doing all the way back .I’m such a tease with this. The comic at this point is sort of modern There are a few big cities around the pace and if you had picked to go to the other cave in the next issue then you would have seen Allan’s phone! Incidentally.

nerdcubed.Allan is completely lying about getting rock for 77 .. Wonder *drinks* www.

It was planned so I could play the joke ether way. That’s just a tunnel that eventually leads you to the south cave. The south cave would have been more about Allan’s village and the North cave was more about the really scary thing and future Nathaniel. so that wasn’t the south . 78 www.

co. Stargazing conversations are the best conversations. The joke didn’t need pushing any further. I was going to make the next one Nat shouting “Allan! Stop mooning the sky” to someone off screen but decided against it. 79 . not content wise. www. but the style of them. These stargazing strips remind me of the Peanuts books I read as a child.This comic has such a sweetness to it.

Allan is smart and Nat is smart enough to understand that. Essentially. thus separating this world from the game world. 80 sex joke?! .nerdcubed. Evolution is something that happens in this world. People have sex. but this comic establishes three important things. 2. 1. this comic set up the world as a lot more like ours then the Minecraft one. 3.

*drinks* www. I wonder what that 81 . Oh and the first mention of ‘the scary thing’.nerdcubed.Thought I’d cannon the monsters of the world so you know what to expect.

Still. This is the best I could come up with.I updated skin editor and it broke so I had no characters to play with for this comic.nerdcubed. I got to show that Allan likes a bit of danger so that’s good. 82 .

You see these diamonds later on. file that under ‘facts you didn’t care about’ 83 . They make up part of the swimming pool in the town with Allan’s statue! Ok.

Part two of this thrilling joke! I do love this visual gag as it sets up the next 10 or so comics really well. I think I released this comic a few minutes after the last one, which was late. Can’t remember and can’t be bothered to do the research! :p


This was naturally occuring!

Except for the bridge. And the lava falls... And the lava...


You are playing by Allan’s rules now! Look at his eyes in panel 2... Those are the eyes of a CRAZY PERSON! Actually, those are the eyes or being resized in paint but WHATEVER! :p


uk 87 .co. No clever paint effects here! Also I died about 20 times making these two comics and actually lost the place and had to use mapping software to find it.Oh..nerdcubed. Sometimes I’m a bit too mean to my characters. NOW things have gravity. ah well.. I actually built the bridge mid fall like you see it in the 3rd panel. #imnotbeargrylls www.

if you want to. :) . Then again. When it comes to any character death isn’t reversible. I drink to the return of *leap*. Nat is but only as it’s his story.If you had voted to not help Allan he would have died. I’m not going to pretend I’ll kill him off but as such I won’t ever put him in danger when you have to make a decision. you can really ruin him and that affects both the story and other characters so be careful. Actually died for real and 88 www. No sub characters are safe. You know.

It had to look like he hadn’t quite made it or else this cliffhanger doesn’t get sold.nerdcubed.I love how unbalanced I made him look. Getting Allan to look just right there has been one of the hardest character placements so 89 .co. www.

. #pacingissues 90 .nerdcubed.Again with the great character placement! I’m proud of me! Also.. these last 3 comics have covered the space of about six seconds.

Rod’s awesome and such fun to write.. :) I think my favourite character is. It made me kinda proud that I had made characters that people cared about... that’s good 91 . Although what I have planned with Allan..I remember the celebrations of them not being dead that the comments section had on this comic. Probably hmm.nerdcubed. I love all of them. :D www.. ARG! I don’t know.

I can’t stand Family Guy as it doesn’t have the love or appeal that the Simpsons has. For comedy it surpassed the Simpsons and for heart it’s on par with .This joke stolen from an episode of Futurama I watched that morning. :p It’s just such a good fit. Futurama is the greatest animated TV show of all time.nerdcubed. :D 92 www. Tom and Jerry is pretty awesome

if for some reason you are reading this please put them in the game! Make lava scarier! 93 . :) love the idea of lava sharks. I love your hat. Notch.

co. *facepalm* “But . How did his googles possibly come off?” “I am an African businessman with $20K ready to place into your bank account” “How did they come off? Did his Head contract or something?” Seriously guys. his googles were all the way around his head!” “Daniel. I thought it was funny so I added it! #caseclosed 94 www. It was for comedy value..The emails this one generated.nerdcubed.

Allan and Nat work best when they are arguing. we find out that Allan’s googles are corrective! I’m glad he wears them normally because he looks a little boss-eyed without them. Aww. the closer Nat comes to death the more English he bless. Strange. Also. 95 .nerdcubed. Also. Maybe he is just struggling to focus.

A Simpsons quote rounded off with a well timed .co. 96 www. Boo. Comedy *high five* to me! This was also an attempt at a 3D comic (as skin editor was broken again) but the lava changed colour and it ruined it.nerdcubed.

.maybe. unusual. Now you will never know what it I was 97 ... OK. You’ll find out one day. .... *drinks* www.I honestly thought you guys would vote for the scary thing. It was the root doing something a bit.

these aren’t your ordinary glasses OH NO! They are really strong. You may have noticed from my various images that I wear glasses. #truestory Therefore. this joke is very much the sort of thing I would do with no Without them I may as well be blind folded. However.nerdcubed. Mind bogglingly . Now you know. 98 www.A word on glasses. Anyone that puts them on bursts into flames instantly. 99 .Thirded. Good amount of running though.

nerdcubed. if you like the comic that much or :p 100 www.Something you may not have noticed. You know. The position of the torches is vital too. When ever you see a portal you should make a note of . the size of the portal isn’t the only thing that effects what the portal does.

. The split jump works so well and it just looks so. I don’t www.I love this comic.nerdcubed. it is now. comicy? Is comicy a thing? 101 .

co.nerdcubed..Look I explained things in this comic! See! I’m not like lost! I explain things! . 102 www.

Simple. Makes it just a little 103 . Drop sand into the lava and rest them on sand.nerdcubed. Da da! On a looks note I love how the lighting engine broke and the two pillars closest to the middle look like evil hands. www.Yay! My awesome castle! This was all hand mined and built and it’s hidden away somewhere in the map I released! A few people asked how I got the supports (seen under each section of the castle) to go into the lava.

nerdcubed.I laughed at this when I came up with it and then realised the line was technically directed at my .co. #selfburn 104 www. Ouch.

Incidentally. I like mixing things up a little. whose castle is this? *drinks* I really hope you aren’t playing along at home because you are probably dead now. Not through alcohol poisoning. Through drowning! tried to south park this one up for no real reason. 105 . Plus I love that a giant evil doom fortress has a regular door bell.nerdcubed.

See? I can write characters! :D 106 www. It’s a ‘you can’t punish me as I punished myself’ move and he comes across as cowardly in meaning and love Allan’s ‘Insult then self deprecate’ approach.

co.Comic 100! I made it! Wooo! Look at his 107 . www.. Also Nat looks good in a tux.. grey hair. In fact he looks so good in the next strip he magically changes the lighting engine.

See? Smooth. Please note, he’s really quite grey and is from the ‘not too far future’. Nat better start dyeing his hair! Quick! Punch a squid! Punch a Squid now! Not knowing who Allan is. That could be a problem... A paradox if you like...


Joshua got a mention! I wonder if we will meet him soon... *drinks* I also wonder how many times I’ve used the word ‘wonder’ in the commentary. Who cares, it’s been wonderful fun. (See what I did there?! :p)


Nope. Not you Allan. It was the person reading this... *glares* What have you done?!

(Find out Monday – Fridays only at :p


uk 111 . It’s called Volume 3.If only later comics were set on board a spaceship in the future so we could see the earth and if there are any giant lava pits on it.) www. we may never do (Spoilers: We do. Oh well.

uk . Ok. That’s a good time to talk about how I plan the comics. Basically I know the major points leading up to the very end but only as rough points. However. It’s a nice way of writing and only really works with daily comics.In a few hundred comics you will look back on this one and feel very sad. It means I can set up great twists yet still have the flexibility to write the comic how I want every day. at any time I choose I can branch off the story to something completely out there and brand new.nerdcubed. :D 112 www. I can’t ever get bored with Nerd³.co. for now. I had promised myself that you guys get to make even the toughest decisions though so I had to let him go..What does Allan know?! *drinks* Allan was such a fantastic character and it was a bit difficult to give you the option to run away from him.. 113 .

imagine that.nerdcubed. Be sure to check out the ‘Extras’ Section for a little bit more of this comic. on a . Other glass is avaliable. 114 www... you tear out a huge bunch of wires mid way through transporting :p The splashing effect was again done with invisible glass. Well.A few people wondered why knocking off a torch would have screwed up the portal so badly. It’s roughly the same thing.

Gary’s Mod! Why? The comic needed to look a little different in the non-time area so I thought I’d move the comic over for a few issues.nerdcubed. All I had time to draw was that ace trail of purple coming off of #artist 115 . It originally was going to be hand drawn but I didn’t have the time.

I do but. .Note: No torches.. See? I don’t make this stuff up! up! :p 116 www..

nerdcubed. 117 . I unfortunately don’t have the processing power for infinite grass so that was the best I could do.I really don’t like the 3rd panel but I had to somehow show how big and bland the landscape ..nerdcubed. Maybe I do actually have a natural knack for putting a camera in places. That wasn’t intentional but it’s interesting to see how I shoot the comic differently in a different 118 www..I’ve just realised how little you see of his face in this other plane.

I’m not great at art but I am a good director so that’s what I focus on.A few people complain that I “don’t put any effort” into my comic because I use a game to shoot it. You wouldn’t say that about XKCD and that is only stick drawings! Truth is. :p www. Look at the hyper fantastic 119 . That’s crap. so shuddup.nerdcubed. You wouldn’t say that directors “don’t put any effort” into their films if they don’t hand draw them do you? No.

co.Kevin Truffleton III is my favourite .nerdcubed. Deal with it. 120 www.

Seriously. It cant be can you read this in anything but a British accent? Nope. They call that good writing. What? What do you mean they call that stereotypes? 121 .

Incidentally Nerd³ was very nearly a serious Gmod comic set on a spaceship but I went for the lighter option instead and don’t regret . The amount of awesome Gmod servers destroyed by this is just silly but I do love it so. The Nuke pack.nerdcubed. :D 122

Hey look at that.nerdcubed. I wonder who else can travel through time like that.. 123 . *drinks* www. A portal without the

When you see . 124

uk 125 .nerdcubed. Not cause I’ve been blown up and the like. I’m just really lazy. www. Watch I’ll prove it on the next comic.This comic is entirely based on the sort of thing I would do.

.uk 126 www...

Ok. I won’t. 127 . I’ll be insightful.See? How lazy was that? Didn’t even bother writing anything! Only five comics left to write for. See these? Not creeper eggs. I’ll just phone it in.nerdcubed. BAM! Insight +1. . Bacon.. 128 www. It’s just one of those noises like an alarm clock or bacon sizzling.nerdcubed.Our hero is learning! I really love the spooky “wooo” coming up from the cave simply because you can hear the noise perfectly in your

I had never been to this part 129 .co.nerdcubed. once I found a torch in the middle of nowhere on a single player map. was a torch. sitting in the middle of a snowy field.In Minecraft anything human terrifies me. www. I deleted that map just to be sure. Seriously. I ain’t scared of no Herobrine.

Anyone who has read past this point knows just how cunning that sign really is though. (Terrible Ideas for Population Control) 130 www. That advice brought to you by the TIFPC . always take any free candy offered to you. that Nat is both English AND Middle class. if we ever needed it. Remember

. nothing in particular but it does look mighty It will ward off.nerdcubed. Google him and then build ye a shrine..The second holy sheep reference! Those who don’t amble around in the wilderness of the Minecraft Forum may not know of the legend of Thomas the Sheep. 131 .

:p) If there is anything you want to see added to volume 2 then let me know and. I seriously couldn’t do what I do without you. I but it wouldn’t be the same.nerdcubed.And that’s it! Thank you so much for all your support guys and girls. as always. I hope these ramblings have been fun and I hope not too many of you descend on the comments to post all my grammatical error’s. feel free to donate a few coins if you enjoyed this . Thanks so much again! *finishes off the last bottle* 132 www. (That one was on purpose. I could.

disjointed manner. It started as a secret story. It has to be very specific so you can follow it without going back and that is why it reads so terribly when together. I honestly didn’t want to include it like this as it’s really not supposed to be read this 133 . If I had just written a few pages and put each line into a comic you would have had to have kept going back and forth to read it. But anyway.The Alt-Text Ah the alt-text. here it is in all it’s terribly :) www. It’s designed to be read one line at a time. now it is well know. Enjoy.

I fell. I smiled for the first time. my head now upside down to the grass. I screamed. pulping it. I never thought I would make it out. 134 www. in a swift movement. A lot of the surfaces were perfectly vertical. stumbled and something in my leg snapped. I looked up. The scratching noise was following me. The light was an exit! In my excitement I lost focus. I roared as I continually smashed the rock into the creature. I struck with the rock again and again. Neither was the pig. I stopped. I didn’t. I turned and ran as fast as I could. I stared up at the clouds floating lazily overhead. It was all I needed. The climb was difficult. I smiled and rolled to my feet. I wasn’t expecting that. I stood up and began my climb to the surface. But I did. I felt a wind on my face. Above me. In the distance to the north east was a river. Blindly I stumbled My hand glanced a rock. I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. The pig ran off. I saw daylight. I felt the first gentle breeze of this strange land glance off my face. the smell of the grass filling my nostrils. Mountains and green-lands lay north. I took my first look at the surrounding landscape.I awoke far underground. It was stunning. I rolled over onto the soft damp grass breathing heavily. I heaved my injured self over the edge of the drop I had found myself in. Each hit produced a sickening thud. The creature was upon me in seconds. Suddenly I heard a noise A scratching coming from in front of me As I struggled to pinpoint the noise something brushed past my leg. It was pitch black. I felt around for a weapon.nerdcubed. The creature stopped moving. struck the beast. As I ran I saw a brief flash of light to my left I turned and sprinted down the rocky tunnel towards the light. The pain exploded through me. Suddenly a creature cried out behind me. I threw it off me and began to attack back. threw the rock to the ground and fell backwards. It was a pig. felling for the walls. Every time I pulled myself up pain pierced my arms. I struggled but it held me down with it’s considerable . It’s grip loosened for a second. I grasped for it and then. Everywhere else was sand or snow.

These were a dead man’s eyes. My head collided with it and all I knew was darkness.. The exhaustion combined with the drone of the rain and I slowly succumbed to sleep. I begun to run trough the dark forest. The creature sniffed the air. I needed to find better shelter. The thunder was deafening. A cave didn’t seem particularly appealing so I picked a nice spot under a tree. My shoulder dug into the ground. illuminated by the lightning.. Rain lashed the leaves above me and flashes of lightnight lit the bizarre landscape. Time passed. The storm had settled in. There was no life inside. I may have I fell. over me.It seemed a good a place as any to travel to. Up ahead. It landed gracefully. I curled up tighter to shield myself from the bitter winds. That’s when something behind me exploded.. As night began to fall some dark clouds rolled in. Our eyes met as it sailed over me. I pulled myself up to my feet. My clothes were slowly becoming soaked. And the screaming. The other half was too scared. All I knew is that by the time I woke up. Pain shot through my body. He bore down on me. claws out. My eyes darted to it. Green. I remember the force throwing me into a tree. I think it did. My dreams that night were terrifying. I saw a cave. Suddenly the creature stopped. the creature passed. the creature was charging at me. someone had moved me. I stared into the dark eyes approaching me. I could hear thunder rumbling gently in the distance. I saw terrible creatures and hellish landscapes. I rolled out of the way wincing as my shoulder pressed into the ground. His ears pricked. I decided to seek shelter for the night. I sat against the tree trunk watching the first drops of rain impact the ground. I dusted myself off and set off. doomed. I found a good spot just as the rain began to 135 .. Oh the screaming. Half of me wanted the shelter. At least. It took one last look at me and bolted. I lost balance. I didn’t. tall and screeching it came at me from the shadows. Something snapped. I heard it crash through the forest off into the distance and breathed a sigh of relief. That’s when the creature leapt at me. I looked up. I woke up in a sweat. www.nerdcubed. I cannot be sure. I was defenceless.

I struggled against the ropes..nerdcubed. dressed in white. The sun shone and the birds sang. She recommended more rest and turned to leave. Name?” ‘Nathaniel’ I replied. She walked over to my bed and picked up a clipboard from the end of it. She wrote something and put it back. Up ahead the doctor turned off into a smaller room. For a few moments I just listened to the clock tick. Voices! I tried to sit to up but something was holding me down. “Just need to fill in this paperwork.. warm voice. She spoke. I got up and followed him into the cold hallway. My dreams were calmer this time. Echoing. walked into the room.. I followed. I asked for her name. staring at where she was just standing.. .I awoke in a white room. The door opened. A soft. The doctor pushed his glasses up his nose and looked at me... … … … … … … … . Now. I He asked if I would close the door behind me. She said it was Lucy. The floor was ice cold on my bare feet. The air hung thick with dust. Fields of grass. 136 www. The noise melted with me into the comforting darkness of sleep. I was tied down on a bed! The voices were getting closer. She smiled at me. I closed my eyes and my exhaustion got the better of me. a boat. A woman. “Nothing serious my boy” he exclaimed. She said something about an explosion and head injuries. I could hear something coming towards me. Light melted through the windows and glared off of the white walls. The door made a soft click. unable to break free. It was bliss. And with that she walked out of the room. Something in the corner was beeping. 2 Prelude 137 .

138 .nerdcubed.

uk 139

to be continued .

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